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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I started these projects last year. My favourite is this bird I have made out of galvanised metal wire and spaghnum moss.

I have childhood memories (in the 1970s) of big topiary elephant, giraffe, horse etc at a recreational park called 'Taman DR Seenivasagam' (DR Park in short) in Ipoh. This park is located close to the YMCA building. My father used to bring us there for family outing and to take photographs. Today, these topiaries may not be in this park anymore. Nonetheless, when I am back in Ipoh, I always admire those neatly sculptured 'keris' topiaries along many main roads there. And, I always wonder how the gardener shaped the plants. Must have been quite a difficult job.

So, I started to surf the net to look for information on this subject. I found many and I was fortunate enough to get hold of the book Quick and Easy Topiary and Green Sculpture by Jenny Hendy at Borders at half price! I am so happy that I found this book as I am now able to make my own topiaries, quickly and easily as the book suggested.

Topiary is the art of shaping trees and shrubs by clipping and training. It can be traced back to the Greeks, and then, to the Romans. There is more information on this subject in Wikipedia.

I believe this ancient art can be used for today's gardens. It can be made fashionable again!

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  1. hi Steph,
    Do you buy the shape of the topiary frame? Where can i get them? from nursery?

    Also, i am a collector for Hippeastrum. I have many bulbs for the light pink. Let me know if you are interested to collect this. I will see how i can mail it to you.


  2. Hi Cammie,

    I couldn't find any topiary frame here. Hence, I used stainless steel wire and twisted the shape myself ;-) I learnt how to do this from the book I mentioned in this post, Quick and Easy Topiary and Green Sculpture by Jenny Hendy. However, this project wasn't successful. I tossed them away already. The the coconut husk I used to stuff the duck and bird attracted lots of tiny snails! These shaped wire frame will be good for vines though.

    Thanks for your offer on hippeastrum bulbs. I would love to have it :-D If you drop me an email at mygreenfinder at hotmail dot com I will write you my address ;-)

    Also, please let me know if you would like to have the/my red amaryllis bulb that's in current post.


  3. hey Steph,
    Glad to read your reply. em, I wonder those landscaping cum nursery at sg buloh has it or not. I will get my husband to drive me there one day to check it out.

    I do have the red version as yours. I also brought back 6 bulbs from Bali. My current collection are : white, peach, red (like yours), pink (aka Mrs. Garfield), another 2 more types of red and pink.

    Once my plant grow mature and have more young bulbs, i can share with you also.

    Alright, i will write you then



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