A Well-Watered Garden

Monday, February 16, 2009

The past week has been a very challenging week for my plants. The temperature has been very high as it was burning hot outside! Few of my plants, their leaves turned yellow. I have been snipping dry leaves away and changing the positions of a few plants to avoid them being scorched by the hot sun. And for my orchids, I got to water them twice a day – morning and evening, else they all might just dry up due to dehydration.

Always water your plants sufficiently when the temperature is burning hot outside!

To maintain a well-watered garden:

Firstly, monitor the weather. We only have one season throughout the year here. So, for my garden, I just got to monitor the rainfalls. Water is most important for plants to survive. Only when it rains heavily that there is no need to water them. Else, even if it's a light shower, the plants still have to be watered to ensure that water reaches the roots.

Secondly, know the plants' need. Plants like cactus does not require too much water. The leaves will rot if the soil is too wet.

Lastly, know the type of soil the plant is in. For orchids, since they are planted in charcoals that doesn't retain much water, try to water them twice a day in order for the roots to be able to absorb more water.

In any case, when watering plants, do not water from the top. Instead, at all times, pour the water to the roots of the plant. Only roots absorbs water, not the leaves.

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  1. wah! u sound like such an expert!! :)

  2. yes maam. water is very important. i only have 1 plant that is really under my "care". it is this plant that was given to everyone in office last 2 years during my company's green campaign.

    i've kept it in my office ever since. it is survivor plant. don't need much care. not much sun and water BUT when i came back to work 3 weeks after my surgery last year, all the leaves wilted! my poor plant. my ignorant colleague who sits opposite me was so blur he didn't notice.

  3. Me expert? No la. Julia, you want to new plant? I can plant one for you.

  4. the leaves wilted but after some water, it's ok now. it's a survivor plant. i'll take a picture and show you one day.

    actually what will really help is how to care for the plant. since there was only 3 variety give out, i could see that some of my colleagues plant grown until like gila mess. it kept growing upwards in that little pot!

  5. Ok. Show me;-) Maybe change position of the plant or re-pot the plant. Take out the whole plant, give it a good shower, clean the roots and plant it back.



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