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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I went shopping for new plants last weekend with a list of recommendations from my blogger friends, Avis, Catmint, Debbie, JC, Kanak, Lynn, Prospero and VueJardin.

I was looking for a nice pink Ixora, Bougainvillea, Anthurium or Summer Lily but ended up with a dwarf Ixora...

I was looking for a hot red Bromeliad or Plumeria or even a cacti but ended up with a red miniature rose...

The miniature rose was an act on impulsive buying as I was fascinated by the beautiful roses that were in a particular nursery that specialises in rose. The owner claims that the rose he cultivates thrives better in our tropical condition. I really hope that's the case!

This weekend I got two more plants, a red tropical Amaryllis (not in top condition but price was right) and pale yellow Desert Rose.

Also there was one plant that I was tempted to get... a gardenia (it smelt so good when I saw it at one nursery!). Oops... I better stop here as I have broken my budget for plants this month ;-)

Happy gardening :-D

P.S. I wrote a short article about rose in The Star Citizen's Blog.

Specially for Bangchik, here are close-up shots of the rose.

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  1. My sister lives in tropical climate Florida and grows roses, so that's probably a good choice for you, too. And I love the red amaryllis! Your garden is going to look fabulous. Cheers!

  2. Stephanie... I wonder where did you shop for plants.., Sungai Buloh?... Nice plants you bought, I am sure they will be in good hand. Water, fertiliser and a little bit of space are things they need.

    Can you do a close-up on the roses?, love to see them.

    ~ bangchik

  3. Hi Steph. You made some fine purchases (especially the rose - if what was said is true). Did you see the Adenium in bloom?

    Did you ever consider growing your adenium from seed? It's a lot easier on the budget. People say they grow so slowly, but that hasn't been my experience. They can easily bloom after a year and they'd be about the same size as the one you have pictured. For about $5 worth of seed you can easily grow 10-15 plants. Plus you get the thrill of seeing them grow form seed to blooming plant. It's a great experience.

    Some of my adeniums are getting really large now. The older they get, the more impressive they are. I've heard of people paying a couple thousand dollars for really large specimens. They are incredible plants.

  4. Wise pick on red miniature rose, they easier to take care. I have a pink one (aka Rose 'Cinderella' - see my blog's header image) and another orange-yellow mixed one. I love your red tropical Amaryllis, I'm thinking to get some on this Christmas. If I'm correct it is also call Christmas Lilies right?

  5. Avis, TQ for your encouragement ;-)

    Bangchik, ok, I will upload close-up shots of the rose right after I finish here. Yes, I got them from Sg Buloh. TQ for the tips. Btw, you can see more of the close-ups when you click on 'nursery' in this post.

    Prospero, that's a brilliant idea. TQ! I will keep this in my plan. Maybe I can sell the adeniums for a good price later ;-)

    VueJardin, yes I think it is Christmas Lily. I googled and checked. Oh, I like your rose 'Cinderella' too ;-)

  6. Steph, you've got some lovely plants! That pink looks delicious! I also like your amaryllis. It looks like the ones that grow in abundance in my home town but there, they bloom im April/May.

    Reading Prospero's comment, I think I should try growing adeniums from seed too. Should be definitely worth a try.
    The rose is lovely too. Good luck with your plants...may they all turn out to be prolific bloomers! And thanks for the link!

  7. Do let me know whether the rose will survive long-term!! If yes, I'll get a few for my new house :) They are so lovely and can so do much in beautifying the surroundings...

  8. all of these flowers you bought are so beautiful :) Great post !

  9. Hi Steph! The desert rose in yellow will be exciting to see! I think this plant actually looks like a plumeria! Ixoras bring back childhood memories of sucking on the tube ends of the flower for sweet nectar. Start saving up for your next shopping trip..haha!

  10. Dear Stephanie,

    I love to see beautiful flowers!

    by Jenny Eshjey.

  11. I like Amaryllis, especially the ones with big blooms like this. I have the skinner, peach colour type at the farm. They're not as attractive.

  12. Ha ha ha...when it comes to shopping for new plants, it's quite irresistible to buy, buy, buy, ya? Love those new plants you got!

    I noticed that growing roses is getting more and more popular lately.



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