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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I took some pics of my garden for this week's highlights. I love to match red and green foliages together like these two begonias that are under my front porch...

My roses are doing quite well with the help of sunshine, fertiliser and water.

The cream-pink rose is a much bigger type than the miniature red rose. It is a local rose plant called 'ros kampung' or 'bunga mawar' in Malay. I am excited about this one as I have only seen a spent flower when I bought this little rose shrub. It was about 6 inches in height then. Now it is more than 1 feet high (doubled).

My desert rose plant has more than 10 blooms this week.

a long vine has grown out of my speckled leaf hoya recently. I hope it will bloom soon. Earlier the nursery owner told me that the flower is red and the hoya is called 'Honey Den' but it looks like a Hoya Carnosa to me.

My sarracenia is growing fine. These four pitchers are at least twice the height of the older ones. Noticed the side which faces the sun would turn red. And if you are having a headache, do not look at the hood... else it will become worse looking at it :-)

One of my plants that was not doing so well is the sweet potato vine. I have cut the leaves and stems off as most of the leaves have turned yellow. The tomato cage that I have installed for the creeper to climb did not help. Now the pot of vine is left with just its tuber and roots. Though this plant didn't make a good candidate for my sunny hot garden, I am still hoping that it will grow back soon :-)

Also I caught this tiny ladybird on my Chinese hatplant...

Thank you for visiting my garden!

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  1. I like your little creamed coulored rose, nica to hear its growing. Your Sarracenia was a realy eyecatching plant, wonder if they sell it her, for my windowscreen. I have a Hoya Publikalix, which reminds me a bit of the one you are showing, carnosa I think has a bit "rounder" shape on its leaf. But still a Hoya is a Hoya and they are all lovely :)

  2. Die Sarracenia ist wunderschön, hier wächst sie nur im Gewächshaus. Auch eine Hoya geht nur drinnen. Manchmal beneide ich Dich um das Klima. Hier wird es schon richtig kalt und die Blätter fallen schon ab.

      liebe Grüße Dörte

  3. Hi Stephanie, I don't think that is a Ladybird, I think it's a Harlequin. If so, they actually eat Ladybirds and can cause problems if they get in your house!!

    You can get more details here, oh yeah, nice job on the Roses, I know they can be hard to grow in hot countries, where as I have to beat them down with a shovel :D

  4. The cream rose looks gorgeous and fresh. Just the colour I like. Makes me want to grow it too.

  5. The greens and reds look so lovely.That's a great idea. I love the rabbit too :)

  6. Barry, oic. I hope it doesn't go into my house or eat up those 'real' ladybirds.

    Mia, that's so cool! When this hoya blooms later, we can see if the flower is same as yours :-D

  7. Love those begonias - I guess it must be your famous looking glass begonia? Are those the curl leaf type in a cupped shaped.
    They are very easy to propagate, do have few cutting place in sunlight and you will have them in having in green with red fury hairs.

  8. All your plants look so healthy and happy! I hope the sweet potato follows suit. Great idea about the colour combination~ a very welcoming front porch with the rabbit!

  9. I like your begonias- the contrast is striking. The sarracenia looks quite well fed- maybe it had some insects to eat:-)

  10. great photos. Too bad about the sweet potato vine.

    I do like that desert rose a lot. though the flowers are huge and gorgeous, I think I might like the foliage even more than the flowers!

  11. Hi James, tq for your compliments. The looking glass is the red/silver begonia at the background.

  12. hello steph...
    i hope every things are good for you...
    your garden is a fresh and beautiful place...
    beautiful colors and a lot of elegance in any post.....
    have a good week too...

  13. Hi Steph. I'm so glad that you are featuring your sarracenia periodically. It is such an amazing plant and needs all the publicity it can garner since it is not a well-known plant.

  14. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  15. Your flowers are beautiful as always!! :) I love the roses too... so pretty! The ladybird must enjoy being in your garden.. hehe..

  16. Hi Stephanie, I love the first shot of your begonias and rabbit sculpture. Looks like all of your roses are happy and your pitchers are singing!

  17. Desrt rose blooms are pretty. I got a couple of them, and their bloom brightens my day.

  18. I am amazed at the pitcher plant, haven't seen it even in garden shows. Do you have its scientific name? Thanks. I am amused at the dying sweet potato. I didn't know it can be challenging, because we have it in the garden and no matter how we cut and destroy its vine, it always will show again. I am puzzled. Maybe while it is not yet fully showing leaves it must be not directly under the sun. You photo of the root is also on top of the soil, maybe it should be under the soil, only the vines creep up. thanks.



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