Chalice Vine

Monday, November 30, 2009

I noticed this beautiful vine with huge yellow cup-shaped flowers in my mom's neighbourhood.

Those outstanding flowers gave the plant its common name, Chalice Vine. Chalice is a golden goblet or footed cup used in Catholic churches for holding sacramental wine for Holy Communion. Take note of the similarities...

The vine is woody and its leaves are very green, a little glossy and elliptical in shape. The plant originated from South America.

The older flowers are more yellow than the younger ones. It is said that they will release fragrance at night. I was there in the afternoon, that's probably why I was not aware of it.

The flower has ten lines inside...

Below are flowers that have not opened yet. Looks like a balloon, so cute :-)

This vine likes well-drained fertile soil and full sunlight to give lots of flowers. Hence a good candidate for the tropical garden. The plant is easily propagated from young-growth cuttings.

Earlier, I nearly bought this plant to grow a shrub in a container when I was at a nursery. I really like the showy flower very much. And if I have a strong fence and space like this garden, I would definitely grow this vine!

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  1. Wow, what a great vine. I love the big yellow blooms. Fragrant vines are always an added charm. I can see where it would need a sturdy fence or trellis though.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I like the chalice shape, the dark lines inside that are like spokes and the unique buds.

  3. Yeah, I like the balloon shape before it blooms :) Interesting that you counted 10 lines in it too!

  4. That sure looks like a great vine to grow for privacy, and color. Very interesting blooms.

  5. Impressiv plant or more like a small tree. Yellow flowers so brighten up the surroundings, and brings cheerfullness to the days :)

  6. saw this flower vine planted on the ground in TTDI park near the man made waterfall-like it but do not know the name, then-so it's called Chalice vine, thanks for sharing

  7. I like the name Chalice vine and the pale cream yellow colour of the flowers. The flowers are very pretty and the night fragrance is a bonus.

  8. Beautiful Flowers!

    I have an award for you to collect!

  9. Hi Steph. This is a really beautiful vine. It can get very large and the stems do get to be as thick as tree branches. I have several of them. They can grow to a length of 30 feet (10 m) easily. They do not strangle trees the way morning glories can, but still - you have to keep an eye on them!

  10. I am happy to know that you all also love this flower. I was amazed that the plant produces so many flowers and so big as well.

    foodbin, I also noticed TTDI park has this plant on the ground. They were trimmed recently. You are right!

    Prospero, tq for that tip! I am hoping that my mom could get a cutting for me from this neighbour of hers. But I just got a Sandpaper vine from my sister-in-law, so I am afraid I would have too many vines in my garden.

    Zindagi, tq for that award :-D Happy gardening!

  11. Steph, thank you for the fave. I too have this plant and at the moment it is in slumber.

  12. wow, i really wish i could grow this type of plant but i know i would be taking on too much .... i think it would die in the first winter.

  13. This is my sought after plant, It look very much like lilies. Im guessing this one is poisonous like the allamanda & devil's trumpet.
    (those leaves look so similar to allamanda)

    Seemed to have like filaments or laces - wonder what are those?

  14. Stephanie, what a pretty flower...looks very similar to the bloom of a tulip tree found here. I hope your new purchase will flourish like the one in the photo!
    Lynn ;)

  15. olá,amiga...
    td bem?agradeço sua visita e comentário em meu blog,suas fotos estão lindas!!!adoro amarelo.
    já arrumei...os dados das fotos...grata pela observação!!!
    volte sempre!!!

  16. I've seen these blooms at Lotusleaf's blog. Lovely! And your photos do justice! Wish I could have the plant too but space is one thing I lack:(

    Have a great weekend, Steph!

  17. Vines are totally underestimated in Puerto Rico.
    I have a collection of ten. They provide fragrance, beauty, nectar for birds/insects,
    provide privacy and require little maintenance.
    The one shown is really impressive.

    Congratulations for your great blog!

  18. Hi Steph, I have never seen this Chalice Vine before. The blooms are really beautiful. As you know that I collect fragrant plants, I would love to have the Chalice Vine. The only draw back would be the size. I can't afford to provide anymore space for big plants. My family has been complaining that my garden is turning into a forest real soon! :o(

  19. Hi Steph, i am glad i dropped by and will be a resident from now on. I've seen this flower once in my local travels but i haven't learned of its name. Now thanks for the ID as Chalice vine. It will now lead me to its other important characteristics. Being fragrant at night is very interesting.



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