Oh My Seeds!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some of my blogger friends have recommended that I grow Plumeria. Actually I do like the beautiful Plumeria flowers that I have very often seen at private gardens and nurseries.

My concern however is the limited space I have and I am one of those who like to have lots different plants in my garden. So when I heard about the dwarf variety, I went looking for it but I couldn't find one at any of the local nurseries here. Anyway I think if I do see one, it would be quite expensive.

My other option is to grow it from its seed. But I was warned that it would not grow true to the parent plant. Hence I have been delaying on this project. Still in the end, I decided to go ahead and just hoped very much that it will indeed grow to be more like the mother plant, else a new cultivar that's even better :-)

The Singapore Pink
seed germinated within 14 days but the Srisupakorn seed is still taking its time. Nonetheless, I was happy with the result as this is my first attempt (hooray!). Apparently both seed/seedling will take more than a year to mature and bloom.

The other seeds that do not need to take that long to mature are the
Gomphrena and white- and green envy-coloured Zinnias seeds that I have sown. A few of the Zinnia white seeds sown earlier has germinated (as can be seen in the left portion of the combo pic below) but the rest are still under the soil... sigh :-(

Actually I am not placing high hopes on this project as I did not do well in germinating seeds the last time. But I do hope that these seeds will do better this time round. Gardening is fun here in the tropics as we can sow seeds and grow new plants whole year round. Fail this time, just sow again :-) But my real challenge is getting them to grow well right after they germinate.

Meanwhile, the Portulaca that I had sown earlier
(in May!) is still striving and thriving. The recent frequent rainfalls that come day after day have pose incredible challenges for these tiny plants.

Well wish me luck again and happy gardening to you!

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  1. it’s exciting to see seeds germinate, sometimes I think it’s more fun then the actual plant itself. we do have a challenge with our small gardens, so much we like to have and so little space..lucky you to be able to enjoy your garden the whole year around, in winter the only thing I cultivate is my hobbies, handicrafts and Hoyas. Still, as I spent all my free hours in garden during summer, it’s nice with a change, and so much fun to start all over in spring :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, great success with the seed. I have never seen a Plumeria set seeds and I did not know there was a dwarf Plumeria; always new things to learn! I grow my Plumerias from cuttings. I love the Portulacs especially the ones which grow without help from me. A pretty white one is flowering in a pot planted with Lavender. I used to grow many plants from seed, not so much anymore.

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    When I want to plant some flowers someday I will ask your opinion because you an expert in gardening.

    Happy Gardening!


  4. well, good luck, though it seems you're doing well!! I like the portulaca, it's jar is beautiful and the colors look great together. My favorite plant is the gomphrena. I have never grown it but must have it in the spring!

  5. I really wonder how long would that take to grow from seed. The Frangipani tree is so bare and have very few leaves most of the time.

    You really have a lot of patience which I certainly do not have. Please do keep updated with the development from the seed to the tree, it surely a great thing to follow.

  6. Hey, I'm one of those friends that recommended the plumeria! :) I find them quite slow growing though, Steph...they only branch out after they bloom so my pot is still manageable, even after 5 years. I thought they were propagated through cuttings...never knew they had seeds..cool!
    Love that strawberry jar ;)

  7. I like the mix of colours for your Gomphrena, especially the pink ones. I can't wait to see the plumeria grow.

  8. Congrats on the germinations, Steph. I don't know about dwarf plumeria. Should try to find a photo to see what it is.

  9. Hi Stephanie, good luck with your seedlings! Growing plants from seeds is so much fun and so satisfying, even if it's kind of trial and error and results aren't guaranteed.

  10. With a 120 species I am running out of space, but for Plumerias I could always create some,
    even getting rid of others that I appreciate.

    Perhaps is some sort of infatuation but
    no other flower has that unique fragrance, shape, colors in my opinion.

    The yellow is my favorite, followed by the white, pink and yellow/pink in that order.

    Good luck in your projects.

  11. Hi Steph. Sounds like you're on the right track with your Plumeria. You'll find that it is a very tough plant. It can survive with practically no water - almost indestructible. If you don't have a dwarf, you can still get it to bloom in a pot if you take care to trim the roots as you repot it to a larger and larger pot. You have to get the truck to fatten to about 2 inches circumference - then it will bloom.

  12. i bet that herb pot is driving you mad by now, constantly looking for water lol :D i only have one surviving her in my one now lol

  13. My mom grows Portulaca on the ground sunny spot, it is beautiful to see them spread. I like your flower pot. Will you consider vertical gardening?

  14. Wow.. well done! I'm sure its quite challenging but fulfilling at the same time :) I've never been able to grow anything from a seed.. except the red bean.. haha...

  15. Thank you for your compliments on the strawberry pot and my seedling ;-)

    Lynn, yes! You were one of them who suggested plumeria. Glad you remembered. Slow growing is ok for me :-)

    Vuejardin, thanks for your suggestion. Currently I toss away some plants to make space for new plants like what Antigonum said here/did. I have to brush up my DIY skill before I could plan vertical he he...

    Prospero, gosh I have to do that? I will take note.

    Autumbelle, James, ok I will update the progress :-D

  16. you really are so talented!
    we could definitely use someone like you over here: we've got 10.000m2 ground...

  17. All the best, Steph!!! Wow, I am amazed by your plumeria seed. I didn't know that plumeria has seeds!!

    I have bought some zinnia seeds from Ace Hardware. Have not sown them yet. I think the rain will help it to germinate.

  18. Sarah, thank you for encouraging words.

    JC, that's right! But I find that they do require some warm sunlight too. Good luck!

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  20. Hi Stephanie, good luck with your Plumeria seeds! I might try to grow Plumeria. I've read that some varieties can grow in the desert if they get afternoon shade. I like your combo picture. Happy gardening!

  21. Diane AZ, Plumeria can grow in desert?... that's interesting!

  22. Stephanie, i love that pot with Portulaca. It just seems not growing well. it doesnt like too much water, and a little bit of organic matter will help. That is a plant very difficult to kill, so dont worry!

    I really love that pot. I want to grow Episcia in them. Lovely.



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