Same Shrub But Different Colour Blooms

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

These blooms are from the same Ros Kampung shrub!

I was delighted when the new bud opens up to a different colour. Below is the picture of the spent flower and the later bloom. First the cream-pink, then the pink one blossomed. I think it is pretty cool :-D

Actually I have suspected it to be so when the first flower (the cream-pink one) opens as it was a different colour rose that I saw when I first bought it about two months ago. Though it was a spent flower, I could see that it's a multi-coloured rose...

Now I can't wait for this rose shrub to blossom its next flower. Each time, different composition of colours!

By the way, I just received a wonderful award from Mia of Mias Hagliv.

Mia, thanks again for the pleasant surprise. I see so many beautiful plants/flowers in your garden blog that I would never have a chance to see here. I really enjoy visiting your blog and I really admire your passion for gardening :-D
The award is to be passed to 15 other newly discovered bloggers. Since I have don't have that many newly discovered blogger friends, I would like to pass this award to my blogger friends in India. So, Kanak, Zindagi and Urban Green, please accept this award for you have been sharing so many wonderful happenings, creative gardening ideas and beautiful plants from your garden that I find very unique. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments also :-D

Dirt Princess, thank you for your seeds. I can't wait to grow them! The postman actually sent to the wrong house earlier. My neighbour, few houses down the road, pass it back to me this morning. By the way, I mailed mine to you last week. Also, I like the two cute Disney postage stamps and the card is very much like you :-D

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  1. Hallo Stephanie
    Es ist schon ganz unglaublich, war die Natur für Wunder vollbringt. Ich habe einen Rhododendron, der blüht weiß und rosa an einem Stamm. Hier sieht es jetzt sooo kahl aus, alle Blätter sind zu Boden gefallen und es regnet stürmt schon seit Tagen und. Die Temperaturen fallen auch, nur noch 8 Grad, brrr.

    Genieße Dein warmes Land

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. Oh, how pleasant it must be with your roseshrub that turns out to bring roses in so many different colours! Amazing! I should like one of those since there is so little space in my garden, it would really save some space ;) I say as Dörte, enjoy your warm country, here it's lousy weather.. could you please ask the sun to shine for at least a couple of hours here as well :)

  3. Thank you so much Stephanie, So kind of you

    Inspite of being so irregular in posting, i can't believe i can be awarded something like Best Blog award :)

    Thank you so much.

  4. Congratulations on another award!! You're really becoming an excellent blogger :) Keep it up!

  5. Thank you so much Steph! So kind of you to mention us with your description. I feel the same way...I've seen many new plants here and I know there'll be more. Thanks once again!

  6. I finally saw your "Ros Kampung" truly amazing to note the changes in their colour.
    And its truly lovely to receive the Best Blog award & seeds from other gardeners.
    Have a nice beautiful weekend.

  7. Stephanie,
    I see you did find some lovely flowers to add to your beautiful garden. It's nice to be surprised with the variation in the colors of the blooms! Congrats on your award, too! You definitely deserve it, your blog is great. I actually wanted to award it to you, but I looked at your blog and saw that someone else beat me to it ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a treat, Steph. To be rewarded with different colored blooms on the same plant. A sheer delight for the gardener!

  9. ooh, cute seed packets!!

    I love shrubs that produce flowers in different colors - or at least phases of color - as well.

  10. I love the surprise of these different colored roses, Steph! Makes the anticipation that much sweeter ;)

  11. Hi Stephanie, this is a wonderful rose. It is like having many different rose bushes. Has the rose a scent?

  12. Thanks for all your kind words.

    foodbin, tq for stopping by. Sorry I do not know if the rose is bud-grafted.

    Titania, yes, the rose has a nice scent :-D

  13. The roses look vibrant and healthy. Congratulations on the Best Blog Award! Cheers!

  14. Hi Steph, you should take much care of that variegated rose as it is not common. If you can propagate it the better. You might want to join it in garden shows and be prepared for many small plants for sale. I remember the variegated bougainvillea when still starting, the one with both red and white flowers. If you will propagate be sure to get the stem with the dominant characteristics, so you will get both the dominant and recessive colors. If you will get the recessive color then you might not get more of the darker hues. How i wish i can get a sampling from you. Anyway Manila is just 4h away, hehe.

  15. Hi Steph, finally I made my way here and wow, what a nice blog. Truly amazing content. I wished I'd arrived sooner.

    All I can say is that you have a wonderful rose there. I call it my No.1 rose in my garden, since it's my favorite. Like you I'm always amazed by the color transformation and they bloom generously too. Mine has grown taller than me that I need a ladder to deadhead, so I think yours will too!

    You are right, it's a multicolor rose where the flowers change color as they age. However, it is less known as ros kampung. Ros kampung usually is an OGR, this one is probably either shrub or hybrid rugosa. And to answer to foodbin's question, it is not grafted but on own root.

    I wish you many more lovely bloom from this rose!



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