Cryptanthus... Time For A Little Twist

Friday, December 04, 2009

This black cryptanthus has been delivering pups non-stop since I got it a few months ago. The two pups in the pics below are the second and third ones. The first one has already been given away.

Now it is time to 'twist' the second one out as it has reached one third of the size of the mother plant. See, I have propagated another plant by using the offset. It's as easy as it can be :-D

I used some spaghnum moss and coconut husk to hold the plant.
Once a week, just water the whole plant thoroughly will do. The plant do not like direct sunlight so I place it under my porch.

When I first got the plant, it was flowering non-stop. After the first pup, the flowers stopped growing.

Cryptanthus is a genus of the Bromeliad family. The name derives from the flowers that grows from the centre of the rossette and comes from a combination of the Greek words, crypt (hidden) and anthos (flower). Its foliage is striped, a bit wavy at the sides with fine 'teeth' that delivers a unique visual appeal. Plus, the plant is really easy to grow and propagate!

To my wonderful blogger friend, Zindagi, thank you for that Meme award. I hope one day I could fulfill the requirements ;-)

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  1. Nice plant, I liked the stripped foilage!

    your collection is really exequisite

    Have a great Weekend!

  2. Easy ? Perhaps as easy I would stand a chanse? Well, anyhow, I do like those stripes, your Cryptanthus is really eyecatching :)

  3. Beautiful, Stephanie.
    Thank you for your terrific welcoming greeting :)

  4. interesting plant! I may be able to try it indoors if it doesn't like direct light. What is the fragrance of the flowers like? Just looking at the flower, looks like it would be stinky! Don't know why I think that, but I do. Maybe I'mnot being very nice to the plant.

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    This plant black cryptanthus, I first time ever saw it. I'm not in knowledge of plants and flowers and thanks for sharing it here. When I want to know about plants and flowers I will drop by here often...

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Hi Stephanie, That sure is an interesting plant with the wavy edges and busy pattern on the leaves. The simple white rosette looks nice in the center.

  7. Hi Steph. Beautiful plant. Did you ever consider growing them in regular potting soil? I find that the moss looks good, but that errant weeds also love it and are very difficult to remove once lodged in the moss. Are your plants inside or on a closed balcony?

  8. Thanks for your compliments!

    Wendy, the flower/plant does not release any smell. I know what you meant - I thought that pitcher plants are smelly :-D

    Prospero, I used spaghnum moss just like how it came with. The plant is placed below my house porch (sheltered like balcony). Since my porch is bright, the colour of the plant has turned lighter (not so black anymore). I would keep an eye on the weed but so far nothing else grown on it yet. Thanks for pointing out! I did thought of using potting soil earlier :-)

  9. This looks like a unique plant. It reminds me of the snake plant but the flowers and leaves are a beautiful shade of brown.

  10. I like the notes about propagating this plant.Incidentally,my friend Luiza has posted on his very subject too.
    If you like at :

    Lovely post,

  11. Those stripes are beautiful! I've seen the plant but not the blooms. Thanks for sharing. i agree with Zindagi that your collection is unique!

  12. Looks interesting... I liked how you made the plant sound like a dog... delivering pups. Hehe :)

  13. Hi Steph! Bromeliads are cool plants, this one is most unique with it's color and stripes. I have a friend in calif. that works for a bromeliad nursery so I can get them real cheap *wink*..will have to see if he has this one in stock ;)



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