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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here is report of the seeds that I have sown from November onwards...
I was a bit skeptical about growing Hibiscus from seeds (an heirloom from Dirt Princess), hence I placed three seeds in the centre of my pot, thinking that only one would eventually germinate. It turned out that all the seeds germinated. Now I could see three little plants in the pot.

The young Zinnia plants proved to be quite troublesome as they tend to grow tall. Each time when it rains, the plants glide down. I have to give the plants 'crutches' to stand upright.

Gomphrena turn out to be the champion of them all. It not only grew well in my garden, it is already showing its purple and pink bracts.

My Plumeria however turns darker. I hope that the little plant will not have problem growing later on ;-)

Meanwhile, I have re-potted my Portulaca to a smaller pot as most of the plants rotted due to the prolonged rain we had here last month. They were also infested with tiny snails. Hence I have replaced them with some Portulacca that I bought from the nursery.

Interestingly all the new plants (pic below) are only half the price of the packet of seeds sown earlier!
Can't wait for the plants to fill up the whole pot :-)

The Zinnia seeds (also from Dirt Princess) and the new Cosmos seeds have also just germinated.

I need lots of patience to grow all these new seedlings and young plants. I hope I do not have to get replacements for them from the nurseries later ;-)

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  1. und ich muss noch sooo lange warten, bis ich wieder im Garten säen kann, alles ist dick zugeschneit. Beneide Dich ein ganz kleines bischen.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. Stephanie you have a great start getting your seeds to germinate. Looking good girl!

  3. Germinated seeds and seedlings does give a refreshing feel and indication of a good start for the year ahead. Good luck with your babies!

  4. It's exciting to see your seedlings doing so well. I think I'll plant some zinnias and cosmos too.

  5. Ohh... ahh... I love that strawberry pot of portulaca. Bet it will look gorgeous once filled up!

  6. I also love that strawberry pot of portulaca. I should use my strawberry pot for something (besides weeds!). I love gomphrena. It's my only coveted plant for this year and I've just ordered seed. Youv'e been busy!

  7. Steph, i know hibiscus produce seeds, that's why there are hybrids, but i am the horticulturist who hasn't seen its seeds yet! haha! It seems like you really want your plants starting from seeds, dont you! But of course we get a lot of high from seeing them grow from nothing to something... and then the flowers! Hurray.

  8. Congratulations on getting so many seeds to germinate! I planted some nastrtiums and sunflowers in early December, and still no sign of any seedling!

  9. Looking good, Steph. There's nothing quite like growing stuff from seed.

  10. i am happy that all your effort of planting from seedlings paid off.

  11. A probable sign of death if your Plumeria
    is turnind dark, it got root rot. Even without
    roots. I suggest to use one gallon pots to propagate from cut stems. Excess water/humidity will ruin it. Under roof if in rainy season.

  12. Isn't growing from seed amazing? I like to get tropical fruit and plant the seeds because its like getting plants for free!

  13. Wow! They are doing really well! I am soooo glad! I can't wait to see them when they grow up! How exciting!!! keep me posted!

  14. You got more luck and green fingers then I have, I never succied with seedlings, perhaps not patient enough? This year I'll try perennials, with luck?..

  15. Mia, perhaps I was just fortunate with some of the seeds. It does take lots of patience and tender care.

    The Rainforest Gardener, that's a good thought!

    Antigonum, thanks for that warning! I really appreciate it. I have been watering less for the past few days and brought the plant to a sheltered place. I hope the plant will grow really green (not black!) :-D

    All, have fun sowing seeds ok.

  16. great to see that your seed sowing is going good. I have had sown some seeds too, English daisy and pansies are the one which have started growing , but will take time till they are ready to be planted.

    loved your strawberry pot and it will surely be a masterpiece once it is filled with blooms.

    Dear Steph thanks a ton for being a regular visitor to my blog(even though i am so irregular with my blog posting)and for your comments, I really appreciate it

    love and hugs




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