My Big Euphorbia Milii

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have gained much satifaction from growing a big-flower Euphorbia Milii (EM).

Compares with the normal-sized EM (on the left in the pic below), the flower of this big version is very showy and noticeable.

About three months ago, the plant was about half its present height...

This EM gives big flowers that are in light yellow, blended with green and pink. The pink colour appears later (after green markings). As the flower grows older, the green markings become less prominent. So far it has been delivering a maximum of four flowers in a bunch. And they last for a long time... like for weeks!

Now, I wonder why the colours of the flower are different from when I first saw the plant. I snapped the pic below right after I took the plant home. As you can see, the flowers were more pink and white. Have you encountered similar experience?

like full sun and well drained soil. To learn more about Euphorbia Milii, click here.

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  1. That is a massive beauty, stephanie!

  2. I like it how you matched the two plants. I have one with the big flowers. It changes colours from cream to dark pink, while the smaller ones like(Sonoma) sport always dark pink flowers. A mutation has small cream flowers with a red eye. This one flowers practically all year round; it never has a rest. odd!

  3. A new plant to me, but I think your flowers has a more intens colour, more brilliant, so I think the change was to your benefit :)

  4. Wow, your big flower EM sure is a lot more showy than the normal kind! Interesting about the different colors it's presenting you with now compared to when you first got it. When I bought my plumbago the flowers were deep blue, but since I planted it all I see are pale blue blossoms.

  5. Your EM is very attractive. Plants behave in curious fashion some times. The difference in colour may be due to the difference in light it is receiving.

  6. Very lovely colours :) I like how the petals look so neat!

  7. Your Crown of Thorns look so spectacular!
    Im still intimidated with those spikey thorns,

    Regardless, those leather-hard flowers do last long & I guess they are hardy plants.
    Are they placed in shaded area or sunny area part of your garden?

    Love those rossette succulent plant (grey-green) Look so mesmerising together with your crowns. Wonder whether its known as the Sedum type of plants.

  8. James, yes they are hardy plants and not fussy at all. They are placed in a sunny area and gets lots of morning sunlight. The succulent is from the Crassula family, read my earlier post,

  9. Just gone through the pictures from your garden and enjoyed it. Gardening is my biggest passion.

  10. The flowers are beautiful. Your plant looks very healthy and luscious. Do be careful of the thorns.

  11. those flowers are really pretty - I've never seen anything like it. I definitely like the big showy flower more than it's smaller flowered version. The color markings are really cool.

  12. Hi Steph - I love the plant, but hate the thorns!

  13. Hi Steph, your plants are so free flowering! But yeah like what Prospero said, the thorns are really bothersome!

  14. Very large flowers! They need lots of sunlight and less water.

  15. I like the flowers of this plant but not the spikes. My husband is afraid that if I put one in the garden the dogs might be injured when romping and running. I am still tempted to get a few though.

  16. Thanks for your warning on the thorns! I will definitely be extra careful ;-)



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