One Pretty Hibiscus

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I often pass by a house that has some of the most admirable Hibiscus flowers I have ever seen. Few months back, the shrub was in full bloom and I told myself I must have this light orange Hibiscus...

Since then, I have been to a number of nurseries to find one that's the same but have not been successful. Last Sunday when I was passing by this house again, I saw an elderly man sitting infront of the house. I quickly stopped and gained courage to ask for a cutting. I told the elderly man that I like his Hibiscus very much but couldn't find one from all the nurseries I had visited. Then he responded with the most delightful answer: "Ok, I would cut one good branch for you. Just put the branch into a container of soil and place it under the shade and it would grow."

My heart was elated with joy! But my big smile has to be controled as he looked rather reserved and serious. Probably he does not feel comfortable talking to a stranger or maybe he was affected by the hot afternoon. In fact he didn't even look at me at all! Oh, I didn't know what else to tell him more as I also felt shy asking for the cutting (hee, hee...) but I did manage to get his name :-)

Right after I got the big branch, I thanked him from the bottom of my heart, held it on my arm (as if I just got out from a florist!) and headed home happily :-D

I cut the big branch into a few cuttings so that I can grow a few plants (greedy me!).

I hope the cuttings would get rooted soon! Otherwise, I have to gain the courage to ask for a cutting again!

Have you ever stopped to ask
a stranger for a cutting before?

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  1. Steph, this hibiscus flower is very beautiful. I like this shade of yellow. It was brave of you to ask and kind of him to give it to you. The allamanda cutting I asked from a stranger in Ipoh is growing well, around 3ft tall now. I have just transplanted it near a palm tree. The lady told me to pluck off all the leaves in order not to put a strain on the cutting while it begin to root on the soil. It worked for me. Good Luck on your hibiscus!

  2. Lovely flower Steph,

    Its such a beauty that you have to ask for it. Very brave of you to ask for it. Though i never asked any cuttings yet from strangers but once I found some strawberry plants outside my house.
    They still are growing in my pots.

  3. To get my hands on that beautiful light orange color I think I could manage to go over my embarresment to ask for a cutting myself, but I have never done it before. I hope you will be successful, it surely going to brighten up your days, that amazing flower will be like a warm sun i your garden :)

  4. Hi Steph. I stop and ask strangers for directions, but never for a specific big yellow flower hibiscus.... I hope it will grow and bloom, and there will soon be strangers knocking on your door for cuttings later...haha.. including me! have a nice weekend.....


  5. That orange hibiscus does look fabulous. I hope your cuttings are successful. When I lived in California someone asked for cuttings of my hibiscus. I haven't been able to grow hibiscus in Arizona yet.

  6. NO wonder you wanted one it is so sunny and gorgeous. What a lovely gift he shared with you.

  7. Steph, the hibiscus is beautiful. I am glad you asked the stranger and got a cutting. I have done similar things myself. Hope your cuttings take root:)

  8. I'm glad you asked too! I would be so happy if someone asked me for a cutting! I don't think I'm very careful with cuttings, so I usually don't bother. The only time I really care properly for plants is during seed starting time. That orange hibiscus is really stunning. That's so funny that you cut it into smaller pieces!

  9. Hi stephanie,

    It is so pretty and what a wonderful gift, I consider plants the best gifts because it is something "Alive!"

  10. Most gardeners are generous people. They're usually happy when other people share their joy and admire their plants. That is indeed a pretty colour! I'm sure your cuttings will produce flowers in no time.

  11. Autumn Belle, thanks for the tips! Good job on the Allamanda.

    Zindagi, stawberry plant just right outside your house! Probably grown from seeds that have landed on the soil?

    Mia, you would too?! That's interesting to know he he...

    Bangchik, ha ha... you are always so funny :-D

    Hocking Hills Gardener, yes I really like single petal hibiscus in cheery colour like this one.

    Diane AZ, oh wow, the hibiscus you had must have been so beautiful. I hope you will be able to grow it soon in Arizona.

    Lotusleaf, I hope so too! Can't wait to see the flower :-D

    Wendy, there's another longer cutting that went into a big pot. Not shown here he he...

    Rosey Pollen, also, most importantly, plants release oxygen to the environment which is crucial for us all.

    Blur Ting, I really hope so. Thanks for the assurance.

  12. hahaha i love your story Stephanie. If only we are near each other i can give you lots and lots of Hibiscus cuttings (we call them gumamela)! I have long been contemplating on posting lots of hibiscus photos (and dedicate them to Autumn Belle) but i felt like i still have lots of colors not in my file. Actually, our university here made lots of hybrids a few years back, expensive when newly released but now already cheap.

    I realized we dont appreciate plants which we see everyday, but some moments like when i saw them here made me feel, oh yes they are lovely and worth posting. lol. When i post it i will dedicate also to you.

  13. Beautiful and lovely shot !! i loved the amazing color !!

  14. Steph those were nursery plants , i think somebody bought from nursery and while transporting or something some landed outside my house.

  15. yellow hisbiscus are quite rare.

  16. I think the man was secretly proud that u asked him for a branch :) Hehe. But u know men.. they don't show their feelings sometimes. Maybe if it grows into a beautiful plant.. U can bake him a cake!

  17. What a color, Steph. Good things come to those that ask.

  18. Wow.. thats great!
    I never managed to sum-up the courage to ask gardeners for their plants.
    But I do get many who come to my house and ask for my plants of which I gladly gave.
    In fact, all my surrounding neighbours had received most of my plants from my garden.

  19. Andrea, thanks for offering. Your uni is so cool! I look forward to seeing all the lovely hibiscuses from you.

    Unseen Rajasthan, Prospero, glad you love the colour also :-D

    Zindagi, what?! How wonderful!

    foodbin, yeah I seldom see houses with yellow hibiscus around here.

    Deborah, good suggestion! But maybe I should also bake him a cake when I need to ask for another cutting ha, ha, ha...

    James Missier, it is nice to see your plants growing in their gardens right? My surrounding neighbours have some my plants also. And I receive some from them as well :-)

  20. A beautiful sunny colour. I hope all the cuttings grow, but you have green fingers and patience to look after those babies! I can not remember if I asked a strange person for a cutting; I might have!

  21. I would have done exactly that! I'll even leave notes in mailboxes to ask for plant meet some wonderful friends that way and you already know you have one thing in common...a love of gardening! :) Wishing you luck with those cuttings, Steph and show us the first bloom ok?

  22. Titania, thanks, I really hope that's the case.

    Lynn, definitely! Thanks for sharing your idea - leave notes :-D



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