Zee Zee Inflorescence Returns

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Below is a pic of my Zee Zee plant taken on the seventh day since the inflorescence started growing out from the soil. Funnily, the flower's position is about the same spot as the last one almost a year ago. It's definitely looking as pretty and hiding behind a midrib...

After the spathe rolls down (like peeled banana!) on the eighth day, the whole spadix with many small male and female flowers is revealed.

Those tiny creamy white ones above are male flowers while those black ones with round light green stigmata at the base are female flowers.

On the next day, those round stigmatas are not visible anymore.

Did the inflorescence got polinated? Nope, I don't think so ;-(

Shortly after, another two grew out from the soil. A triple surprise for me this time :-D

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  1. Amazing plant, never seen anything like it, no matter how hard I try to look, closely to your pictures I still can't think of them as flowers, more like sweet corn I think. Oh, do I love those 'funny' rare looking plants :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, The plant world is full of surprises! All my best wishes for a happy New Year.

  3. Fascinating plant! The flowers remind me of corn, but the green on black parts are so unusual. Great pictures. :)

  4. Both flower corn and ZZ name are so cute!

  5. Amazing! One of these days I'll have to stop mistreating my plant so I can see it grow one of these.

  6. Beautiful thing Steph! for a minute, i thought that was a sweet corn!! ~bangchik

  7. It is very auspicius when the Zee Zee plant flowers. After all, the Zee Zee plant is also called the money plant. Mine is also flowering now. Yours is sweet and looks like a corn. Mine is twisted slightly into a loop. Wow, you have even captured the male/female flowers clearly.

  8. Amazing! ZZ plant is a real slow grower.
    And to get them to bloom is considered something rare.
    Hope they get polinated and so that you may get those seeds.

  9. ooooh, this is totally fascinating, but I find the spadix also really gross!! I don't know what it is, but I find things that look like this sort of peculiar, amazing, yet really creepy at the same time! I had to scroll quickly! :)

  10. Very unique plants! I never see it before...haha don't tell peoples shh...
    I thought it was a sweetcorn but when I see carefully I knew it's not sweetcorn, funny of me! With plants and flower, I've to draw out white flag!

    Have A Nice Day!


  11. does the flower gives out a scent.

  12. Happy New Year to all of you! This peculiar thingie is definitely an unusual flower. I can't say I like the look either ;-D But it does look like a sweet corn.

    foodbin, it has no special scent.

  13. An unusual flower.It seems to like your garden- it is giving so many flowers!

  14. Cute..It looks like baby corn! Maybe u can try cooking it :)

  15. Happy New Year, Steph. That is an interesting aroid you have there. If I remember correctly, it's a good air-purifying plant also.

  16. Does the flowers sap energy from the plant? My ZZ has about five mature stems and that many baby shoots. It is rare for me to get the baby shoots to mature into full stems. They seem to shrivel and reshoot often. I get plenty of flowers. I have begun to prune them as soon as I see them form.

  17. ZZDaddy, I don't think so. I left the flowers there to dry up to see if seed could be formed. Well, I don't see any yet. The baby shoot does mature into a full stem. But my plant grows new shoots rather slowly. Do you think a brighter spot be better for your plant?



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