Mighty Glox!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

For this Gloxinia to re-bloom, I have two persons to thank. Firstly, Ha Xuan who has shared with me on how to get the plant to re-grow and bloom. And secondly, Julia who has helped me to water my plants when I was away during the Chinese New Year holidays. Both are really big blessings to me and my garden :-D

The process is simply cutting off all its leaves (basically the whole plant) after the all flower buds have blossomed. But I left a tiny plant to re-grow. This is probably why it grew so fast... it took about two months only.

Also don't forget to apply fertiliser and be extra careful on the watering. One of my Gloxinias rotted in the process and I have to re-grow it again. Fortunately for Gloxinia, its roots/tubers are stronger than its leaves. Their leaves may rot away but its roots could bring the plant back to life again :-D

I have also tried to use the leaves to propagate more plants. Only leaves that I placed in this small container managed to grow a few little plants.

In any case, Gloxinia is really wonderful plant to have and to give!

Dear Sarah Sofia Ganborg,
thank you (Danke!) for passing me the award below. I hope you like Gloxinia. It would be tough for me to send you one but I hope you enjoyed the above pics :-)

I would like to pass this award to Wendy of Greenish Thumb, Armanda of Fantasie-Delizie-E... nonsolo..., Helen of My Rustic Bajan Garden and Foodbin's wife of Foodbin as they also frequently share their delicious recipes and dishes in their blog. Happy sharing those good and yummy food!

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  1. Your Gloxinias look gorgeous! The light colored edges on the petals really highlight the nice shapes.

  2. Stephanie it is so gorgeous! I love the double blooms. I have some that you can barely see yet growing from seeds.They are the doubles so after seeing yours I am going to love them. I never thought about propagating the leaves.Now I will have to try it with my old one. LOL!

  3. Beautiful Gloxonia. I always put mine in the dustbin after flowering. Perhaps I should try your advice next time :)

  4. Congratulations on your award! You gloxinia looks like a beautiful rose.

  5. Amazing to note that you have propagated Gloxinia. I'm very cautious about this one as I had failed 3 times - they just die after blooming and I have no idea why the shoots often turn yellow.
    Probably its the condition of the soil & the sunlight.

    Anyway, Congratulations on your cooking award!

  6. Diane, Lona, Mia, Autumn Belle, glad you found something interesting here. Thanks for your compliments!

    James, you might have over-watered the plant. Glox is super fussy about water! I am still learning the correct watering regiment. Btw, have you tried growing African Violet? I learnt that this cousin of glox requires slightly less brightness as compared with Glox, so it might work better in your garden.

  7. my wife was touched with the award-Thanks.

  8. I used to have Gloxinias but all of them died. They just went limpy, wilted and yellowish after flowering. Was the water too much? I water it once a day.

  9. Gorgeous ones. Wondering if they grow in India too...will find out.

  10. Your Gloxinia is indeed very beautiful. And many congratulations on your award too!

  11. Congratulations for the award Steph

    The Gloxinia is so wonderful,I haven't seen this flower before.
    Have to google if i can grow it here!

    Thanks for sharing

  12. Aaron, I am afraid you over-watered the plant. When I first got my Glox I watered daily. On hindsight, I thought I was fortunate that I did not kill it as I recalled the the weather was always sunny consistantly and there were so many plants in the pot. Later after a few comments that I received about water, I began to be more cautious. It's true. The plant just need moist soil to survive and I just water it on alternate days even it it is sunny. Sometimes not even thoroughly. During cloudy and rainy days, no need to water at all.

    Btw, the last pic on my post was the last!... the plant suddenly collapsed in the afternoon after I watered it in the morning! I am not so sure if the water or the super hot days (first week of CNY) that really killed the plant. But the plant was surely exhausted. I have to cut off the plant and let it re-grow again. Oh, I also propagated some leaves. Hope this helps.

    Foodbin, good to hear that your wife was touched :-D

    Urban Green, I hope it does.

    Corrine, thanks for dropping by again! Now I have your link already.

  13. Wow.. your gloxinia is so beautiful!!!! :) Mine has 2 blooms at the moment... and I love it so much. I can see 1 little bloom coming out soon :) I think I'll buy more gloxinias. Hehe.

  14. Stephanie thank you very much for the award. I also love gloxinas and used to throw them away when they were finished flowering until I read that they will regrow. Well I no longer have any and will try to get some soon and follow your instructions. Thank you!

  15. Hi Steph those gloxinias are lovely. I am not familiar with it but with your story and the way it looks, maybe its culture and requirements are just like african violets. Maybe direct sunlight is not good for them especially because its leaves are very soft and watery. I love to receive a gloxinia gift also, hehehe. I think leaves will be okay with me, let me have the honor to propagate them!

  16. I'm glad the process worked for you to re-bloom your gloxinia. It looks very beautiful.

  17. The award look nice here! Congratz!
    Your flowers look beautiful...


  18. The Gloxinia is adorable. You are so clever to make new plants from the leaves. I did not know that the leaves might rot but the bulb does not.
    I have no green thumbs at all when it comes to house plants. I generally have none, the exception is an Orchid I received for my birthday, which I watch carefully that I do not drown it. I have no problems when the plants grow outside. I do cut flowers for a vase or love Roses in a big bowl.

  19. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know that Gloxinia can be propagated from its leaves. We are moving to our new place this weekend. Probably I can get myself a pot of Gloxinia.

    I received Gloxinia once as a birthday present. After the bloom wilted, I cut off the plants and brown leaves. Surprisingly, new shoots started appearing after sometime. I was so amazed and glad that I didn't throw the root away!! This is one beautiful plant that can always smile to the recipient.

  20. Ha Xuan, many thanks again!

    Zindagi, I really hope that you would able to grow at your location.

    Jenny, glad you like this flower as well.

    Deborah, that's great!

    Helen, good luck!

    Andrea, ha ha... why not! With those leaves, you can propagate more plants :-D Yes they do not like direct sunlight.

    Titania, I grow the Glox outside actually. I also like to cut flowers to bring indoor and place them in vases or containers ;-)

    JC, enjoy decorating your new home. I have seen Glox in four colours here; blue, red, red&white and blue&white - choose one that best suit your new house yeah :-D

  21. Wow! Someday I hope to be able to grow flowers like that! (although I'll need a greenhouse here in Kansas)

    Stephanie, have you ever heard of Zee Avi? She is awesome! I love the song Kantoi. Here is a video of it made by a fan:

  22. Great photos, Steph. I should keep Gloxinias in mind, they are just so gorgeous.

  23. Thanks for the advice Stephanie. I will try it again. BTW can it take direct sunlight?

  24. Stephanie - first of all, thanks for the award! that's so sweet! I'm glad to talk food with you - and glad to discover new food blogs through you!

    The glox looks great. I love the flower and I WAS going to say it seems pretty foolproof to grow...I really should try more houseplants. I did buy a plumeria at the flower show.

  25. The gloxinia is beautiful! Kudos for getting it to re-bloom. I've tried to get orchids to re-bloom indoors, but haven't been patient enough. You inspire me! Cheers

  26. Wendy, Avis, glad that this post cause you to think about growing more houseplants. Good luck and have fun growing them yeah.

    Aaron, no direct sunlight ok.

    Prospero, yup they are. So far I could only find them in four colours; blue, red, blue&white and red&white. I hope you could find more colours at your place so that you can have more options.

    David, Zee Avi's song is cool! Thanks for recommending.

  27. They are indeed beautiful flowers that will keep rewarding you with blooms for years. We have some in the office and despite keeping them indoors, they have never stop flowering since we bought them some 4 years ago.



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