Dancing Ladies

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At last I see the blooms from one my orchids. It's an Oncidium again but a mini one.

The spike of blooms is only about one foot in length.

The baby plant was given by my neighbour about 6 months ago (click here for the earlier post on this orchid). The orchid has now grown more stems.
I used a small clay/ceramic pot with a drainage hole and filled it with pieces of charcoal, so that it drains fast.

The orchid is watered daily. On sunny days I water the plant twice a day - once in the morning and another time in the evening. I place the plant at a spot that receives afternoon sunlight.

This yellow Oncidium orchid is nicknamed Dancing Lady Orchid due to the flower's bottom sepal that fans out like a dress during a dance.

This orchid is an easy to grow type :-D

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  1. Lovely flowers!I bought an Oncidium plant 3 years ago, and it has not flowered so far:-( Perhaps I should follow your method.

  2. ach, das weckt gleich wieder die große Sehnsucht nach Kambodscha, seufz.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  3. Your orchid looks so healthy! I had not seen this variety before, it does look like ladies dancing and I like the reddish spots.

  4. well, watering twice a day, and you call it easy? I have trubble watering once a week ;) She's really beautiful, both colour and texture, so I can very well see why she's really worth caring for. You got green fingers I must say. Afternoon sun, does that mean Orchids a lot of light?

  5. Oh! I love Dancing Lady orchid-very vibrant and when cut and placed in a vase it is very lasting, too.

  6. Mia, yes, this orchid likes the sun for a few hours but I have to make sure the orchid is well hydrated. I live at the equator where the sun is strong, so during hot sunny days, if I do not water the orchid twice, the plant will suffer sunburn. And the media is fast draining. This orchid do not like wet feet at all. You are a really good gardener, I am sure you will have no problem with orchids.

    lotusleaf, we live in different region, so you may need to adjust watering regimen to suit the climate at your place. And, I also need to apply some microbes fertiliser to promote blooming.

  7. The last picture look like an angel.
    Even the flower at the background also look like an angel had spread her wings.

    Truly there look gracious.

  8. Just gorgeous ... love the colours on this! It's such a bright, cheery bloom.

  9. It's beautiful!! The only orchids that thrive in my house are dendrobiums. My Phalaenopsis leaves are always turning yellowish like being burnt and die. Insects??

  10. Oncidiums are really easy to care for compared to the more common moth orchids. I have this one, several more oncidiums and some encyclias that live in slat baskets on my balcony. It looks like yours has as many little keikis clustered at the base as mine does! Very prolific.

  11. Stephanie, your orchid orchid from your Auntie is very beautiful.
    I love the bright yellow color.
    Time to bake for your auntie again ? :)

  12. Beautiful bloom! It looks like an alien crossed with a tiger. This is one of my favorite blooms.

  13. Very pretty! I'm sure its bright yellow colour makes your garden even more colourful :)

  14. Steve, yup Oncidium is really easy to care for especially this type. Oh yours have many little keikis also? That's great :-D

    Aaron, like Steve has mentioned here, Moth orchid is not so easy orchid to grow. I do not have one, so, I cannot advise why the leaves turn yellow.

  15. I think I found the culprit - a snail was found on the leaves!

  16. Steph. We do have a few pots of similar orchids. But they somehow stay so quite. No bloom so far.... ~bangchik

  17. I love the oncidiums. Dancing ladies is such an appropriatenam for them. I love them in my garden as they are so reliable to flower. Does yours stay small as you say it is a mini. Very pretty.
    Have a nice day and a very Happy Easter.

  18. Wow, it is always such a joy to see an orchid bloom in your garden. Happy weekend and Happy Easter!

  19. you have a beautiful garden Steph...:o)
    i wish you an Happy Easter...and a beautiful weekend...
    kiss from France...

  20. Beautiful and lovely shot !! Simply amazing !Unseen Rajasthan

  21. simply irresistable. Such a sunshiney yellow. I love it! You have quite a talent for growing orchids.

  22. Titania, yes it is a mini one and so far it has stayed small.

    Bangchik, maybe repotting or moving the orchid to a new spot would help.

    Aaron, glad you finally found the culprit.

    All, thanks for your compliments. The spike of blooms is still gracing my garden. I enjoyed seeing each flower took turns to open. Have a lovely day!

  23. Love the dancing ladies bright sunny colour!!

    Glad to learn of your success in planting them.I tried planting them several times. Unfortunately they all died. Nowadays I daren't even accept a pot of Dancing Lady orchid from my sis whenever she offers. I feel bad for killing them again and again.

  24. mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..
    oh ya ada sedikit info nich tentang kayu jabon semoga bermanfaat...



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