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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cosmos Bright Eyes has brought a complete hue of orange that ranges from yellow to tangerine to my garden. This plant that started from seed took only about two months to flower. Now, I have orange flowers on both sides of my compound.

These Cosmos together with Chinese Hatplant are at one side. The plants that have same hues on the other side are Mexican Sunflower, Chalice Vine and Hibiscus. Although all these plants are still not in full bloom, in time to come, I am sure they are really going to add lots of cheer to my garden.

Plumbago, with white flowers, is one of my recent addition to complete my white and purple corner. I placed this young Plumbago next to the Sandpaper Vine and Gomphrena that bears purple, white and lilac flowers.

And the other neighbour of this wonderful Plumbago is my blueish-purple Hibiscus. Actually, I am not sure if this Hibiscus is a blue one or a purple one (could you?) but to me, it is more of purple than blue.
This corner of purple and white is special as it reminds me of my wedding day colours :-)

Have fun painting your garden with flowers!

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  1. We have lots of cosmos before but we totally discarded them because they became weeds. We have the yellow, they grow tall during short days (i think). What i want to have are the pinks and purples which i just see in pictures, but dont have the chance to have. That hibiscus i like also but it succumbs to aphids and mealy bugs that i dont want to plant in my garden anymore. But i really love its color. There is one bluish hue which i am not sure if H syriacus or Abutilon, though.

  2. Stef, I so love your hibiscus! I've just planted one - I call it the mini pink. It's flowers are really small. I am trying to the hibiscus as hedges, not wanting them to grow too tall ... wish me luck!

  3. magnificent blooms - they look straight from a garden in Alice in Wonderland

  4. Your garden must look like a beautiful painting now!

  5. Plumbago grows well in my garden, but the white variety is new to me...very pretty! Your lovely purple hibiscus reminds me of my daughter because it's her favorite color and flower.

  6. Your cosmos is of deep yellow, and mine in the form of ulam raja shines in a pinkish blooms. ~bangchik

  7. Hi Stephanie. I love Plumbago and your white is so pretty. Usually you see more of them in blue in gardens. I love touches of white in the garden. I wish it was not an annual here though.

  8. I like colourful gardens too :) Yours is brilliant! Trying to make mine colourful too. I've recently added artificial flowers. Haha.

  9. I like to have every colour of the rainbow flowers in my garden. They tend to brighten up my day. Yours are lovely.

  10. My white zinnia seeds you sent me are coming up! I am so excited!!!!

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  12. That is truly a beautiful painting in your garden. If you want, you could experiment on this:
    Put opposite colours together.
    Like purple and yellow, I had purple queen mixed with yellow hanni and they really gave a lot of depth to the garden.

  13. Love the hibiscus hue. It goes nicely with the yellow-orange of the cosmos. Cheers!

  14. Hi Steph. I always plant Cosmos in my garden. My Hibiscus are still bruised from the winter winds.

  15. nice. I bet the plumbago and gomphrena combo looked great together!

  16. you are have a beautiful flowers in your garden..
    here it's always winter...
    but spring coming...slowly....
    kisses steph....

  17. I have never seen flower like the Cosmos Bright Eyes before. It has a very funny look, and I like it :)

  18. Hi Stephanie, very pretty your colour combinations. I adore cosmos. I had never a yellow one. I think orange and yellow are such happy colours in the garden.

  19. The flowers are very beautiful. Lovely colors.

  20. Andrea, yes they grow like weeds ha ha... you are right! I do not have the chance to buy those purple & pink cosmos also. I wish those will sell here soon.

    Corinne, like Andrea has mentioned, hibiscus is prone to mealy bugs and alphids, so be careful ok.

    Dianne, purple is one of my favourite colours also :-D

    James, thanks for that tip!

    Sandy, that's because the flower has grown older ;-)

    clo, I wish spring will greet you sooner so that you can have a beautiful garden again.

    DP, that's great! I am happy for you.

    Dear all, happy colouring your garden!



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