Sparkling Pink to White Blooms

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Started from seed, this Vinca 'Periwinkle' grows quite slowly in the beginning. But as soon as it shows its first flower, I saw more and more flowers each morning. The pink dot in the middle makes the white flower looks splendid. I really love to see the flowers against its bushy glossy dark green leaves in the background.

This Vinca is a petite variety and the tallest plant now is only about 20 cm high.
I sowed the seeds about two-and-a-half months ago directly into this pot and placed it out in the open immediately.

I also sowed some seeds at the base of my yellow croton. I hope the vincas will make the pot of croton looks even better.

The flowers do not require deadheading. They sparkle in the afternoon and look as gorgeous by night (white flowers glows in the dark!). The plant thrives well under the hot sun and hold up well in heavy rain. This Vinca makes a wonderful addition to my garden :-D

The common Periwinkle is a species of Catharanthus, native to the island of Madagascar and to the Indian subcontinent in Southern Asia.

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  1. It's a very pretty and dainty flower, Stephanie.

  2. Steph, it is one of our weeds and i throw lots of them in the garbage. It is true, ones garbage is another's wealth!

  3. I like Vinca, too, for their easy growing habits. I don't have the white one. Yours look very healthy and brilliant, Steph.

  4. Your vinca is very beautiful and stunning!

  5. I like this colour combination. They are very pretty. I have a similar type in my garden too, as a result of crossing betwen my pure white and the pure red vinca. I think so because I grew mine from the second generation seeds.

  6. That's a really nice periwinkle. I love that dark pink spot in the center.

  7. I am in awe of the fact that you can grow flowers from seed. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  8. A flower that doesn't need deadheading is a winner in my book. I love lower maintenance yet beautiful plants!

  9. Hi Steph. Your Vinca Periwinkles are looking smart. I grew some from seed last year. They are practically 3 feet tall and have self-seeded all over the place. Still, a nice problem to have.

  10. This flower looks so pure and beautiful :) I've seen it around.. looks quite easy to maintain too!

  11. Your periwinkles look beautiful, Steph.

  12. Such a pure white colour, and nice contrast with that intens pink eye. I can well see why it glooms in night. Easy to maintain makes it even more attractive :)

  13. Oh, the plant looks so healthy too!

  14. Nice flowers with evergreen leaves. I have seen these plants growing almost wild in Pantai Remis, my hometown which is primarily sandy. I guess sandy soil is it's natural habitat.


  15. These periwinkle are so beautiful.
    They are so easy to main and often give many beautiful blooms.
    The also last very long as they tend to handle neglect very well.

  16. hello Stef...
    i love this simple white France we call them "impatience"...or "drinking water"..
    i love the precedent flower too...wonderful..
    you have a beautiful garden ..
    thanks for your're so kind..:o)

  17. Hello all! This periwinkle is my current favourite. The blooms are brilliant and flowers non-stop. I just hope that it would not grow as tall as what Prospero mentioned. Else I would have problem hiding the 'legs' :-D When it has too much water/rain the leaves at the below turn yellow.



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