The Strong and the Weak

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This red gerbera had withstood the test of tropical heat and rainfall...

After a week of sunny sky and heavy rain, it's still able to blossom well and show its best.

My mini oncidium has been blooming for more than a month already. Its colour faded but the flowers are still looking fine.

Unlike gerbera and oncidium, my impatiens is always fighting against the heat. The plant becomes soft and limp in the afternoon. Well, I guess not all plants are strong enough to withstand the hot weather :-(

Happy discovering flower plants that are suitable for your garden!

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  1. Im still considering getting the Gerbera in my garden. Do keep posted about their lifecycle.

    I suspect that the oncidium must be very hardy to continiously thriving & giving blooms.
    What is your secret - any special fertiliser?

  2. Wow!! Wish mine were still blooming like yours :)

  3. James, I find that gerbera loves the sun. I place the plant at a sunny spot. As for the oncidium, I use orchid blooming liquid fertiliser. On sunny days, I place a plate of water near the bloom so that the flowers do not dry up so fast.

  4. You have all my fave flowers. I like the bright red shade of your gerberas. They are lovely :)

  5. Wow! I love your gerberas! Any tips on growing them?

  6. Gerberas are a popular cut flower around here but I never see them growing in people's gardens. I wonder why? Your's looks really good.

  7. I love Gerberas... never tried them outside though. I don't think they like snow, do they?

    I achingly wanted Lavendar to grow up here but it never overwinters. But I have many other plants that do, thank goodness.

  8. Hallo Stephanie
    Gerbera IST Eine wunderschöne Blume, ich liebe SIE sehr.
    Sei glücklich, Das Du Unter der Sonne wohnen darft, hier ist es sehr kalt Immer Noch, ALS kaum mehr 14 Grad. DABEI sollte es schön warm richtig seins, Auch in Deutschland. Im Garten wird so richtig Nichts wachsen. Der Salat hat auch schön sterben Mütze übergestülpt, lach.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  9. Hi Stephanie. Your Gerbera is so pretty. I love their big blooms. I just got a sunny yellow one for Mothers Day and I did manage to over winter on in the house. It is a problem that some things are not able to stand up to your heat but there are so many lovely flowers you are able to grow that would not make it here. We need to all move to middle ground somewhere so we can grow everything LOL!

  10. Well, they all sure look happy with you! Great that all kinds of plants do well at your place!

  11. Oncidium, I like the shape of those yellow flowers, extraordinary, I never seen it before. Tropical weather has it's challenge as well, tend to forget that up here in the cold. Guess I who doesn't like watering would have a problem some days ;) But you seem to manage very well :)

  12. My impatiens have been growing so well on my balcony, I guess Hong Kong's weather just fit this plant very well.

    And how nice it is that your mini Oncidium have been blossoming for so long. I like Oncidium a lot.

  13. Hi Stephanie, you are a flower princess with your panache for flowers. Always blooming, my mother was like this always blooming!
    For me Gerberas were sort of to stiff and artificial looking, probably all that breeding, when in truth they are very beautiful, the colours are amazing. The Oncidium Ballerinas look still splendid. Always had borders full of Impatients, also
    "limping"! in the hot sun! But they are such tough flowers and seed easily. The New Guinea
    Impatients are a bit more complicated with their huge flowers. Try to put them into a shady nook in the hottest time and spray with water.

  14. The heat here is killing my plants. Yours are looking great and lucky you to have rain.

  15. I am going to get some red gerberas as soon as I get home!

  16. I love all the blooms that you posted today, Steph.

    May I ask if Gerbera is also known as African Daisy? Yours has so many blooms! Wow, they must bring lotsa joy to you.

  17. Titania, thanks for your advice!

    JC, yes. Gerbera jamesonii cultivars are commonly known as African Daisy.

    lotusleaf, hope you will get one you like. Choose one with many unopened buds ;-) Then later, you can enjoy more blooms.

    All, sorry about the cold and if not hot weather that you are experiencing. Over here, we often have extreme hot weather and prolonged rain that will give me problem. I guess everywhere has their own problem.

  18. Since impatiens don't like hot weather, I guess that's why I never see them here in the desert. Your red gerberas look so healthy and gorgeous!

  19. Your Gerbera daisy is gorgeous.
    I bought one a couple years ago. That was a time I had problems with snails.
    Last year I had problems with wood chucks.
    Have a great weekend :)

  20. Hi, Steph!
    Suas plantas estão lindas!
    Aqui no Brasil a 'impatiens' também fica assim entre meio dia e 2 horas da tarde. Deve ser uma característica dela, para se proteger do calor.
    Estamos com um blog coletivo, "Terra, aquele abraço!" Participe! Se quiser enviar fotos e/ou informações sobre plantas, publicaremos, ok? O link é:
    Estamos lhe aguardando, amiga!

  21. ONE reason why template gardens look cooler
    with more varieties is lacking the constant heat and intense, strong rain down these
    tropical sights...

  22. Hi Stephanie,

    I want to ask you one question, what tree or plant should I plant if I want the tree or plant will last longer? Can I plant Bunga Raya? I want to plant at Sze Sze buried site for remembering of her...


  23. Hi Jenny, bunga raya is a good choice ;-)

  24. hi Steph, i am a bit late here. Your plants are always looking healthy as if they did not suffer from the very hot sun. I envy you there coz you already got the rain, here we are still gathering clouds. It is said that the dry climates will prolong the dryness especially with this El Niño phenomenon, so maybe we will have ours in June, and our plants are already dead by then. Some of our fruit trees in the province already died, lanzones and citrus. It is so difficult to get them big and then now they just die, not of disease but too much heat.

  25. I love your red gerbera - it's really outstanding! Red's my favourite color! Keep up the good work!

  26. hi Steph,

    I have been reading ur blog for quiet sometimes...It's really great! Your flowers are beautiful!

  27. Hi Stephanie,
    It's a sweet surprise to know about you page.
    Your gerberas look really great! I've bought one red gerbera same as yours about 1 month ago, but not very sucessful. Please give me advice if you can, I would really appreciate. When the flower withered, I cut the stem close to the base as I read that will help produce more blooms. However, I have problems with the remaining parts of the stem, which get wet when I spray the leaves and seem to never dry, which causes some new leaves shoot rotten by turning black at the tips.
    Have you ever got experience with this?
    Thank you for your nice blog.
    By the way, I live in Vietnam, which has the similar weather to Malaysia, I guess.

  28. Hi Mai! I must tell you that my gerbera is currently not growing out any blooms although the plant (leaves) still growing healthily. I think the plant needs to gain energy to do so.

    I transfered the plant into a much bigger and deeper pot with good draining soil right after I brought home the plant. I planted the plant slightly higher than the soil line of the pot (to prevent rot).

    The plant is placed at a spot where it receives full sun for at about four hours. But I have to ensure that the plant is watered thoroughly in the morning. If it is not sunny, then I do not water thoroughly or not at all.

    I hope you did not over water the plant. Btw, those leaves that have turned brown, I discard them.

    Happy gardening!

  29. Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for your kind reply and detailed instruction for a total stranger like me. I've moved my gerbera to a direct sun spot as you instructed, though I'm a little worried because my balcony receives afternoon sun. I also took out a little media around the crown and some rotten leaves. The crown is drier, I hope it'll get well soon.

    Your blog is great!I am reading all your posts, one by one, day by day :). I learned a lot of experience from here.

    Thanks again and it's so nice to know you!


  30. mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..



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