The Cute And The Funny But No ID

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My little cactus gave me a pleasant morning surprise with this cute pink bloom. There were lots of ants in the bloom, so the flower must be really sweet! I am not sure if the scent I smelt that morning was from this flower (I didn't get close to have a sniff... silly me!) or from my neighbour's fresh laundry :-)

Do you recognise any of these cacti? I do not have their IDs.

The funny looking zinnia below is about 3 inches in diameter. Not really a big flower but the orange colour is really intense. The flower is obvious even from outside the house. One big part of its stem is resting on the soil due to the rain. The apparent stem is only about 1 foot above the soil line. I am glad that it didn't rain heavily when the flower was unfolding. Else the petals will be crushed even before it could fully open and the flower will look 'funnier' :-D

The seed was from Dirt Princess of Trials & Tribulations of a Southern Gardener. Just wondering if this is a cactus-type zinnia...

I hope you find them as cute and funny as I did :-D

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  1. Hello,
    I do not know the name of the cactus but the flower is very beautiful.

  2. The single cactus bloom is special and lovely. I've never been able to grow a cactus successfully.

  3. Your pretty pink cactus blossom resembles Rebutia perplexa, but I'm not sure if it is. I like your funny curled zinnia, it does look like the cactus type. :D

  4. Really cute to see a bloom from a cactus plant.
    I rarely see any of my cactus bloom.
    You must be very lucky.

  5. Love that pink bloom! My yellow cactus is flowering profusely. Coincidence?

    None of my zinnias germinated since most of them were crushed by the rain but yours is lovely!

  6. LOL!!! The zinnia is a cactus zinnia. I am thrilled to see the seeds did so well for you. I however, did not have such good luck. Would you believe my own zinnia seeds didn't come up for me!!! I have always had many zinnia plants during the summer, but this year I have ONE!!! And it is a piddly little joke of a zinnia! I was not happy!! LOL!

  7. Wow - a cactus flower! You must have a green thumb :)

    Greetings from Finland. - Rita -

  8. I love that beautiful orange color.
    I never have luck with cactus!

  9. Hi Steph. Sorry I can't help you with the id (there are so many cacti) Very pretty though. I also have some nameless cacti - still, they are great pals.

  10. when a cactus blooms you are going to be lucky !

  11. I love Zinnias! I haven't been able to grow them much here because of animals chomping them.
    Your cactus are pretty....and I am glad I am not the only person who forgets names of plants. :)

  12. I like the cactus in the back. It looks like a seal with eyelashes!

    The cactus flower is really pretty.

  13. Hi Stephanie, pretty in pink, cacti names are as complicated as the ferns! Nice surprise, the flowers are so dainty and wonderful colours. I have a big golden barrel since more then 30 years, my daughter when little had a phase to sow cacti, I have more, but this barrel has not yet flowered. I always have coveted Zinnia, love the big ones and the minis. The orange lights up the garden.

  14. The single flower of cactus looks so pretty! You really have green thumb!

  15. A green thumb, indead you have. If cactus has such lovely flowers perhaps I should try them, but reading here tells me not to, not that often you get to see them it seams like. Orange as I guess I said many times before, is a lovely colour :)

  16. The cactus' bloom opened only for one day. On the next day it fail to reopen as the weather was wet. The cactus zinnia opened more than two weeks! The bloom is still in my garden now. I am amazed by its durability ;-)

  17. Lovely pink & orange blooms. I would love to have them appearing in my garden. With such vibrant colours, they would definitely paint your garden beautifully.



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