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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amaranthus Flying Colours... I am so excited about the progress of these plants. I am sure their real colours are going to come out soon. Till then, I hope the plants are not too crowded. I just couldn't find another place to separately place them now... there is simply no more space in my garden!

A sunflower that I am really looking forward to seeing the blooms... it's going to be chocolate :-)

My Fressias are growing so slowly... I do not know why but I hope they will continue to grow well.

Have you grown these plants before?

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  1. Hey, I like your new image here! Once in a while, it feels fresh to have a change. I have only grown a sunflower from your list. Looking forward to see the seedlings mature. Do keep us updated :)

  2. I like the colored leaves on your Amaranthus. Chocolate sunflower sounds interesting, I'd like to see that. :)

  3. Hi Stef,
    Can't wait to see the results, keep us posted. Like your new blog layout too.

  4. Flying colours, looks a bit lika camuflage to me, I like that texture :)
    Sunflowers like choclate, sounds interresting, mine are 'ruby' something and will be dark too..
    I only planted Freesia from bulbs, and they haven't taken all that long time, are yours from seed ?
    Happy gardening dear freind :)

  5. I also bought some punnets labelled 'Amaranthus Flying Colour' and they've just started to show their colours ... but I'm getting very vibrant pinks. I though Flying Colours were meant to be yellow. Looks like you've got the yellow ones.

    Looking forward to seeing that chocolate Sunflower of yours ... I really like the darker ones! Your Freesias are ahead of mine ... mine are really slow!

  6. Cute! I can't wait to see them all bloom, especially the chocolate sunflower!

  7. Chocolate sunflower??? wow that's amazing! Do keep us updated about your sunflower!

  8. Looking forward to see all of them flower.
    Great job!

  9. Hi Steph, been meaning to grow sunflowers but haven't got round to it. Look forward to seeing these babies grow up! Cheers, catmint

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    I've never grown freesia, but I do know they are very beautiful. Looking forward to your blooms :)

  11. sunflower sounds like it will be amazing. Wish I could be there to catch the fragrance of the freesia. I'll be waiting for a follow up! :)

  12. It looks like everybody seem to be changing their headers, just like changing gowns! Stephanie, i hope your new sunflower will not have aphids before the flowers show up.

  13. I hope that your freesia will be beautiful soon! They have the most intoxicating fragrance.
    I love sunflowers but I am allergic to their pollen. I still grow them. I must be nuts.

  14. Isn't it amazing when you start a garden you think you'll never fill the space, and then it fills up overnight, and you have to start another bed.

  15. Mia, they are all started from seed.

    Thanks all! I really hope to be able to smell the fragrance of fressia and see a chocolate sunflower appearing in my garden soon.



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