They Are Not True Lilies

Monday, June 07, 2010

I am growing Canna Lily for the first time. The flowers are attractive. I just love the flowers' vivid colours but they really look like fake flowers that are made out of crepe paper. And, grasshoppers love the leaves. The new leaves are always 'disfigured' by them! My way of punishing those little creatures... they go right into the throat of my Sarrracenia pitchers once caught ;-)

This is my second attempt to grow a Calla Lily. The first one rotted and is gone. I hope this one will last longer and the heat will not 'melt' the plant.

True lilies or not, their blooms are really gorgeous. Wish me luck ok!

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  1. Love your 'lilies' Stephanie! They do not need to be true lilies to be pretty!

    I'm considering to get a canna lily too!

  2. Yes, those Canna lilies are gorgeous - from the iris family I guess.
    Do keep on eye for the seedpods -those black pea like seeds are a treasure to behold.
    Good luck.
    And yes you are right -those grasshoppers do serve a good meal for your carnivourous plant.

  3. Wow! Your Canna lily look so gorgeous!!!!

  4. The flowers look like those of the cannas. I like this striking orange colour.

  5. Your Cannas are a lovely colour. Cannas don't die in the heat, because they are planted in every park in India, where it is very hot. Give it enough water and manure, but don't overwater it. I am sure your Canna will flourish with all the care you take!

  6. Canna Lily is one of the few tropical looking plants with big leaves that will grow here in the desert. Your blooms are so pretty!

  7. Go Steph Go! (this is me cheering you on!) The Cana Lilly has a wonderful color.

  8. I've never grown calla lilies, so beautiful. Good luck with them.

  9. You have so many orange coloured flowers in your garden, must be a warm sight, love the colour myself, an your canna/calla lily is beautiful, I think we might are able to grow them in pots outside in summer but I have never tried. After seing yours I might try one :)

  10. I like looking at hedges of Cannas, however i don't want them because they easily become intrusive and the rhizomes are difficult to control. Just like some Heliconia species they become like small forest if neglected. We have a lot of colors here also. The Calla here grows as subtemperates or in high elevation. I saw some hybrids with real lovely lavender, pink and yellow flowers. However they are not for sale yet.

  11. I agree with Andrea that canna lily is very intrusive. I planted one tuber and now I have the plants all over the planter.
    But they do give beautiful, exuberant blooms, one stalk can blooms for several days and then producing secondary stalks, too. Nothing cries "tropical" louder than a canna lily!
    The color on your plant looks great, Steph.

  12. It is alright for flowers to come out with that colour and look... that colour is called "warna buah pinang masak" by my late mother....

    Just asking, in the second photo, the pot full of long roots, are they pandan?
    Have a nice day, ~bangchik

  13. Hi Steph. I think you'll find that it's easier for you to grow Canna lilies than Calla lilies.

    My Callas like plenty of water and the cooler temperatures of our winters.

  14. All the best!! Let me know if it grows well.. I'll get one too :)

  15. Steph,
    I love the color on your canna lilly! It would fit right into my color scheme for this summer's garden ;-) I also like the color on that hibiscus of yours -- bugs or not! Cheers!

  16. That's a gorgeous shade of orange.
    I recently saw calla lily plants in different colors,pink,etc.I don't know if it's a hybrid or maybe a dye.
    I'm sure your calla lily will do well with your care.
    Happy weekend :)

  17. The color is amazing! I wish you luck in growing these tropical beauties!

  18. I do really like the orange cannas. My friend grows these and she says they're pretty easy. Here we have to lift them to store for the winter. Good luck with yours!

  19. dear steph, lovely calla (white zantedeschia lily) and the really orange canna. i will be in KL soon and i do hope to meet up with you as i have something to share with you think it is possible?

  20. Canna lilies tend to take over the garden if planted on the ground. I have the yellow ones but your orange-coloured ones are gorgeous!

  21. Hi Stephanie, I am a fan of Canna lilies. This orange red one looks gorgeous, a hot tropical colour. I love them all and yes, some can be invasive, like Kanak mentioned. Some do not mind to have wet feet and the bugs adore them as much as I do! Good luck with your Canna, generally they are as tough as old boots.

  22. Bangchik, yup, those are pandan roots.

    hs, see you soon :-)

    All, I am glad to learn that many of you are already fan of canna lilies. Thanks for your encrouging words. Well, for now, I really don't mind if the plant is invasive. A second canna plant has grown a stalk of flower buds and one bud has bloomed today. It's really beautiful. I tend to water more than the plant requires, so I really hope that the plant don't mind wet feet (especially when I don't notice my pot had clogged!).

    As for calla lily, I have only come across white ones in the market here. I hope to see coloured ones soon. I bought another two last week. Thankfully, they were in good condition. I just love to see the flowers unfurl. The flowers look even better after a rain ;-) Thanks Prospero for the hint on water requirement!



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