Baby's Tears?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does anyone recognise this plant? It's a pretty bright green plant with dainty leaves.

Recently, I noticed that there were tiny greenish white flowers growing at the tip of a few stems.

I have tried searching for its ID. Closest match found is Baby's Tears (Scientific name: Soleirolia Soleirolii).
Could you confirm this?
I grow this plant under shelter but with really bright indirect sunlight the whole day. Thrives really well when well-watered. It's a plant with lots of potential for plant base decoration, ground cover and hanging basket as the plant trails and creeps.

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  1. Sorry I am no help but it has beautiful foliage.

  2. Dear Steph, tis plant is nice and cute. I like that little bunny next to it too. Sorry I am not good with names of plants thus not able to help you there.

  3. Steph.., I seldom do this, but I just googled for Soleirolia Soleirolii. They are too similar to ignore. Even if yours is not Soleirolia Soleirolii, I am sure they must at least be close cousins..... A nice plant though, a nice change definitely... ~bangchik

  4. Hi Stephanie; It is a pretty, dainty plant and "babies tears" I think suits it. I do not know this plant, does it have sort of succulent leaves? I know a small begonia which is called "babies tears" I used to grow it but somehow it has made its way into oblivion. I am pruning and weeding, and when I look around me there seems to be no end to it! I have to bring the garden into shape before the spring and hot weather. If you wanted to you could put a staghorn on a wall instead onto a tree. Perhaps on a piece of old wood and then place it onto the wall.

  5. Hi Steph thanks for stopping by and for following my blog. Nice to meet you" Your little plant is cute and dainty"

    I'm Sorry I can't help you at the Moment but if I find some info on it I'll let you know..

    ~ Vetsy

  6. I don't know the name of it either but I do remember my Dad had it growing in his yard and we used to lay our dolls on it because it looked like a green carpet.
    It is pretty though!

  7. It looks like a great foil for container plantings, spilling over the edges. Nice.

  8. Your space is wonderful. Congratulations and thank you.

  9. i don't know the name but it's really lush and green plant! The bunny look like it's trying to get a shot too! ;-))

  10. Guess.. bacopa..
    Anyway,cute plant.
    Have a nice day.

  11. So cute. Hope you get the name!

  12. I had hard time searching for the name of this plant too. A friend of mine have it in his garden and this plant cascade like a hanging garden.
    I have not seen it flowers though. Im guessing it could be from the trandescantia family since most of the trailing and hanging plants comes from this genes.
    But do post the name once you have discovered it, I got few which I even yet to identify.

  13. Nice looking plant, Steph. A healthy green. Love the name too! I do have some plants which cascade down like that but I'm terrible with names! They seem to do very well during this season.

  14. Looks like some sort of Sedum, but I'm not sure.

  15. Thanks for taking time to google/identify the plant. I appreciate it very much. Fyi, the leaves are not succulent.

  16. no idea but it looks great. I love that small perfect fresh foliage in the container you have it in.

  17. Don't know either but it's lovely and so healthy!

  18. Nobody seems to have a nam for the cute plant. Very pretty. I like the bright colour and the little leaves :)

  19. I'm sorry I can't help ID the plant either Stephanie.

    It's really lovely - such pretty, cool, refreshing green leaves, and cute little flowers.

  20. Sign up with, place a picture of any plant you need to identify..Someone, among the thousands of members will certainly know.

    Thats is how I found out about the Hibiscus canabinus, a not
    common at all Hibiscus in Puerto Rico. Good luck.

  21. Hello,
    The plant you have is not Soleirolia Soleirolii, more commonly know as baby tears. Soleirolia's leaves are only about a quarter inch, very small.
    I believe what you have to be a Pilea species & most probably Pilea Depressa known by a multitude of common popular names; "Shiny Creeping Charley," "Giant Baby Tears" "Mini Peperomia.
    How this helps
    Best regards & happy growing

    1. It is Pilea Depressa, i was growing it in my nursery for a few years. Very strong little plant.

    2. Thank you, Ben and Steven. It is indeed Pilea depressa.

  22. Hello Steven, yes helps a lot. Many thanks! I appreciate you for letting me know this plant ID. I have just published a post for my blog friends to know also.

    Btw, this plant of mine, the leaves are also only about a quarter inch only.

  23. This is indeed Baby's tears, Soleirolia soleirolii or as well helxine soleirolii. I am SO HAPPY that you posted this picture, because while you identified the plant correctly I think this is a variety that has larger leaves than the specimens from most garden centers, and I have been looking for it for a long time. I don't know where you live, but would you be willing to sell the plant, or at least propagate one for sale? Please met me know! :)

  24. Paul, I live in Malaysia. Unless you also stay here, then it will ok to propagate one for you. Have a great weekend!



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