Begonia Headache

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have you grown this begonia before? You might not recognise this one but the next one below.

Both are the same plant! I bought the plant in early March. Its new leaves do not have the beautiful blush anymore and have shrunk in size. Also I find that the plant is quite particular about its water requirement. No more blush, no more flowers... aged? how terrible it is, right?

I still hope that the plant will revert to its original look. Have you had similar encounter with this type of begonia? Help!

Anyway, my two other begonias are doing well and I am very pleased with them...

Sorry if I have bored you this time. Not everything grows well in my garden ;-)

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  1. i love your begonias Steph. am sorry for the last one.

  2. Steph, the one with the blush is a Rex Begonia. I have had the same experience with them,

  3. Im so jealous with your begonia Stephanie....
    (no.. Im just joking)
    Really love your collection actually and hey!
    Who said gardening is all perfect?
    Im sure something will surely tend to mature and die and it may require you to replant again & again.

    My suggestion: Chances are they might loose the blush due to lack of sunlight?
    I remember my watermelon begonia changed colours when in shade. Also another few types which I really not sure of their names - but one thing for sure, it really got to do with the lighting.

    Another thing is could it be that begonia is very matured? Do check if the stem is aged.
    My black velvet begonia too behaved such, I had trimmed it and propagate it many more plantlets.
    Or perhaps - a little feeding might boost the plant back its normal self?
    Do watch out that if they are slowly dying - these might be the signs of old-age and they will just whither and die.
    My wax begonia happened to behave just like that - a slow but a sure death. Thats why you need to keep at least two cuttings of begonia as spares - just in case something like this happens.

  4. Your begonias are lovely. Hope the first one recovers back to its former glory.

  5. Your 3rd n 4th begonias are new to me..they are lovely!

  6. Now I only have one hairy begonia with small yellow flowers. Looking at yours make me want to add some more varieties to my garden.

  7. Hi Stephanie, I wonder if this is from hybridising, sometimes the plants become feeble and revert to their old selves. I have noticed a similar behaviour with other plants. Make a cutting and try to rejuvenate it. Your others look great in the pretty pots. I grow some Begonias, in the garden I must make photos. I have them since years, very reliable and pretty.
    They probably would do even better if I would give them a little attention, poor things.
    thanks for your comment. We had heavy rain for two days. I went to the regional gallery in Murwillumbah. I was not impressed with the paintings.

  8. Stephanie,
    those plants have such beautiful, colorful leaves.
    I'm glad that your others are thriving :)

  9. Hi Stephanie,I'm voting with Titania - the begonia is reverting I think. I still think it's pretty, but I can see why you'd be dissapointed, since it's not what you thought you were getting. Your begonias are lovely.

  10. I like the colours on all of them.

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes gardening is never easy! But as long as you've given your heart and soul into it you know it's worth it. I love your begonias, so colorful! I'll try my hand at it growing some, inspired by you!

  12. nice begonia with extra long leaves. Kakdah's begonia is of dark brown colour and leaves a bit rounded. ~bangchik

  13. Wow, I love the colours & patterns of the begonia. Steph, they are beautiful.

    Don't give up Steph. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! I just had a bad experience with mealy bugs that sucked my marigold almost dry. My sis gave me a bottle of ant poison and voila!! The bugs were all dead! It's my very first huge victory in the battle against mealy bugs.

  14. Is it getting enough light? Usually begonias like a lot of full sun.

  15. Sorry about your begonia but I did like reading the comments, particularly, James' and Trudi's. One learns much from experienced gardeners!

    Your other two begonias are gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful begonias ..
    But these are not found in India!
    Hope they breathe again!

  17. Hallo Stephanie
    Die erste Begonie wäre in meinem Garten schon sensationell! lach. So schön wie die zweite würde sie bei mir niemals wachsen.
    Danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar, ja, ein Dress in Mouve ist schick! Ich liebe solche Farben, passt inzwischen toll zu meinen fast weißen Haaren!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

    P.s. soll ich mal bischen Seife nach Malaysia senden?

  18. Well, I have moved the plant to different spots earlier. The plant actually loves brighter spots more (You are right Suzanne, James!).

    Hope the revert will not be permanent (Titania, thanks for the details!)and a cutting from the plant will grow a new plant for me.

    Nonetheless, enjoy growing begonia and hope to see yours soon!

  19. Hi Steph. You have a talent for displaying your plants (those lovely pots).

  20. Hi Steph,

    Sorry to see that your beautiful begonia looks to be reverting. Such a shame because it is stunning.

  21. Good morning Steph..Thanks for stopping by

    Those are so pretty..I wished i could help, I like the leaves and the flowers on them..I hope someone will find an answer for you soon..

    I know It drives you crazy when a plant does something puzzling" I've been throw this with plants a zillion times!

  22. I think they still look nice :) The begonias you gave me are growing beautifully!



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