Bonsai Anyone?

Monday, September 13, 2010

I spotted this beautiful plant at a bonsai nursery recently. It has a price tag of RM780... expensive? Yes it was! But I really liked it very much as the plant bears beautiful little red fruits and cute pink flowers at the same time.

Did I buy it? Well, yes... but just a small rooted stem cutting that I could afford... at RM15 :-D 

Nonetheless, it was not a perfect cutting as the nursery owner honestly told me that the cutting has difficulties growing. She even gave me some 'kapur' (chalk) to treat the stem :-(

Also she told me to get a small brush to scrap off the black growths on its stem... which I am still figuring out how to go about doing it.

After treating the plant, I just left it out in the open at a spot that receives full morning sun daily. Thirteen days later, I was happy to see more leaves and even flower buds growing!

I was glad that the shop owner offered me this cutting eventhough it was not a 'good' one. Now I really hope this plant, Acerola (Malpighia Glabra) will continue to flourish well in my garden :-D

Lesson learnt: Shop for bonsai only when I have a 'deep pocket' (which probably never happen anytime soon...) as it is not everyday that I could find/buy a cutting like this one ;-)

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  1. It's a very pretty bonsai. For RM15, it's a steal.

  2. I've always loved bonsai but haven't had one myself. Good luck with yours!

  3. Wow, now you soon will have your own tiny appletree. Bonsai is sad to be a patient hobby, but that's no problem I guess, you seem to have plenty and green fingers, a usefull combination. Now I look forward to see those small flowers on your tree :)

  4. cool! I think all the bonsai techniques are so fascinating. I guess some people think it's like torture to trees -and I can see that point someitmes when you see branches twisted with wire or weighed down with pennies, but all the care and clipping - just so interesting.

  5. That looks fun! I have no clue how expensive RM15 is, but I'll take your word for it. I love the acerola. I had a gorgeous specimen in my garden last year (tree-sized though). It produced fruit and flowers for a long time. Then it died in our freakish freeze this past winter. :`( I think I might try it again, as it is supposed to grow in our zone. Have fun with yours!

  6. I love the look of Bonsai, they are so cute.. I hope perhaps to try one next year.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for the cute little cutting you have..

  7. That's a really cool looking bonsai, so tiny and has fruits already! I hope it will grow very well for you.

  8. I love to have a bonsai, but prefer to do it from stratch instead of buying them & paying for them in hundreds$$$.

    One of the concept is pruning... and its more of trial and error that makes the difference.

    Good luck. :)

  9. My dad is very anti-bonsai hahaha. He'll never stop criticizing them whenever he sees one. But yours is special, it has cute flowers! Hope yours grow into a magnificent bonsai.

  10. Bonsai are really expensive! Soon you will have your own beautiful Bonsai tree!

  11. Bonsai is really expensive as lotsa care is put into growing them beautifully.

    Steph, that's a pot of Barbados Cherry. I have one too. But I keep it as it is and did not prune and twist it with wires to turn it into a bonsai. A neighbour of mine said she kept her plant as bonsai. The fruit is ornamental like and it is a bit sour even though when it's ripe. It has a high content of Vitamin C. So get your dosage of Vit C from your garden! That's what I do...hee..hee.

  12. Hi Steph, Bonsai is so fascinating. They are very expensive here too (but I always like to look).

  13. With enough nurture and care, I am sure you will have it growing strong in no time.
    I have NEVER bought a bonsai. I am too cheap.

  14. Love to look at Bonsai, but have never had one. The price tags scare me too much.

  15. Bonsai is gardening with art and creativity in mind. Huh, such patience... I have seen one over in Japan, a bonsai on the ground, shaped into a boat. Some 300 years of patience!!. I would love to see bonsai progressing in your hand. ~bangchik

  16. Your bonsai looks so cute :) Haven't seen you for quite some time!! Miss you lah!

  17. Thanks for all your encouragement! Now, I hope that I will have the patience to grow one bonsai ;-) Have a great weekend.

    JC, yes, the plant is also known as Barbados Cherry. Good to know you have one as well.



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