Flower Power!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

These three flowers have shown me what 'flower power' really means.

Earlier this flower cluster drooped due to the hot afternoon heat/sun. But the very next day, I see a gorgeous hydrangea again...

These Gloxinia flowers have been blossoming gracefully. The flowers are all able to put on a good show due to the rainy days and cloudy sky. But on the eighth day, the sky suddenly opened up with a clear blue sky and the temperature was definitely high. The flowers 'melted' and drooped. The next day when I thought I needed to cut them off, the flowers came back to live!

Impatiens also tend to droop in the afternoon. More so when there is sunlight shinning over the plant. However, again and again the plant will just 'straighten' up once the temperature drops in the evening. Amazing right?

'Flower power' really means 'great tolerance towards heat' for these three :-D

Have you any flowers in your garden that can stand the test of heat and that will look gorgeous again the next day?

The flowers in the pics above were taken at the same time, the day before (left) and the day after (right). However, please note that the temperature of the day before was were really hot. The temperature was about 34°C or 93°F. But the day after it was raining and cloudy with a temperature of 26°C or 79°F.

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  1. Steph, Your flowers are beautiful ... in cool weather. Most of my flowers look the same in whatever temperature because I only have the hardy types.

  2. Great comparison shots! I'm going to copy that idea ... very cool!

  3. Hi Steph. The heat really does a number on the flowers. My impatiens have been doing a lot of drooping this summer. Your hydrangea is just so gorgeous. Mine seem to be finished for this summer. I just love your double blooming gloxinia. I started one from seed but it is taking forever to grow.
    have a wonderful week.

  4. Love those gorgeous Gloxinia n Hydrangea, but I dare not buy them cos they proved to be 'difficult' to look after..

  5. Ah, esse trio maravilhoso que enfeita e embeleza ambientes!
    Hortências, como elas marcam com sua potência e harmonia entre as folhas e as flores no tempo de estarem floridas.
    Aqui no RS Brasil a serra gaúcha é toda circundada e trabalhada com Hortências.
    Parabéns pelo belo e florido BLOG.

  6. #1 example in my garden: Firespike. It looks horrible on the hottest days and wilts dramatically even if well watered, looking as if it got melty from frost. Then the evening comes along and it blooms its head off!

  7. Steph ... Isn't it a great thing to discover that the plants you really like have the power to take a licking and keep on ticking!

    We had a rain storm just the other day.. with very high winds that took down trees and knocked off branches.

    I was afraid that these winds would certainly knock over and damage my giant Cactus Zinnia's.

    I have fallen totally in love with them after I discovered that they attract hummingbirds.. A bird that's rarely seen in my area.

    To my surprise, these 5 foot power houses were still standing tall the next day with no damage at all!

  8. I think I must look like this too - until my 3pm jolt of coffee!

  9. Yes, that afternoon sun does a number on my flowers too. Come to think of it, the heat makes me a little droopy too. Amazing how the plants rebound, though. I love how impatiens will do that!

  10. What a difference the temperature makes for the flowers! Here in the desert, blossoms are small and last only a short time.

  11. I think that my Geraniums tend to do this.

    Your impatiens beautiful!

  12. Hi Steph, your blooms are strong enough to stand up tall again after the scorching afternoon heat that we are experiencing these days!

    I found my Fishbone flowers drooping and fortunately some watering manage to revive it.

  13. Stephanie, yes I experience the drooping and come alive again in my garden with plants like busy Lizzie. I have written a comment on your Rosemary and mint and it was all this "good" advise about the mint...haha...and it flew away into cyberspace together with my cup of mint tea!
    Have a nice weekend.

  14. Hi Stephanie, I also value resilient plants. I find lots of plants don't like direct sunlight but they often do recover. Or they may seem to die but come back again the following year. Flower power rules! cheers, catmint

  15. One, you are right. Even my guzmania flower suffered.

    Dirt Digger, hey I take that as a compliment ;-) Thanks!

    Lona, even this gloxinia that I started from leaf took a couple of months to grow/flower. I am sure it will take longer to flower from seed ;-) I hope my hydrangea will turn out as blue as yours.

    p3chandan, yup they need a bit more attention.

    Salete Cardozo Cochinsky, thanks.Your mountain range must be really beautiful now :-)

    Vetsy, your cactus zinnia is 5-foot tall? Wow! Oh the cactus zinnia I had earlier, the flower hold up well in heavy rain. It's a tough cookie :-D

    Steve, JC, Rosey, thanks for sharing those wonderful flowers. I wish for the weather to be always cool and nice in your garden ;-)

    Oh Wendy, same here :-)

    Floridagirl, Titania, yup impatiens is such a loveable plant. But probably they are always longing to be back to their native land... where they don't need to droop anymore he he...

    Titania, mysterious thing happens all the time ha ha...

    Diane, even hibiscus last for one day only here.

    Catmint, I agree! Let's hope that these plants/flowers will grow to be more and more resillient.

  16. Beautiful hydrangea, impatiens and gloxinia you have there!! Really love the colours they add to your garden.

  17. That's amazing how temperature can affect flowers.
    You must be watching them constantly, Steph.

  18. Hi Steph,

    I usually water every night, but once in a while I'll fall asleep and skip it and then I have to get up the next day and do it. In the hottest days of summer many of my flowers will look droopy at that point. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I come home in the early evening and I see that they are all refreshed and standing tall again!

  19. Hi Steph,

    I am glad that an Internet search engine landed me on this page! The flowers are lovely. Indeed, it's Flower Power.

    I have the Purple-White combination and Magenta Gloxinia plants. The pics are on my blog site - http://rake-and-spade.blogspot.com.

    Asha Ram

  20. Aaron, I hope the colours will stay longer for me :-D

    Ha Xuan, I have been watching the hydrangea closely! About 14 months ago, it was just a baby plant. Now, I am so glad to see the flowers.

    Avis, that's a good idea! Let the plant gets as much water the evening before so that it can withstand the hot sun the next day. About my mint, the plant, it is still as small as it can be ha ha... thanks for sharing.

    Asha Ram, will visit your site soon. Thanks!



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