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Saturday, September 18, 2010

These small Euphorbia Milii blooms are modified leaves called bracts. The true flowers at the centre are tiny and inconspicuous.

Thunbergia Laurifolia is not only a fast growing vine but also quick in producing its striking blue flowers. Nonetheless, it's a plant that has been declared a weed in Queensland, Australia.

Dianthus Chinensis is often acknowledged for its edible fowers benefits. The flowers have sweet nectar and clove scent.

Cuphea Hyssopifolia, the whole plant adds a soft texture to a garden. Its foliage role is as important as its tiny flowers.

Coleus flowers do not stay long as they would be pinched off in order to keep the plant growing and grow bushier.

The Hydrangea flower clusters, which are also bracts, grow bigger and colour deepens by the days; from light pink to purple.

This little plant, Acerola, hopefully a bonsai-to-be, burst delicate pink flowers even when the cutting has just flourished leaves.

Regardless, just enjoy the blooms in your garden ok :-D

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  1. Hi Stephanie; I like to grow Euphorbias as they are so easy and generous with their flowers. So the real flowers are only tiny like you said. the same with Bougainvillea. You could grow a Bonsai Bougainvillea yourself from a cutting. from time to time you would have to cut its roots, wire its little branches and in NO time you will have a bonsai. I am sure the little one you bought will be fine with your green fingers! sometimes I leave the flowers on some of my Coleus as they look so pretty . This way one gets also new,different coloured plants.
    Always love the dianthus, growing pots full of them now. The blue thunbergia is beautiful but rampant. Perhaps it is not available anymore in the nurseries. Enjoy your weekend. T.

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  3. Hi Stephanie, The weed vine is very pretty. Is it under control? Do you plant it in a pot?

  4. I just cut my Coleus back HARD, I hope they come back.
    Your hydrangea blossoms are pretty!

  5. I like those tiny white flowers on the Cuphea plant. I have a Cuphea but the flower is red and and tubular. It's called "The Cigar plant". Does the two belong to the same family, Steph?

    All your blooms look gorgeous.

  6. Love your flowers, especially the cute dianthus! BTW can you share how you grow your hydrangea. I'm thinking of getting one.

  7. One, I am growing the plant in a pot with a trellis for the vine to climb. But have to check on the vine often to train it back to the trellis.

    Ha Xuan, yes same family ;-) Funny that they look quite different.

    Aaron, I place the hydrangea under my porch/shade with bright indirect sunlight. Use loose soil. Hydrangea loves lots of water but at the same time, the plant likes excellent well draining soil.

    Titania, B. glabra bonsai? Good idea. Thanks!

    Rosey, hope your coleus will grow back for you soon.

    Mariah, thanks for introducing ;-)

  8. Hi Stephanie! The white cuphea is very pretty.Coleus leaves are more attractive than the flowers.

  9. I like the colour of your dianthus.I am growing one of its relative carnation now. You are very good with flowers:)

  10. Hi Steph, I like the tiny white flowers on the Cuphea too" it's very cute.. I missed

    Euphoria's, My mother had one when I was a little girl, I always thought it to be so unique but forgot about this plant until my visit to your post today. I see one in my future for next year.

    Enjoyed the post.. Have a fantastic day!

  11. Fantastic flowers that you see, I enjoy it very much, even more so now as our gardens turn in to Autumn. Now I will get warmed up by your pictures for half a year :)

  12. that thunbergia is really pretty - love the color combo. Is it a large flower?

  13. Your Acerola, does not look at all like ours, Malpighia glabra.
    It is a pretty red fruit, somewhat sour with tons of vitamin C.

    The Euphorbias are becoming more used/abused recently by landscape professionals. However, I believe plants with thorns, any, are not that welcome...

    A nice post!

  14. Loved your post, Steph! Although it's good to see new-to-me plants, it's also nice to see familiar ones. My thunbergia is up on a dead berry tree and is still controllable. Acerola is new to me. I like the delicate pink blooms! Your other plant all look happy:)

  15. Love your flowering plants Steph, with a diversity of flowers and colours makes any old garden exciting and beautiful! Enjoy..

  16. Hi Steph, There seem to be a large number of plants called euphorbias. I have several in my garden, small shrubs and medium shrubs and in Cambodia I saw tall trees called euphorbia! As for bracts, I don't know what it is about them, but I think I am in danger of becoming a bractaholic! cheers, catmint

  17. lotusleaf, the cuphea flower is actually purple but the colour faded due to the strong sun ;-)

    Vetsy, I hope you will be able find a EM... oh yes next summer coz the plant loves sun!

    Malay-Kadazan girl, that's amazing! I look forward to seeing your carnation.

    Mia, I am sure your houseplants would also give me the same effect :-D

    antigonum cajan, thanks for pointing out :-)

    Wendy, mine is about two inches across.

    Kanak, actually acerola is new to me also ;-)

    p3chandan, diversity... that's really something to think about.

    catmint, coz flower bracts are usually long-lasting!

  18. Love the Hydrangea. I planted one this spring. Do you think it will bloom next year?

  19. does the Euphorbia Milii have medicinal value?

  20. You have so beautiful flowers! My next mission is to buy Hydrangea!
    Anyway i have invited you for a game. Check out my blog!

  21. Suzanne, mine bloom the next year. I hope yours will be the same ;-)

    foodbin, not that I know of.

    Malar, thanks for the invitation :-)



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