Rosemary & Mint

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The more I prune this little rosemary bush, the more dense is the foliage. Rosemary loves the sun. I love to water this plant in the evenings. The needle-like leaves release very nice invigorating scent :-D

The pruned stems are used to propagate more rosemary bush.

My other herb, mint plant, is not doing that well. Earlier its stems grew thicker and harder. The leaves grew less and turned so small. So I pruned most of them away and now the plant is just too tiny. I just couldn't toss the plant away yet as earlier it has grown so well for me (love its aromatic scent also! I can even smell it while snapping these pics!).

Is the sun too much for this little guy? What can I do?

I do not know the variety of this mint, which was passed to me by my sister-in-law. Anyway although with so few small leaves you see here, the scent is really great :-)

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  1. Hi Steph, my favorite herb is rosemary, i really love to touch and smell them. Yes the scent is invigorating. I planted a small stem but i just left it in the province, i dont know if it received attention though. Your small stunted mint is too small to identify.

  2. Hope your mint recovers. I love sweet-smelling plants. The only plant with fragrant foliage is the mosquito plant in my house.

  3. If yuo have had your mint in the same pot for some time now, it might be it's to narrow, try to devide your plant into two pots, they do spread a lot here and when I leave them to their selves to long in my Garden that normally happens here to. Take them apart and new soil, might work.. Rosemary smells wonderfull and tastes even better. I always add some on my potatoes baked in oven, or on porkmeat, lamb, chicken.. together with garlic.. hm, now I start to get hungry, again..
    Have a nice week :)

  4. Nice flowers Steph ! Have a nice next week.

  5. What a lovely scented post! I can almost smell them too as I view the photos.

  6. The rosemary look good!
    From the information i get, the mint have to be pruned to get a busher plant. Their harder stem indicate the aging process. Mint love sunshine.

  7. You really marvel me with rosemary - I was skeptical about them until I saw them doing so well in your garden.
    You will have mint like that after sometime. I had "killed" my mint over & over again.

    When planting mint - used the pruned ones, they rigourly grow back - the parent plant usually gets matured and dies, so don't bank in so much in one pot, rather have several.
    They need daily watering - if they wither or get burned - it would take a lot for them to recover - usually they don't quite recover.
    Mint trails - and so their roots do not go deep. A shallow long pots helps a lot.

  8. OMG! I love your Rosemary bush! Didn't know that it could grow in M'sia! Did you plant it from seed? Oh!, Stephanie please do tell!

  9. Your rosemary bush looks good. I am sure it smells good too. The flowers are edible, right?

  10. I have two Rosemary plants in pots that I move indoors when it freezes. So how do I propagate more? The ones I have I started from a seed so I am not sure how to get more without seeds.

    I think Rosemary is a great herb for culinary uses. It makes me feel invigorated, too.

    Thanks for stopping by. It is always good to hear from you!

  11. Hi, Stephanie
    Obrigada por compartilhar conosco sua experiência com jardins. Vou podar meu alecrim para ver se ele melhora. Aqui onde moro, nesta época do ano é muito seco. Acho que por isto ele não está muito bonito.
    Seu blog e seu jardim estão lindos!

  12. Rosemary has not found its way to our garden yet... mint is here, oregano is here and so is the tiny thymes. Your rosemary is very healthy indeed. ~bangchik

  13. Floridagirl, Andrea, invigorating? I agree!

    Crescendo, Aaron, plants that are sweet smelling are lovely in their own way.

    James, Malar, Mia, thanks for the tips. I changed the soil earlier. And, instead of dividing, I just trimmed off extra roots.

    One, from my reading, you are right. The flowers are edible.

    Rosey, Corrine, nope, I didn't start from seed. I bought it. To propagate more, I just press the stem cuttings into moist well draining soil and leave them in a bright shade to grow roots.

    Luisa, hope your rosemary will grow nicely after a trim.

    Oh wow that's a lot already. Way to go Bangchik ;-)

  14. Stephanie,
    Your herbs look great.
    Will you be using them for seasoning?
    Mint is so refreshing and rosemary. My 3 favorite herbs are those 2 and fennel.
    I'm sure your green thumb will make the mint thrive :)

  15. I love the fragrance of both mint and rosemary. I have some mint that I grew from stem cutting of mints that I bought to garnish my curry laksa. They grow easily. When the mother plants get straggly, I will prune them and put those cut stems into soil. In no time, they will start sprouting and grow. I let them work as groundcover. Occasionally I will add some goat dung to fertilize them. Hope your mint survives, Steph.

  16. Brad, yes :-)

    JC, I have been applying slow release granules only. Thanks for your advice :-D

  17. Steph,

    I had bad luck with mint this year, too. It was the only herb that I purchased because I didn't have seeds left over for that. Its leaves were tiny like you describe and its stems were woody. Eventually it just died :-(

    Oh well. At least you have that gorgeous rosemary. I love rosemary in soups because it can add so much depth of flavor. Cheers!



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