Fiery Blooms

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It has been raining almost every evening this past three weeks. I count it a blessing whenever there is a window of sunny sky for all my plants except one...

Rain or shine, my Impatiens never stop producing its pretty flowers. Although the plant loves to be in the shade, some sun is good for its health.

One day, in the late morning, I relocated my Guzmania for a dabble of sunlight. I took a nap and the flower got burnt :-(

The sky suddenly opened up in the afternoon and the blazing hot sun scorched one of the flowers! Since it was my fault I hope to redeem myself by ensuring that the other bloom behind this one will turn out perfect.

My friend from Slovenia told me that this plant is called Bunny Rabbit plant. The flower resembles the mouth of a rabbit. From my reading, in some countries, the same flower is also called Snapdragon or Lion's Lips. Aside from red, the blooms come either in yellow, orange, purple, white or bi-colour. This plant seems to be fine with the rainy weather.

Here is the second flush of Verbena blooms. The flowers need warmth/sun to open. I took the pic (left) in the morning and by afternoon, more flowers have opened (right). Love the look of these pretty flowers and the fact that the plant tolerated the earlier prolonged rain.

I hope you have some flowers in your garden that will be able to warm your heart even when the temperature drops or when the sky seems to be gloomy.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hello Stephanie
    with us in Germany draws in here so slowly the autumn. The maple trees will lose the other bushes and trees in leaves red and gold and already the sheets. All the more it pleases me to see your summer flowers.
    Now does the monsoon time begin with you?
    Love of greetings Dörte

  2. Love those fiery blooms! My impatiens abhor the sun here in Central Florida. I have replanted several in more shady spots this year in a final attempt to get them to reseed better. We do call those snapdragons over here.

  3. Bunny rabbit plant, I can actuelly see the tooth, a good name for the plant. Rain isn't all that funny but it seams to be part of life.. Hope you get some varm evenings as well, here it'll soon be winter...

  4. I especially like your Verbena. Its color is so vibrant. Please send some rain over here. My plants desperately need it. I've already resorted to watering some of them thrice a day. :-(

  5. My Oh My...
    You got Snapdragon!!!
    You got VERBENA!!!
    My mouth is dripping with envy!!!

    ok..ok... (better I wipe my drool)
    You constantly amaze me with your garden Stephanie.
    Just yesterday - I forgot to water my plants and when I saw them in the night - Most of the young plants and shoots got burned & withered.
    It must be a very hot day yesterday.
    Its so strange - somedays are so hot & somedays - its a constant rain...

    Do you know that Verbena is known as Vervain.
    Those days - its so much believed to keep vampires away.
    Amazing isn't it?

  6. Is it still raining? I haven't seen rain for 4-5 days! It's been hot!!!

    Like usual, your flowers are amazing! How many pots do you have altogether?

  7. interesting post, Stephanie. I suppose sun and rain are like everything in life - too much is no good and too little is no good. And some plants are more resilient than others. Flowers being scorched doesn't mean the plant is dead, does it? cheers, catmint

  8. Those impatiens are planted direct to the soil in our garden and they are self supporting, they wilt during very hot days but they recover at night. During typhoons with severe rainfall they drown but will come upright again when good weather resume. But those Verbena are beautiful, i would love to have some branches for planting in my office window sill.

  9. We don't get much rain here in Colorado usually. Our moisture comes in the way of SNOW... which it just started up today!
    I think you have quite an eye for lovely flowers!
    I did not know that Snapdragons also had another name. Cool!

  10. Hi Steph - my impatiens bloom all year around as well. Love the Bunny Rabbit!

  11. The verbena blooms are nice. Funny to see snapdragons in your garden. They're very popular here as garden annuals.

  12. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the vibrant red! Sometimes when buying new plants with flowers, I couldn't decide whether to get red or orange!

  13. Stephanie,
    Your impatiens and snapdragons put the ones you see here in Chicago to shame! They are breathtaking!

  14. Dorte, the monsoon should happen this quarter but it has been really hot these few days. Hope you will have a nice autumn. I can imagine the red and gold leaves to be really wonderful.

    Floridagirl, yes my impatiens as well. It is placed in the shade and will only get some sun ray in the late afternoon.

    Mia, over here the rain is often quite heavy and you are right... it's part of life!

    Bom, I have been watering my plants twice daily for the past three days. Now I hope for rain too ;-)

    James, both constant rain and hot days are not good for plants. Vervain is new to me and yes it's amazing ;-)

    One, quite a lot of pots to count actually. It has been really hot this week here as well.

    Catmint, oh yes. Also when the leaves droop, upon watering they will spring back to normal.

    Andrea, verbena will definitely make your window sill look good. Its colour is really vivid. And when in full bloom, there will be plentiful of flowers :-D

    Rosey, yes bunny rabbit is cool :-) Keep warm yeah...

    Prospero, I hope my impatiens will do the same. Their flowers are noticeable even from the road. They make my garden look wonderful :-D

    MBT, here, snapdragon leaves tend to droop in the late afernoon due to the hot sun ray.

    kitchen flavours, I have lots of orange already so I thought I will get red bunny rabbit and verbena. I bought them at the same time about a month ago. I find red compliments orange well ;-)

    Avis, I was surprised myself. Actually the impatiens has been doing really well. The plant has been flowering since I bought it three months ago. Both plants tend to droop in the afternoon. Their flowers looks better and more showy during cooler/cloudy days.

  15. Greetings from Wales, UK. I love those red flowers!

  16. Very pretty blooms Stephanie! Impatiens are such easy plants for our shady garden. As long as they get enough water, they are perfectly happy here and bloom from spring until frost.

    Your snapdragon is such a brilliant color! I never realized they had so many interesting names.

  17. You have beautiful flowers! Some which i never seen them!

  18. everything looks great! I would think things would slow down, but the cooler weather is making everything green out and look really nice in my garden.

  19. Nice flowers in your garden. I hope that the rain stop so you can enjoy your garden in the evening.
    Now it started to be cold here. It´s a lot of colour but soon everything is sleeping in my garden.
    Inside my house in the windows I have a lot of plants. :)
    Wich you a nice weekend

  20. Your flowers are lovely! That guzmania is new to me and i love the shape of the bloom. A pretty shade too!

    Our flower-sowing time (especially flowers like verbena, snapdragon, dahlias) is now. Your verbena is such a gorgeous sight!

  21. Steph taking a break from homework to pop in and say hello! "Yes there are a few flowers still blooming, It's the Cactus Zinnia's I fail in love with this summer! Love you Verbena's and bunny rabbits..

  22. Very beautiful, the flowers have bloomed very nicely... The pics are full of warmth and give you a reason to smile..
    Have a lovely day:)

  23. Caroline, Arti, thanks for leaving your thoughts ;-)

    Garden girl, I was surprised by the various names also. Thanks for sharing about your impatiens.

    Malar, I admire those pretty plants/flowers that you have also!

    Wendy, yes I know! Your cyclamens are praiseworthy.

    Gudrun, it has been really hot this week. I hope some of the heat here will 'travel' to where you are ;-)

    Kanak, these few days, the super hot sun discoloured the verbena blooms. I just cut off all the flowers today. But they were really attractive earlier.

    Vetsy, thanks for dropping by. Love your cactus zinnias also!

  24. Love the red hues :) Makes the garden colourful and cheery!

  25. Wow, those verbena blooms made my heart sings! They are gorgeous to have! With all these blooms in your garden, you must be having smiles plastered on your face everyday!



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