Early Christmas Cheer

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was overjoyed to see this first bloom from one of the three Amaryllis bulbs that I have taken out from the fridge about five weeks ago (click here to see the bulbs). Earlier, the bulbs were 'put to sleep' in the fridge for about two months.

Ha Xuan, at last... here is my Amaryllis :-) Thanks again for sharing how to force Amaryllis to bloom. The method has worked for James' Amaryllis bulbs and mine!

When I bought this Amaryllis plant (most probably a Hippeastrum Vittatum hybrid) last June, the flower stalk was not even this tall. I am so amazed by the height that I even took measurements.

The flower stalk is about 15" tall and the flower about 3" wide. The funny thing is that the size of this bulb/Amaryllis is actually quite small. It's about 1¾" wide only. Hmm... probably a Grade 'Z' bulb as compared with those Grade 'A' Hippeastrum bulbs that can be as big as an apple ;-)

Poinsettia is now selling at the nurseries already. I brought one home to brighten up the garden.

I hope these two plants will still flourish with their wonderful flowers till Christmas. What tree or plant do you intend to get for Christmas?

Some like pretty colours...

Some prefer a cool colour...

Some will add an interesting colour...

Some will just stick to the traditional red and green...

Have fun preparing and decorating your home for the year-end holidays!

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  1. Your humble and intercontinental servarn will not get any.

    However the missis at home got 3 Euphorbias that will probably last until February.

    When I was a child people will get them from swapping or cut stems, lasting twenty/thirty years and reaching, ten/twelve feet.

    Since nurseries are into making money, their hybrids EVERYWHERE, pass away after sixty//ninety days. Why do you think one can not find a tall, bush like Euphorbia anymore?

  2. Already blooming, and georgious flowers as well. You are lucky with those bulbs, I never manage to keep my amaryllis for a new season. Your first three pictures shows our christmasflowers as well, just can't remember the names.. Lovely christmasfeelingblooms you show today :)

  3. How wonderful that your Amaryllis is blooming already; that was fast! I especially like your Poinsettia image as it looks like a Christmas card. Thanks for sharing your pretty plants. :)

  4. Looks like all your flower is getting ready for Christmas. Your Amarylis is so beautiful.

  5. Your amaryllis is spectacular! It seems to have had a nice long sleep in the fridge. I don't keep my amaryllis bulbs in the fridge- they go to sleep in the ground, poor things, he he!

  6. you are definitely getting ready for holiday cheer!

  7. So beautiful!
    I bet your garden will bloom more specially for Christmas!

  8. It looks like your Christmas has come already, Steph. All blooms look so cheerful.

  9. Your amaryllis is very pretty! Already in the Christmas mood. He! He! It is never too early to get ready for a lovely festival!

  10. Hi Steph, when did you put the bulbs of the amaryllis in the ref? I experimented also forcing mine but not in the ref. During the dry months when they are dormant and rainy season is still far away, i dug a few and did an experiment letting them sit in just plane water, and that broke the dormancy. No need for refrigerators. We have lots of orange amaryllis, as you might recall from my hedges posted last year.

  11. Steph, your blooms are all gorgeous esp the amaryllis.It sure is worth every effort you did to force it to bloom and bloom it does with such aplomb and beauty!

  12. That's a beautiful bloom and it only took 5 weeks. Is your fridge full of bulbs?

  13. Lovely flowers :) I must get a poinsetta for myself too!

  14. Amaryllis is so beautiful. Christmas flower. I saw a pink colored Poinsettia in the shop, it was very nice.
    Wich you a nice week.

  15. Love the bright red of your Amaryllis. MY friend gave me and amaryllis recently, a young one, and I can't wait for it to bloom.

  16. It is a very vivid and stunning Red! My A. are pink. ( not very festive but they are some color at least! )
    Thanks for commenting on my blogs. You really are sweet!

  17. Im glad that you bulb bloomed. It look so hot & red! None of my bulbs bloomed 2nd time after their forcing from the fridge. I had left it for them to grow more leaves and their bulbs to grow bigger.
    I think it would be good to force them and plant them for their flowers during the hot season because I had forced and put them to flower during the raining season and the flowers didn't last very long (soggy & wet all day long)

    Thanks for linking me in your post.

  18. Hi Stephanie, I am happy for you that your Hippie blooms so beautifully for you. I love them too. Try and collect the seed which you then can sow!
    I have a tree which is called the New South Wales Christmastree. It has bloomed but the calyxes are the great attraction which are at the moment absolutely beautiful, I am not sure it will last until Xmas. Due to the rain we had it has flowered early, but its display has never been as beautiful.

  19. Hi Steph. I'm surprised to see cyclamen growing so well in your climate.

  20. It's always interesting to see your plants blooming so beautifully! Congrats on being able to get your amaryllis to bloom. There's a bit of colour on my poinsettia now. I think it'll take another week for it to be like the one in your photo.

  21. dear steph...i really admire your persistent effort on your beautiful amaryllis. there is also a double petal ones...are you interested to get one? I can send to you.

  22. I appreciate all your thoughts. The flowers of the Amaryllis have spent today. They lasted about a week. Poinsettia and cyclamen are still blooming ;-) Enjoy the plants and flowers that are in your garden. Have a beautiful day!

  23. Lovely, gorgeous Christmas flowers! Your pictures look so pretty - I think I'll go shop for Xmas flowers very very soon :)

  24. Hi Steph, we all know plants are clever, they must realize Christmas is coming, and getting ready too! cheers, catmint



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