Give Thanks At All Times!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some of you may be very familiar with this plant, Clematis. I would never have imagined myself seeing a Clematis in real, let alone planting one!

This fast blooming vine gets a few good hours of hot sun daily but undershaded ;-) Its dainty flowers are cute and pretty and I love how the purplish sepals open up to reveal white pom-pom-like petaloid stamens.

Also, I am glad some of the seeds that Beba has kindly gifted me are growing well! Thunbergia Salmon Shades and Maurandya Magic Dragon were sown about four months ago. I hope to see their flowers soon :-)

Hibiscus Red Shield seed's a tricky one for me. At first I thought I needed to nick the seed first before soaking it, as I did for my Hibiscus Swamp Mallow. But for this particular one, nicking is not needed. I think I have actually killed about 4 or 5 seeds before successfully germinating one a few weeks ago.

As for the other seeds like Thunbergia Blushing Susie, Melianthus Major and Rhodochiton, I have unfortunately failed in my attempts to germinate them :-(

Anyway I forgot about the Dwarf Red Caesalpinia seeds that came together. Hmm... I must try to sow one soon. Nonetheless, I should still give thanks in all circumstances... regardless whether the seeds germinate or not :-D

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  1. You know what I don't have much knowledge about flowers that I thought it was dahlia at first...opps...but thank you for teaching me. More seeds to sow soon Steph, the seeds will travel by MAS tomorrow to KK but not sure when to Semenanjung via POS Malaysia.

  2. Clematis are spectacular flowers, indeed! It is something we never see here in my neck of the woods, as they do not like our climate. But I once grew them when I lived in a cooler zone. One of my favorites!

  3. I've only seen Clematis in pictures and yours looks fantastic! Great post title, Give Thanks at All Times!

  4. That's a really pretty clematis!

  5. Hello Stephanie
    beautiful this Clematis!
    A something similar I, it had was inside completely tender-green and outside strongly green, exactly the same a Pompon, unfortunately her the winter did not survive.
    All the more I always enjoy about your beautiful plant photos.
    loves greetings

  6. Yes, truely a sweet sample of Clematis you got. The ones with a fluffy ball in the senter are really beautiful. As for seeds your are so succesful, I normaly get a plant out of twenty, so try again, I'm sure you will make it grow.

  7. Climatis?..well to ignorant little me thought it looks like dahlia! Wow! Steph you have lots of unknown flowering plants growing in your garden, hope you update us once they bloom, would love to see them!

  8. Interesting plants! Waiting for them to bloom! As p3chandan says, would love to see them!

  9. beautiful bloom! I thought it was dahlia too !
    Soon your garden will have many blooms!

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    I am always astounded by the variety of plants you feature on your blog. Clematis is a vine that I have been wanting to bloom for years. I think I need to try a different location.
    Ta Ta!

  11. I only see clematis in photos, but yours seem not the same, it looks more like dahlia, i wonder. So you've been receiving seeds from blogger friends too, that is nice. Mine are not germinating yet, but i agree, germinate or not does not deminisce my gratitude for the giver.

  12. Steph! You've got magic in your hands! Your plants look great...always! I like the clematis. I agree with some of the comments that they do look like dahlias with extra bigger petals. I've only seen them on blogs. Good luck with the hibiscis. Love that reddish tinge.

  13. Your clematis is beautiful. We have a white clematis which is full of flowers most of the time, but it is not so big.

  14. wow..
    I can imagine like the movie Tinkerbell where fairies grow plants with seeds.
    Truly you got many fairies in your garden - as most of the plants are really challenging to grow in the tropics but does so well in your garden.
    Well done!

  15. I know nothing about growing plants but yours look like they are off to a good start. I am sure they will be nice and beautiful once they are fully grown.

  16. So beautiful clematis.
    Well, now in Swedish.
    Så kul att kunna driva upp sina egna plantor.

    Have a nice day.

  17. Hi Steph. Melianthus Major takes 30 days to germinate. It requires no pre-treatment. It needs a day/night temperature differential of about 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (say 12C at night and 24C during the day).

  18. Hi Steph, I agree about giving thanks whether the seeds germinate or not. It's about the process not the outcome - unless you're depending on the plants for food. I've never seen a clematis like that - so many varieties exist. It must mutate easily. cheers, catmint



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