Perils in the Garden

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I place my Impatiens at the most outer part of my porch. When it rains heavily, some rain will fall into the pot. Hence, some parts of the plant look like rotting away. Later, when the sky is clear, the sunray is so strong that the weak stems would begin to look frail.

I have just cut back the plant earlier and now have to keep discarding weak stems. The first pic in the collage below is after the cut back. Probably it would have been better if I had repotted the plant instead.

Anyway I am glad that my Snakeskin plant or Fittonia plants have bounced back as many months ago, they were wilting. Before that, they were looking really healthy... check out the second pic in the collage below.

In the past, I have had bad experiences with this festive plant, Kalanchoe. I have bought one that has no roots at all! Last week, I bought a new one. I hope this one will survive well...

After growing this Begonia for three months, the size has doubled. Now I am not sure if I should cut the plant back as I didn't want this plant to end up like my Impatiens. For now, I am just discarding the flower stalks that have grown quite long...

Coleus is often very pretty looking. But when they grow tall, their shape usually will not look so great anymore...

What do you think of these plants?

Meanwhile, my Poinsettia is now growing green leaves already. I bought it four weeks ago. I am glad that only a few leaves at the bottom have turned yellow. How's yours doing?

Happy making preparation for the year-end holidays!

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  1. You have beautiful colour in your garden Steph. I love them all! I think its ok to cut back the plants, they will grow back with more vigour after that.

  2. Your 'snakeskin' Fittonia came out in a lovely color combination but I guess sadly that's not a good sign. Impatiens, cut back I have had some bad experience with in summer in garden. It has been better to start a new plant with the cuttings. Our rainy summer the last two years were bad for them. But Steoh, I think you have a marvellous garden, they all look nice:)

  3. Mm, beautiful pictures.. very colorful.. Have a nice day :)

  4. Steph, I've never had any luck with Impatiens so I've given up! I love your fittonia. I have the one with the white lines (don't know what it's called)...not doing too well at the moment. My red kalanchoes are about to bloom. Will post soon.


  5. Impatiens are way too tender for any growing spot in my garden except under my deck where it is shady and cooler. They would fry in my hot sun and freeze in my cold nights. Your poinsettia is so beautiful! This year I just have fake ones, boo hoo. But my Amarylis are doing well and they are real. I got the idea from you to store them in a cool area and they bloomed just in time for the holidays...thanks for the advice.

  6. they are colourful indeed..... in our case, kakdah managed to squeeze in colourful potted plants to balance my love for greens... ~bangchik

  7. Lovely plants, Steph. I fail at Impatiens and Begonia. My fittonia isn't really robust right now too. But my kalanchoe is still alive since last Chinese New Year (they usually just die after that) though its still not flowering. I'm still waiting to get a poinsettia.

  8. Your begonia is perfect. I think you should not do anything to it just now. Impatiens is rather delicate. All of mine were ruined in the unseasonal rains we had.Happy gardening!

  9. Hi Steph, I'm delighted by all the pretty colors in your garden this month. I don't remember seeing your snakeskin and coleus plants before, but they sure are gorgeous!

  10. I have no luck with Begonia! Yours look so lush! You have colourful plants!
    I'm planning to get Poinsettia too!

  11. I can't seem to grow impatiens. Too delicate for me! You are right, coleus are beautiful when they are small and lush, but it can be very messy looking as they gets bigger! I love your poinsettia and your flowers. I should really try to plant more flowers in my garden. Need to clear my messy garden first!

  12. The snakeplant foliage is very pretty. I always find it difficult to choose which colour or variety of petunia to grow whenever we visit the nursery. I end up buying something else:)

  13. Such beautiful blooms for this time of year. Lovely foliage. If that were my begonia - if I wanted it to be more full than huge then cut it back. Trimming it will encourage more full and compact growth.

  14. Steph ... I think all your plants are looking great.

    Impatiens can be a handful until you find the right spot for them. I've had so many Impatiens plants over the years and now I've finally worked out the best spots for them. I'm glad you didn't re-pot ... they really don't like it ... just keep on trimming it back and make sure it has just a little morning sun and protect it from the rain.

    Your Fittonia is looking terrific. As for Kalanchoe, they go dormant in the summertime here but bounce back well in the winter.

    Just keep trimming back both the Begonia and the Coleus ... they need it. Otherwise they just end up looking really straggly. My Poinsettias are planted out in garden beds and, of course, they're not in bloom here during summer ... they bloom in our winter ... so there's no bracts of flowers on them at the moment.

  15. I had some rotting impatiens for the first time ever this year. I only rescued a few double impatiens cuttings to overwinter for next year. I hope they make it!

    You have such pretty color in your garden Stephanie! I hope you have good luck with the kalanchoe.

  16. When my houseplants get leggy and scraggly, I make cuttings and start over. I have some plants I've done like that for over 10 years. Love your impatiens- my favorite color for them.

  17. You got so much plants in your garden, we have them in our house. :)
    Do you have plants inside your house?

  18. pretty pinks!!

    I love poinsettia, but honestly, I relate it to x-mas and get pretty sick of it after mid January or so.

  19. Perils? They look beautiful to me. I bought many kalanchoes before. Only one survived but it has never flowered again. Hope yours do better.

  20. Hi Stephanie, all your plants look so well and pretty. A lovely display for Christmas. I grow coleus and love their colourful leaves. They need
    a haircut from time to time. I used to grow lots of Inpatients outside, very colourful, sometimes nearly invasive, popping up everywhere. Now I see here and there a new beginning after I had nearly eradicated them. You can easily increase your Kalanchoe by making stem cuttings.
    I increase mine every year this way. I grow tall yellow and red ones and a miniature red one. I use them in the front of borders.

  21. I just typed a very long comment in here and it got lost. Here goes again:
    I love Coleus, they are even a great houseplant for me because they had very colorful leaves. I wonder why they weren't made the signature holiday plant as poinsettias are?
    Glad you liked the graphics fairy. :)

  22. Step Thank you for stopping by..Happy Holidays to you too!

    I love the shape and color of poinsettia's but afraid that they would die the minute I bring one into my home.

    Maybe my fears as due to my mother's lack of success in the past. We both are brown thumbs Lol.. but we love plants and gardening regardless. ..

    However I am inspired after seeing yours, to go out and get one and see what happens.

  23. Gudrun, no I don't place my plants in my house. They are all outside, either in the shade or out in the open.

    All, thanks for your feedbacks. They are really helpful :-D

  24. Hi Stephanie, Merry Christmas to you and family! Have fun and enjoy!

  25. Hi Steph,

    I have seen many beautiful Kalanchoe in the nursery recently. Their vibrant-coloured blooms make them so suitable for decor during CNY.

    Lastly, I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese Year!



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