Surprise, Surprise!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Currently I am enjoying some surprising blooms. The Chrysanthemum plant, bought before the New Year is slowly fading and its mild scent is gone. But I am delighted to see that its faded colour (light purple) is just as gorgeous as the original burgundy :-)

My Cyclamen is reblooming after its first flush of blooms last month...

I have been hiding my Kaempferia behind some pots and hoping to see the leaf's beautiful patterns but instead, the plant sends out flowers one after another :-)

I am pleasantly surprised by the Clematis Avant-Garde also... the dainty blooms are flowering for the second time. They look wonderful!

Out in the open, the Desert Rose is flowering as well! It has been not so sunny these days though.

I just love the long staying Pentas, Bunny Rabbit and China Aster flowers. They look really pretty during sunny days.

And the biggest surprise is served by my dear Impatiens... I found out that I have propagated the wrong plant when the bloom appeared! I had actually taken the cutting of the dwarf variety instead. The normal size one was rotting away, hence I searched for a good cutting to root. And now I realised I took cutting from the wrong plant which was the dwarf one planted in the same pot. Anyway the cutting rooted only last month and the little plant is flowering now...

It is a delight to be surprised by our plants, isn't it?

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  1. Yep, strange how plants can give you surprises one after another right? Especially love your Pentas and the pale pink Adenium flowers!! I've got a 'Summer Snow' rose that stays weak and dying every August to December, only to suddenly come back to life and blooming just this month and hopefully up till July :D

  2. Only a gardener can understand the feeling of extreme bliss when something unexpectedly wonderful happens to our plants!
    All of your flowering plants are lovely and you do take such good care of them, no wonder!

  3. A wonderful surprise Steph, no matter what came up instead. Love all your flowers!

  4. What gorgeous blooms Steph. I love your Desert Rose. Your Begonia is lovely also. Well my cyclamen must have died and I thought it had just went dormant because it died back after it bloomed. Oh dear.

  5. I guess your plants knew it is time to join in the CNY celebration! Beautiful blooms. My garden is just the opposite. No blooms except one or two!

  6. You did wonderfully to your plants, Steph. They all look very healthy and beautiful.
    I had a surprise week before last when my Amazon lily bloomed.
    Gardens always have surprises for you.

  7. You have many flowers blooming for the Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

  8. You have a magic touch. They are blooming for this coming CNY. I thought that your chrysanthemum have 2 plants in one pot. I did not know that petunia can be propagate by stem.

  9. Oh, it is! I'd never have guessed that the chrysanthemums were originally burgundy! They still look so good!! I like your clematis and the adenium is a in a delicate shade. I mostly see the pinks here. can't imagine Cyclamen in a hot climate. You've got magic in your fingers!

  10. THat clematis and the cyclamen are new to me. THey are difficult to grow here. I am glad your plants are doing well:)

  11. I like your surprising blooms too, they are very pretty. It is always fun to get a lovely blooming surprise, it makes one smile all day long. The desert rose is gorgeous!

  12. Lovely collection of blooms, like always. That Desert Rose is real pretty.

  13. so envious of all your flowering plants.

  14. So many pretty blooms! The first time I ever saw Pentas was at a butterfly exhibit so those little blooms always remind me of butterflies.

  15. What a lovely blooms.
    I had neglected my pentas - they need good sunshine for blooms and regular trimmings or else they become leggy and unattractive.

    Have a wonderful prosperous Chinese New Year Stephanie.

  16. Dear Steph, thank goodness our gardens give us surprises other wise it would be predictable and boring. cheers, cm (happy chinese new year)

  17. Hi Steph. That's an interesting color on your Adenium.

  18. Hi Stephanie; You have such a huge variety of flowering plants. surprises are the must haves in the plant world. great that you got this dwarf Lizzy. It looks very cute. I also do not mind when flowers fade. It is sort of like a subtle goodbye. Love the colour of the desert rose and I am amazed that you got Clematis flowering. i thought they were for the cold climate only. When I saw your Kaempferia I thought of mine tucked in somewhere in between plants. I have to go and look for it, probably overgrown from a more vigorous neighbour!
    The cyclamen and the penta look very beautiful.

  19. All the beautiful colors all together, complimenting each other and your green thumb along with them :)
    Stay warm,

  20. Oh Steph! So much beautiful flowers you got. I really like a lot of them, specially Desert Rose, it looks like lilys.

    Have a nice day.

  21. here through Malar's blog... Chrysanthemums are pretty I think...

  22. A lovely colourful post Steph.And your clematis makes me wish for summer. Now I slowly getting tired of all the snow.. Have a lovely week :)

  23. Thanks for putting down your very encouraging comments about my plants!

    Titania, I hope you found the kaempferia in your garden already. Yours have pattern on the leaves? In the beginning, when I received a division of the plant, it had wonderful pattern.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, yes, your are right. There are two types of mum.

    James, since it has been cloudy and rainy for some time, I really hope more sun for pentas. Else, you are right, the plant will not look good.

  24. Surprise surprise indeed. But such pleasant surprises. Your plants are looking great. I wish I could send more sun your way.



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