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Monday, January 03, 2011

It has never occurred to me that this African Violet, which normally flourishes white blooms, can put on a blueish shade. I'm not sure if this is due to the current cooler climate (cloudy and rainy) or is it due to the plant's state of health. So far, African Violets do not fair well in my garden - heat and white alphids problems kept bothering the plant.

My little bird plant is showing off its pretty blooms again. Next to it, I have planted another Pedilanthus, the Zig Zag plant.

They both blush in pink :-D

The Peace Lily took about a year to grow more corms and foliage to crowd the whole pot. Only recently the plant started to bloom...

I am so happy to have found this Begonia Angel Wing. Few months ago, I bought a rooted stem cutting from a nursery. Now I am happy to see the plant flowering!

Past few weeks I have been sowing some seeds. Sadly only the Balsam germinated. Nevertheless, I am now so looking forward to see these little plants flower in this new year.

The Chinese Hatplant in my garden meanwhile never fail to surprise me with its dainty blooms. I hope to see the plant fluorishing prolificly soon.

My red Amaryllis' third and fourth blooms from the same flower stalk has just spent. As I was snapping pics, I was surprised that it actually smelt quite sweet :-D

Happy 2011!

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  1. All you flower look so pretty. I am never good at growing flower in pots. Stephanie you make me so happy today:).

  2. I rather like the bluish shade to your African Violet ... it's quite pretty. Maybe the change in weather conditions brought out the colour.

    There's lots of lovely flowers in your post today ... but I do so love the Chinese Hatplant! It has such a wonderful shape and colour.

    Your Impatiens seedlings look terrific ... they're fabulous plants. I do so hope they all take off for you.

  3. I've just commented a long one, but it disappered. I said, Happy New Year Steph. Your red amaryllis is very lovely i like it as i only have white and orange. I appreciate that Balsam but it easily becomes a weed here in our garden, most especially because we are not the daily tenders of garden. It is lovely too because it somehow cross pollinate that after sometime another color shows up. However, it gets a bit invasive like Celosia, Portulaca, Gomphrena, Marigolds, Cosmos, etc, and it becomes difficult to get rid off in our garden.

  4. Oh, flowers do react to climatic change ... Here, the same plants brought from Putrajaya seem to produce bigger and brighter flowers.

  5. Steph! Happy New Year! I received your seeds today and I've sent you a mail. Thank you so much!

    The touch of blue looks beautiful. I love when the zigzag plant looks like that, usually around this time of the year. Your Peace lily looks gorgeous! So do the rest. Your red amaryllis is of course the star of the show!

  6. Happy New Year Steph! I see lots of beautiful flowers in your garden, all are my favourites!

  7. Hi, very beautiful flowers! i really liked..

  8. Happy New Year, Stephanie! Your flowers are all pretty.The African violet must be feeling cold and its face has turned blue, he he.The little bird plant is amazing- I have one which lookslike that but never puts forth any little bird :(

  9. Hi Steph, Happy New Year! Your garden pictures are so beautiful. I had a Peace Lily living in a large fishbowl with a fish for many years. It wouldn't bloom indoors but the foliage looked nice like yours. Your red Amaryllis is amazing. :)

  10. Hi Steph. That is strange that your violet is changing colors.Plants are always surprises us. I need to see some of your beautiful tropical blooms today. The January thaw here was a short one and winter is back. I just love the Peace Lily. They are so delicate looking. Have a great week!

  11. Happy new year, Steph. Have you ordered any new seeds for 2011? (i normally can't help myself this time of year)

  12. Your chinese hat is a charming plant, as are the rest, but the shape of those flowers are really special. Peace lily I have too inside, I think this is the first time I've seen it outside. Once starting to flower they tend to keep going, a lovely plant. Rainy by your place, do you enjoy it or du you wish for the sun to appear?
    Wish you all the best for the new year :)

  13. Beautiful flowers! How long before you can see the flowers of zig zag plant?

  14. Prospero, nope I only do that once in a blue moon. Most of the time, I buy seeds whenever I notice seeds that I like at the homecentres ;-) Happy ordering!

    Mia, when it rains too long, I will wish for the sun. But when it gets hot too long... I wish for the rain again... ;-D

    Malar, this ziz zag plant was given by my mum-in-law. I was told there will be no flower. As for the little bird plant, it is fast, even after pruning. Once new shoots grow, flowers will follow.

  15. You have a very nice assortment of flowers. They are all stunning.

  16. Look at all those beautiful blooms you are having! A happy start for the new year, indeed.
    My choc sunflower has been pollinated by hand, Steph. My friends here suggested that because the bloom wasn't bright enough to attract natural pollinators. So I used a brush and did the job. Now I'm crossing my fingers for the seeds.
    I still have another head that might open in another week or so.

  17. The Chinese Hatplant was so pretty, new for me.
    You have lots of beautiful flowers in your garden.

  18. The flowers in your pictures are so nice and pretty that I'm smiling.

    I love African violets. They are houseplants here in Finland, they don't grow in people's gardens or wild in the nature. I have had violet African violets, magenta, blue, white, white & blue...

    My red and white amaryllis are doing nicely. Your red amaryllis looks perfect!

  19. I love balsam. They really only did well for me when I lived in Warm climate and I miss them dearly!
    Your Amarylis is such a bright and cheery red!

  20. Gorgeous plants, Stephanie! Love the delicate flowers of the african violet, and of course the bright amaryllis bloom!

  21. Hi Stephanie, It looks like your flowering plants have started out well in the new year. African Violets are some of the prettiest pot plants. Unfortunately they are to much trouble looking after in my climate. Yours look pretty in its new lilac blush. The white aphids which attack this plants are a pain! I used to grow Pedilanthus, it has somehow disappeared from my garden, like many others, lack of attention! Love the Peace lilies too, just finished their first flush of flowers. Yes, Angelwing Begonias are tops, yours is such a nice pink. But, I am really intrigued with the Chinese hat plant, it is enchanting with its unusal shaped flowers and the colour is sweet too.

  22. Wow you have a lot of plants and they all look happy. I only have a few houseplants,among them an african violet. It's just started to bloom - pink. Thanks for sharing.

  23. really pretty blooms - wow. I particularly like the peace lily

  24. I love your pictures Steph. My Mom used to love African Violets. She had many varieties and just loved them. I don't ever think I have seen that pretty blue though!

  25. Steph, those angelwing begonias...their flowers are so beautiful and big...you have a very good reason to be happy, angelwings are so limited in variety here in KL!! Best of luck keeping it lush and blooming!!

  26. Hello,

    I love you plants! Can u tell me where to get such beautiful african violets? Thank u.

    1. Hi Cathrine,

      I usually go Sungai Buloh Green Lane or the Garden Mart at PJ Tropicana nurseries to find fresh African Violets. These are two nurseries which normally have them...


      Hope this helps.



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