Coloured Foliages

Monday, February 28, 2011

These ornamental sweet potato vines are a special gift from a dear friend. They grow very fast, trail and look especially gorgeous when the sun is shining brightly. I am so amazed by their colours and forms. In the pic below, you can see their black, bronze and green leaves in various shapes.

Ipomoea Batatas 'Blackie' & 'Bronze'
Ipomoea Batatas 'Margarita'
Ipomoea Batatas 'Black Heart'

Only the Ipomoea Batatas 'Blackie' has been flowering since I started growing these Ipomoeas four months ago.

The other foliages that also look really outstanding during the day are Alternanthera Dentata and Cyathula Prostrata. They add texture and colours when grouped together with my other potted plants. Over here, they are used widely in public parks and building landscapes. Bring a cutting or two back, they will root and grow easily for you ;-)

Main Pic: Alternanthera Dentata 'Brazilian Red Hot' | Left Inset: Cyathula Prosrata | Right Inset: Alternanthera Dentata 'Purple Knight'

These Begonias are special to me also. They have beautiful foliages and pretty flowers.

Begonia 'Hot Tamale'
Dark Leafed Begonia (No ID)
Begonia Rex Cultorum hybrid

One thing that strikes me about begonias is that their flowers all look the same! These are some of my begonia flowers that have sweet pink shades...

Main Pic: Begonia 'Hot Tamale' | Top Inset: Begonia Rex Cultorum Hybrid | Bottom Inset: Begonia NOID (Dark Leafed)

I can't wait to see these sprouts of flower buds blossom - an Orchid that had never bloomed for me since I planted it more than a year ago, a Hyacinth that will bear double flowers ('Hollyhock') and returning Gloxinia.

Main Pic: Orchid NOID | Left Inset: Hyacinth Orientalis 'Double Hollyhock' | Right Inset: Gloxinia

Hope to show you their blooms in a future post. Happy gardening :-D

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  1. I cannot get enough of the sweet potato vines, especially in containers. They are the perfect companion to almost everything. Beautiful photos!

  2. What lovely foliage Steph. I love the Bronze Potato vines but they never have it around here at the local nurseries.It would be beautiful for some Fall containers too.

  3. All those variations of colours must be adding an exciting tuch to your garden. The 'batatas' were really special :)

  4. Excellent photos! Foliage can go a long way in creating awesome gardens and plantings.

  5. Stephanie!!! Where did you find all those beautiful unique Ipomoea Batatas? I can't even pronounce the name! There are very nice

  6. Beautiful foliages. I had imagined you have only beautiful flowers.

  7. Stephanie,
    I had trouble with orchids and managed to get to bloom two of them. I guess that is a cattleya type.
    Got some tips from Orchid de dangau.
    Fast the plant without water for a week and water it with together with fertiliser.
    They need a shock to bloom.

  8. Oh, Steph, I'm dying for those sweet potato vines, they look so colorful. I cannot find them here.
    Re the orchid, I believe they need humidity to bloom. My orchids bloom well in the rainy season.

  9. Hello,

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  10. Hallo Steph!
    Nice leafs at your plants. I like the different colour, it makes a lovely mix.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Hi Steph,

    It's a pleasure to visit your blog, see the photos of pretty plants/flowers, and be transported to a different world - Green World!


  12. Beautiful as usual! I've passed on a blog award to you, Steph, hope you will accept it. Pls see my blog for more details... :)

  13. With the little space you showed us behind your back, i wonder how you can maintain the lushness and varieties of your flowers and foliages! You are such a very diligent gardener in taking care of them. I've seen those varieties here last garden show, but i cannot buy as we are approaching the dry season. The light green sweet potato is planted in long hedges at the Borobudur gardens, and the tops can also be used as vegies, if they grow much you can eat their tops. Your bigonias are healthy also!

  14. Your foliages are all so lovely! Ipomoea Batatas 'Margarita' is a lovely shade of green, so fresh looking! It would brightens up any dull spots!

  15. Those are really beautiful foliage! I like your begonia!

  16. The ornamental sweet potatoes are very interesting and beautiful in the variety of their leaves and colours. All leafy plants add so much interest to the garden. You have got many "goodies" to look forward to.
    Always a pleasure to see your well tended and happy plants.

  17. I like the shapes and the colors. Preeetty!

  18. Great to have such colourful foliage, but your flowers are beautiful too. thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Steph! Long time no see :P Your flowers are as beautiful as ever... hehe. When are you free for lunch?

  20. Love all your foliage, especially the green Ipomoea. Beautiful collection of begonias too!

  21. O,o love the ipomea....

  22. Ipomoea Batatas Blackie this flower is so amazing! When I'm seeing this I feelso refresh and relax. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Nice blog, congratulations, beautiful plants!



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