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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How has your week been? Well, thanks to my friend Julia who has helped me water my plants while I was away during the CNY break... otherwise many plants would have been dead already, hehe...

The first thing I noticed was my dwarf Dahlia. A flower has blossomed! And it is bigger than when I first bought it :-D

I was thrilled to see the first flower of Angelonia. Earlier, the plant was yellowing at the bottom as it was raining non-stop. I am glad that it survived!

Growing next to Angelonia, and in the same pot, is Balsam. The plants grew so fast! They took only about a month to grow from seeds to flowers :-D

I brought home these two Azaleas. They are in the shade now as I learnt that they do not like the sun. I just hope that they will be able to adapt well in my rather hot shade (any tips?). The flowers look like they are made of tissue - soft and nice!

Hibiscus Red Shield is about three months old now and has grown to about two feet high. The little flower bud signals that flower is on the way ;-)

The plant has only one branch at the moment. I plan to discard the top (after flowering) to make way for more branches and foliages. But I hope the plant is not too short to be pruned. Should I wait till it's taller?

Here is a big dark begonia. I didn't realise the leaves can grow to be so huge when I first got it (it was just a little plant then!). This begonia loves the shade. Anyone recognise this begonia?

This is the cutest little shrub - Poinsettia. The plant has regrown since a cut back and now looking very green, hehe...

Plants are simply delightful!

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  1. Hello Stephanie!
    Nice pictures.
    Have a nice week

  2. Very nice selection of lovely blooms Steph especially the azaleas, love them but Im staying away from those delicate temperate plants, a few had died on me!

  3. They look alright in your absence..

  4. Hi Steph. Your new azaleas are so lovely.Your dahlia must be happy in its home then if it doing so well.I love the dark leaved begonia too. So pretty.

  5. Everything looks so nice! I can't wait to have blooms in our new yard- so much work to do!

    Happy almost spring!

  6. I have those pink Angelonia version which is easier to propagate from cuttings but this blue one is really challenging.
    I had presented this one to my mum and she was not able to make any new propagation successful.
    Have you tried propagating this blue one?

  7. James, nope I haven't propagated this one yet. This plant is grown from division. Since it is difficult to start from cutting for this blue one, then I will probably just wait for its division. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My mum in law gave me 2 pots of azaleas to decorate my home for the CNY. I hope to be able to grow them once the flowers have died out. They are notoriously difficult to grow aren't there?

    Very interesting plant that hibiscus red shield and dark begonia

  9. Hi Stephanie, many lovely plants to enjoy. I grow many azaleas in my garden. They look very delicate but are actually quite tough plants. They have a small root system, so it is easy to replant them. They like an acid soil, like lots of leaf mulch. They respond well to pruning once they grow out their neatness. They like to be moist all the time but not wet. The heat won't bother them as long as they are kept out of the sun. Never let them dry out. Easy peasy!

  10. Every plants look great while you're away! Your friend must be a good gardener too!
    I have extend you an award. Please feel free to collect it at my blog!

  11. Stephanie, You are very good with pretty flowers. I must agree that plants are simply delightful

  12. Your plants are all lovely! Luckily you have a good friend who is willing to water them. And I was lucky as I think it rained while I was away, otherwise, I dare not think of what will happen to my plants! Your Azaleas are beautiful!

  13. Steph, what i always appreciate with your plants is their health, always looking vigorous. I now wonder how you do that in that space you showed us earlier. What kind of fertilizer do you use? Besides, you always select the uncommon ones. I love that dark hibiscus, is it not a roselle?

  14. Dahlias looks good. My Dad loves Dahlias and is always trying to hoist them on me even if I kill them.

  15. Titania, once I saw a nursery owner has this plant but it was growing in a 'darker' shade (cooler). That's why I worry about mine. With your tips... I feel relieved! Thanks for sharing your experience :-D

    cinafong, take note of Titania's helpful tips above. I keep my fingers crossed for yours and mine.

    Thanks Malar!

    Andrea, nowadays since it is raining so much and so many plants to feed, I either use chicken or goat manure pellet as they are cost effective. For certain plants, I use liquid or slow release fertilisers. The hibiscus is a False Roselle ;-)

  16. Many lovely bloom in your garden Stephanie. I like your dahlia very sexy.

  17. Beautiful photos! You have a stunning garden! I totally agree that your plants are simply delightful. I can't get enough of looking at your pictures.

  18. Beautiful updates Steph!! The begonia I have grown before but it didn't do well in my garden. The leaves just got smaller and smaller. I was thinking heat was the cause but yours is doing extremely well!! Still a mystery to solve!! :D

    Loving the poinsettias too!! I think it equally looks attractive in its green form!!

  19. I love seeing your plants and flowers; thanks for the updates Stephanie!

  20. Stephanie, you goodies are definitely looking good. At least next time you go on vacation, you know who you can trust them with. :-D

  21. Unique plants as usual. The angelonia is new to me....looks most attractive. As for the azaleas, love the way the pots are covered in blooms. Don't know much about begonia varieties but the dark leaves are striking.



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