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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now that the sunny blue sky is back, my plants look happier ;-)

The above is my Pentas and below is a variety of the Zigzag plant. Their bright green foliage put a smile on my face also :-D

Weeks of cloudy skies and rainy days have resulted in my Peacock's Fern (Selaginella Wallichii) growing so wonderfully. In fact, its fronds have overtaken the whole pot (pic below) leaving the Alternanthera Dentata 'Brazilian Red Hot' fighting for their lives, hehe...

But if the sky continues to be sunny, the situation may be reversed though ;-)

Also, I am glad to see a tip cutting of Christmas Kalanchoe growing some new leaves.

I added a new cactus (No ID) to my garden. I found it at Tesco. I like the price (cheap!) and its thornssss...

A good friend told me about Dracaena Reflexa 'Song of India'. I thought I should get one for my garden also. Nice, right?

The flowering plant that captured my attention is Cyclamen. It's funny to see its flower petals not reflexing...

I hope there will be lots of warmth and sunshine heading your way too. Then, we shall enjoy many wonderful flowers and fresh green foliage.

Happy watching your plants grow!

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  1. Lovely photoes Steph, it's amazing how the sunshine allways feels more intense with shadow added aswell. Nice to here you have warmer, sunnier weather again, I allways tend to forget you can have rainseasons. Might not feel all that much better as the snow? Well I guess it does actuelly. Here spring is around next corner, I can hardly wait..
    Have a nice, sunny week :)

  2. Nice plants! Your plants are all so happy and healthy. They must be happy with the sun now. I am too. It's time to get back to some serious gardening after "neglecting" it due to the rain!

  3. I like " the song of India" and wonder if it will look good in shade. I have this shady area which I will like to cover it with plant. At the moment only spider plant cutting (baby) are planted there. Your plant loving the sun...after lots of rain and they look refresh.

  4. lovely plants and great pics !

  5. Such beautiful blooms and wonderful pics! I was happier than a bird with a french fry when it rained yesterday. It has been dry here.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  6. Beautiful blooms! My passion flowers are wilting from the hot sun haha, and I thought they were drought-tolerant. My kalanchoe from Chinese New Year 2010 has rebloomed, though it looks horrible without proper trimming.

  7. I love your greens - especially the dracaena and the collection in the last photo.

  8. Song of India... what a nice name...

  9. thanks Steph, for a cheerful sunny green post.

  10. Hi Steph!
    Nice plants in your garden as usual. :)
    Now ther are snowdrops in my garden and soon there will be a lot of flower.

  11. Mia, at least the rain doesn't leave behind ice like the snow does for you. When the sun is back, everything will be back to normal :-D

    Malay-Kadazan girl, if spider plant can survive there, I think that's no problem for song of India. Just don't water so much/frequent ;-)

    kitchen flavour, that's right! I am going to do that as well.

    Rosey, haha... ok. I hope more rain for you then.

    Aaron, my vines do the same thing to me also. I cut them back for the plant to re-grow. Congrats on your kalanchoe! I thought I saw a glimpse of it in your latest post. One of my kalanchoes (the one outside) is looking quite awful now It has very little and small leaves and some flowers.

    Zindagi, Wendy, Lrong, Gurdrun, catmint, I wish your surroundings to be filled with lots of sunshine and greens. Have a great day :-D

  12. Beautiful plants! Such a nice post and Superb pictures and i will be try to my home garden ..
    Thanks for the sharing ..Tennessee nurseries

  13. Thanks Walker! You have beautiful nurseries and I am sure your home garden will be a beautiful one.

  14. we enjoyed your blog and hope that you keep posting this good information.



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