Just Say A Little Prayer...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Firstly, many thanks to Beba, HS and Diana for their 'gifts'. I am now prayerfully looking forward to seeing the seeds that I have planted last week sprout and grow. They have made my gardening experience a lot more exciting :-D

For a number of new bulbs which I have planted also, I hope that they don't end up like my Hyacinth. It just stopped growing. Maybe an air-cond room is required for flowers to open nicely?!

Meanwhile, the spike of orchid buds that I have been waiting and waiting to blossom for the last three weeks has finally opened its first flower! Anyone knows the difference between Mokara, Aranthera and Aranda orchid? Please help to identify...

Pic updated on 22 Mar 2011
For some time, I thought the Siam Tulip was dead. This week, when I spotted a new shoot growing out from the soil, I was so happy! Check out the collage below. The pic on the left is the new Siam Tulip shoot while the one on the right is a new Allamanda Indonesian Sunset.

Since my friend loves the plant so much, I took cuttings from the mother plant I have written about earlier to propagate a new one for her.

Purplish flowers are my 'heroes' for the past week. They shine even when it rained so much! Below are the pics of the dainty flowers of Kaempferia Pulchra (top left), trailing Verbena (bottom left) and Bear's Ear (right).

The other flowers that were in bloom and as lovely as the purplish flowers were the white mini Azalea and trailing Vinca...

And below is the cutest of all, the first flower of Snapdragon grown from cuttings ;-)

Happy sowing seeds and growing plants!

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  1. Lovely flowershow. Seeing all what you are able to grow in your pots has inspired me to get my self a 'potted' garden this year :)

  2. Hi Stephanie; yes, I agree you are an inspiration with your talent to grow and to nurture plants.
    You have always some glorious flowers on show. It is also fun to grow from seed and from cuttings. Along the beach I have found a big plot of Gloriosa rothschildiana growing. I know they grow from tubers. I took some cuttings, I try to grow them like this and wonder if I am successful. Have you any experience with Gloriosa r.? I grow some orchids, but unfortunately I do not know yours. It is beautiful.

  3. You have done a very good gardening work! Look at your plants! They look so healthy and cheerful!

  4. The hyacinth does the same trick with me- I have given up growing cold country plants now. Your purple flowersare lovely. I hope the seeds will give you healthy plants.

  5. You have a way with flowering plants. Gorgeous blooms. Perhaps Orchid de dangau could help you identify the orchids.

  6. The first time I planted snapdragon was at a corner of our house near the kitchen and when rain comes, raindrop hit directly on top of the plant causing it to be flat. After that, I gor afraid to plant any snapdragon plant again cause I injured their friend.Good Luck with all of your sown seeds.

  7. It always makes me ecstatic to discover that a plant I thought was dead, was really just sleeping and waiting around for the perfect moment.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi! What a sweet snapdragon, grown from cuttings! Trailing verbena pops up naturally here in our desert, though it's not blooming yet. Have a great week!

  9. Good luck with your seeds and cuttings Stephanie. Keep us posted on their progress.

  10. Wah... nice!! I need new long-lasting flowers for my home. U think the Bear's Ear will survive in my care? :)

  11. Wow! Steph, you sure have so beauties! But then you always do. Such a wonderful site for the color deprived eyes- we're working on it, but it sure seems to take forever to start over-

    I hope you are enjoying spring so far, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. sorry for that hyacinth, i thought it started so big and healthy, maybe it gets so hot around it.

  13. everything looks wonderful - no prayer necessary! The little snapdragon is very cute!

  14. I'm sure all the new plantings/sowings will do well. You do have a way with plants. I do grow verbena but I haven't grown the trailing variety.Lovely yellow...that snapdragon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Hi... ur orchid is Red Aranda... its hybrid and not sure the real name...

  16. Thanks mohdfarazi! You made my day :-D

    Debbie, not this one hehe...

    Andrea, lotusleaf, yup they are hard to please.

    Titania, sorry I have no experience with that plant. I hope those cuttings will take root soon.

    Mia, look forward to seeing your potted plants in a few months time ;-)

    Thanks Kanak, Wendy, Tessa, Bom, Diane, Rosey, MKG, kitchen flavours, Malar, for your encouraging words! Have a great day.

  17. Very pretty flowers! I liked the orchids flower. Can you pls write an article about growing orchids? I'm yet to experiment with orchid plant. :-)

  18. Asha, aranda orchid is quite special. Unlike other orchids, this one loves the sun! It is planted in broken pieces of bricks and charcoal. The plant is placed out in the open and watered once to twice daily. I wrote on orchid before. Check out this link... http://www.nib.com.my./archives/text/view/48230394?pos=2&hide_header=1&resultset=nstpec%3Awww/cross-search/search.php%3A_1275032578%3Aresultset

  19. You have so many wonderful plants, Stephanie. BTW, have you decided where you will be keeping your Siam Tulip this time around? With cover or without? No sign of blooming on mine yet.

  20. Bom, I have been growing it in the open - subject to rain and sunshine. The last time it rebloomed, the bract head was small.

  21. Hi Stephanie, yr orchid looks like Bokchoonara to me, if i'm not mistaken.



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