Red Pops!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I was away over the weekend and on Monday morning, I was delighted to find my Desert Rose blooming again! This is only the second time the plant is blooming :-)

The first flush of flower buds didn't open fully as they were all crushed by a heavy rain a few months ago. I was quite dissappointed as I didn't have the chance to see the actual colours of the flower. But now for this second flush of blooms, I am glad they are alright!

When I bought the little plant more than a year ago, I just hoped by faith that the flower will not be a common pink one as I already have Desert Rose in common pink and yellow... and now a red one, yipee :-D

My Gloxinia and dwarf Dahlia meanwhile are back to grace the garden! I love to watch how their little buds grow to form double flowers. Their tubers don't seem like they require 'rest' here. They re-grew and re-flowered after cut back (Gloxinia cut back to the soil level and Dahlia to one-third of plant height after they finished flowering) almost immediately.

The flowers of the pink miniature Azalea (pic below) used to be like the white ones - ruffled tissue paper. Now, its petals are bigger, rounder and open up to reveal stamens of its flower. I hope the white flowers will do the same later - they will be prettier ;-)

Christmas Kalanchoe flourish better in the bright shade even if the plant receives a few hours of direct sunlight. I planted one out in the open. Our hot sun and heavy rains prove to be too harsh for the plant. However, when the plant is placed in the shade, I have to be really careful with watering!

And these Hyacinth and Orchid flower buds... not much progress after two weeks of waiting for the flowers. I was told the blooms are going to be red. So, please blossom soon...

I always forget to mention about these plants: dwarf Ixora, Euphorbia Milii and Dianthus. They are ever-blooming flowers :-D

Have a great week!

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  1. I am so excited it bloomed for you! It is a striking red!

  2. She is so pretty Step! I adore gloxinia's. I have one growing from seed now and am waiting for it to get big enough to set on some blooms.The color will be a surprise. I bought 3 Kalanchoe in bloom last year in February and I have tried all kind of light and fertilizers to get it to bloom again. No luck. Do you pink your back? With all of the fertilizer they are growing a lot but not blooms.

  3. So beautiful, love the red color. The other's are beautiful also! Can't wait for the other bud's to open.

  4. A pleasure to see your blooms, Steph! That red of the Adenium is striking! Love the colour of your kalanchoe. It's unusual and I haven't seen that shade here. Pretty 'ever-blooming' flowers and seeing those buds must be so exciting!

    Good luck with the nasturtiums that you'll be sowing soon!!

  5. Such lovely flowers you have Steph! Im amazed at how you can keep gloxinia and azalea so healthy and blooming in your garden! Mine will not last 2 weeks, maybe I overwater them to death!

  6. Your garden so colourful Steph!I am insprired to plant more variety of spring flower this autumn.

  7. Such pretty flowers! I love your gloxinia. Mine are are still slumbering. Does your hyacinth bulb flower year after year, or do you buy new bulbs every year?

  8. Just a wonderful red. And a welcomed site for these winter tired eyes!

  9. So many colourful bloom! I seldom see the red dessert rose! beautiful!

  10. Hi Stephanie; all your flowers must be extremely happy in your care as they all have smiley faces.
    I hope my Desert Rose flowers one day; and when it does I will be happy with the most common pink! Your red one is gorgeous and special. Your Gloxinia looks so fresh and unblemished like bought the first day from a nursery.

  11. I only turned my back once on my Azalea last Christmas and it died, dried out.. You are able to go away for a weekend and it looks splendid. You do have green fingers :)

  12. hi steph, may your garden continue to be happy, colourful, healthy and blooming! hot sun and heavy rain won't suit all but you seem to have lots which are suited to your place. cheers, c

  13. You have many varieties of flowers in your garden! They seem so happy and reward you with beautiful blooms, a gift to the caring gardener! They are all beautiful!

  14. You have such wonderful flowers Stephanie! Just a little patience with the hyacinth and orchid and I'm sure that they will soon be blooming as beautifully as the rest of your garden.

  15. Oh, your Desert Rose and Gloxinias do have glorious color! And I love the sweet trio of Ixora, Euphorbia Milii and Dianthus, they look nice together. :)

  16. Hi Steph.

    Last year a seed grown Adenium of mine flowered, and I was happy to see that it was a deep red. It's one of my favorite plants both in terms of form and flower.

  17. It's always fun to visit your garden, Steph. It seems to have endless blooms!

  18. Lona, this site has info on how to get kalanchoe to bloom. Hope that it is useful for you... GL!

    lotusleaf, this is my second attempt on hyacinth. The first bulb rotted before I have a chance to replant it.

    Thanks everyone for visiting! Have a great week.

  19. Im so jealously green watching your garden flowers blooms so graciously like a witch!!!
    I really wonder how you manage to do it - really, its amazing to see those excellent gloxinia, Hycinth, Kalanchoe & orchids.
    Truly you got green fingers.

  20. Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles
    All the best, Bob West

  21. Oh, lovely! I thought I had lost my gloxinia plants, but they have risen. Waiting for them to grow and flower. My crown-of-thorns plant is covered with flowers; love it. However, the dwarf ixora plants (pink and yellow) are yet to flower this summer.



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