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Monday, April 11, 2011

I was so thrilled to see my Sarracenia finally sending out a little stalk of flower bud from the bottom of the plant! I have seen the flowers at the nursery before but I am still excited to see how it looks on my dear Sarra. This is the first time the plant is flowering since I bought it about one-and-half years ago :-D

Equally thrilling is my red Aranda. This spike of orchid has more than 20 blooms and quite big in size. Its presence make other flowers that are in the garden look small.

Ruellia, Angelonia and Pentas have been really adaptive to the bad weather. They flower no matter what happens. Below are glimpses of the plants.

Angelonias are bigger in size now and have multiplied more stems.

My red Pentas is going to be in full bloom soon...

The Calla Lily bulbs are progressing well in spite of the strong sun and heavy rain. Those two speckled leaves kept me hoping for the flowers.

I just love the sight of white blooms here and there in the garden. But they can be glaring to the eyes during the day ;-)

Have a great week!

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  1. What a marvellous sight ... your Sarra is looking good. You've got some lovely blooms right now ... so many are in my garden too. I just love Angelonias. They have come through our horrid wet season with flying colours and are flowering beautifully, just like yours. I just love your white flowers ... brilliantly beautiful!

  2. I love your Saracenia too, havent seen it here, or maybe i just dont know it. When i looked lengthily on your Angelonia, maybe we have them here too, it's just that we call it another name and we have another color; red, peach, pink, white, but i havent seen that color as yours. Later i will search if we have the same plant. Others, we have too. You should also try the Mokara, almost similar to that orchid and same care requirements.

  3. You Sara is beautiful. I used to have one too. Then I propagated and had 2. But one day, my dogs chewed them up.

  4. I just love Callas. So pretty and I am glad they are doing well despite the rain. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  5. Wah you are so patient to wait for your flowers to bloom. Your Sara is pretty.

  6. Delightful as always!! Your Sarracenia and your white blooms are out of this world!!
    Steph, I've been very busy taking in guests. And guess who I have with me right now? Lotus leaf and her colleagues!! Will catch up later. You can imagine how exciting this is for me!!

  7. You have many exotic plants! It's so pretty!
    Your sara is really a beauty queen!

  8. Even with so many colours available, white sometimes really steal the show. and your periwinkles are so round and full!

  9. Everything is beautiful - glad about the sarracenia blooms! Do you grow everything in containers?

  10. Hallo Steph!
    Thanks for your wisit, it makes me happy. :)
    So much wonderful flowers you show us as usual. I really like the first flower. The white combination is also great.
    Wich you a nice day.

  11. I always enjoy getting to see the exotic plants you have. We have alot of the sarracenia here. It grows wild. I always love to see it in the wild. Such an interesting plant. How is the hibiscus? Still growing? I always think of you when I see mine. It should be blooming soon. Of course I relocated all of mine, but they will be blooming soon

  12. Stef... you have a wonderful usual :o)
    I specially love your white flowers..pure and delicate..:o)

  13. Your Sarracenia is so beautiful... never seen it before. The white blooms are so striking.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog Steph...and I would love to have you on my balcony for that cup of tea!

  14. Beautiful plants Steph! Good to see that the Sarra is blooming.

  15. Hi Steph, I'm not sure if the comment I just typed got through or not, so I will try again. It's wonderful to see our plant-babies growing so happily and healthily. It's always funny to me to recognize some of your tropical garden specimens as indoor plants here. cheers, catmint

  16. So many beauties in your garden now, one more wonderful then the other. Your sarracenia is a smart looking one, that's the one eating flies isn't it? And Calla, love to see it flower.
    Have a nice weekend :)

  17. Hi, your red orchid is amazing with so many blossoms at once. I love your mosaic with white flowers, very pretty! Have a good day!

  18. Stumbled across your blog looking for more information on bunga telang.Your plants look really lovely, and your blog inspires me. I am just starting out, and hope to learn more from you. :-)

  19. Welcome Mama pongkey! Good plant choice. Bunga telang is pretty and useful.

    Wendy, yes I grow everything in containers.

    Mia, Sarracenia is a carnivorous plant. Its pitchers trap and eat insects.

    Dirt Princess, the hibiscus grows like an annual here. The plant dries up after a while - no leaves, stems only. I miss its beautiful big blooms. Sarra is an exotic plant here haha... I wish I could see them in the wild ;-)

    One, your dog likes your plants hehe...

    Have a wonderful day everyone!! Thanks for your lovely words.

  20. There must be magic in your hands; just look at those flowers so pretty!

  21. Beautiful flowers, Steph! Excellent work on the Sarracenia. I don't have the touch for growing them it seems so I am really impressed with yours.



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