Saturday, May 14, 2011

The colours and forms of certain flowers can be very challenging to describe in words. Let me start with my Spider Tresses flowers... they bear maroon appendages which can grow to about a feet long.

Interestingly, eventhough the appendages do get twisted with each other, they will always look nice dropping down from the flower and will not get really messy.

The other flowers that are as intriguing is the Rudbeckia. I thought the flowers will be washed out by the days of big drops of rain and scorching hot sun. They didn't! Its flowers did not even drop a single petal and their colours are still as vivid as when I bought it two weeks ago... amazing!

I love the sight of my Calla hybrids (thanks to a good friend!) which their rhizomes I planted in early April. The Calla Mango (the top flower in the pic below) was the first one spotted...

This was then followed by the Calla Black-Eyed Beauty.

Here is another flower with fascinating bloom. I have waited for about two weeks for its flower bud to open. And when it opened I was stunned by it. A spaceship?

Hehe... it's actually my Sarracenia. I have seen Sarracenia flowers at the nurseries that have very long flower stalk. In fact the stalk of flower was taller than its pitchers. But mine is only about 15 inches in height and it's shorter than the pitchers which are about 22 inches tall.

The cutest flowers of the week were the pair of 'loves birds' from my Little Bird Plant. Perhaps they were admiring my Siam Tulip ;-)

I am glad the pink bracts and flowers of the Siam Tulip is even more vivid than before...

Have a great 'green' week!

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  1. What a lovely exoyic colllection of flower Steph. Finally the Siam Tulip made an appearance and breahtaking too look at it.

  2. As always the flowers from your garden are unusual and exquisite, Steph! I love the mango Cala Lillies,the Siam Tulip, the Love birds...actually they are all beautiful!

  3. Beautiful flowers, Steph! Love the rudbeckia and siam tulip a lot!

  4. Unique blooms! Those Spider tresses look spectacular!! The Siam tulip, the lovebirds...all so interesting.

    Happy gardening!:)

  5. Steph, I'm loving that Siam Tulip..and the Speeder tresses are very unique I don't believe I have every seen one of those.

    You collect some very interesting plants..thanks for sharing.

  6. oh my gosh - what an amazing collection! I love those spider tresses - a little grungy yes, but super cool! Maybe it's because you said space ship earlier, but the little bird plant looks like 2 little green aliens riding in pink space ships. That siam tulip - wow. how gorgeous.

  7. I have not seen most of the flowers before! I especially like the Calla. Lovely!

  8. Lovely, Stephanie! I love the name and look of the spider tresses! Callas are wonderful - blooms and foliage!

  9. this post reinforces my flower addiction. lovely ...

  10. Stephanie,

    They are all beautiful. The yellow Calla with the black eyes is too gorgeous.
    One of your flowers reminds me of Jack-in-the-pulpit which we find in woodsy areas.
    Brad :)

  11. Stephanie your flowers are soooo beautiful! I love the love birds. And your pitcher plant and broms in your previous post look awesome. Everything is just springy where you live I see. Yay!

  12. Glad to see some new collection in your garden and those lovely blooms.
    My garden is now in a standstill.
    Nothing happens except those rainy days.
    And yeah - the time I want to blog is the time the blog was done.

  13. You always showcase the more unusual and lovely flowers!
    Such a spectacular Siam tulip, I am in love .

  14. Hi Steph!
    You have som much intresting flowers in your garden. So much beauty. Exotic for me.
    Have a nice day.

  15. Thank you for sharing your fascinating flowers! The Spider Tresses and Little Birds are amazing. :)

  16. Que flores lindas. A delicadeza de cada uma , é vista em cada fotografia. Parabéns são lindas sua coleção. Um Abraço!

  17. That first flower is amazing! Wow, so creepy and so beautiful at the same time.

  18. The bird flower... so cute...

  19. Mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda, dan saya sangat suka..
    oh ya ada sedikit info nich tentang bibit jabon dan kayu jabon semoga bermanfaat...

  20. Spider Tresses flowers are indeed interesting! I loved the Yellow calla too.

  21. You always have a bit unusual and rare looking flowers and plants in your garden Steph! I love them all!

  22. Thanks all! But I think my plants look better in the photos hehe... ;-)

  23. Oh, what a lovely flower show. That first one, that Spider plant, look fantastic. So magic somehow. I find all of them exciting, magnificent and rare :)



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