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Sunday, June 26, 2011

It is fun to watch how Amaranthus takes on new colours. Its foliage colouration change a little from day to day. When it was a tiny plant, the leaves were green, then they turned bronze and now the new leaves are turning red and yellow.

Little flowers with pretty colours here and there makes my garden not so boring.

Left: Garden Balsam | Top Right: Portulaca | Bottom Right: Verbena

I am surprised that my Oxalis started to produce several blooms. The plant seems to has just woken up after a long rest...

Next to the Oxalis is a Pilea Involucrata, which I now realise is as striking as the former.

I marvel at the sight of this green Acerola as I just spotted its fruit (pic below). I must have missed seeing the flower earlier!

This short strand of yellow bracts and flower of Nong Nooch can be a good inspiration for a craft project ;-)

I have waited this moment for a long time... my Hoya is going to flower soon :-D

These are tiny white blooms of Sweet Basil. Funny to find ants there. The flowers must be really sweet, hehe...

My Polka Dot Plant with its pretty leaves meanwhile has grown much taller since I bought it. I place the plant near my kitchen window once in a while or when the plant looks dull. Otherwise, the plant is placed in my living hall. But I wonder why its new leaves crinkle up?!

My Tacca has been doing pretty well except that its old leaves tend to turn yellow and its flowers kept growing sideways.

Some plants are just not the same as they look in pictures on the Internet. I hope this Tacca plant will give me an upright stalk of flower soon ;-)

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  1. Your Amaranthus is just such a gorgoues plant. My supposed 'Tricolour' doesn't seem to be showing all the colours it did previously and has reverted to just pinks and purples. It still looks great though.

    Your Nong Nooch looks so cheery and it's exciting to see the first buds on your Hoya. I'm still waiting for mine to show some. They really are slow to bloom.

  2. I am intrigued by your Nong Nooch. The Polka dot plant is an invasive here, although it is a native. I am glad your Amaranthus is doing so well.

  3. Congrats on your hoya, Steph. Is this the first time for the plant? Bet you're very excited, aren't you? :-)

  4. I love your Portulaca. Now that is a plant that takes patient, with the seeds being so tiny! I did not grow any this year and I miss them so.
    Your Amaranthus is lovely!

  5. That's a lovely tacca. The amaranthus is so bright and beautiful, it reminded me of a poinsettia. Small cheery flowers really brighten up a garden.

  6. Interesting how the amaranthus foliage change into different shade of colours.

  7. Stephanie, what is a polka dot plant? Does it flower too?

  8. Stephanie,
    You shed light on so many species of plants with so many I've never seen or heard of.
    The Amaranthus,Oxalis,Acerola are something unfamiliar to me.
    Do you use Sweet Basil for cooking or scent? I love it, but mine are just starting to grow and there is some creature already eating the tops of my tomatoes.

  9. Pretty Amarathus!
    Acerola berry? WOw!

  10. Your garden as always offers me plenty of beautiful sights, you have so many different flowers and textures. Hoya, lovely. Hope it will bring you lovely flower :)

  11. With plants, there will be beauty everywhere, and they change colour to attract attention...

  12. Hi Stephanie; many beautiful charmers in your care. I love the bat flower plant and it is since a long time on my wish list. The Nong Nooch is a pretty "thing"! You are at a good start with the Acerola; they are nice to eat! Happy gardening.

  13. Thanks all!

    Ha Xuan, yeah first time :-D

    Andrea, that's Hypoestes phyllostachya and no flower.

  14. Gorgeous colours on your amaranthus! The Nong Nooch is fascinating...haven't seen it before. Not even on blogs! I always see ants and tiny bees on my basil plants. They are not sweet basil. They're pungent and used with dry fish preparations.

    You must be so excited to see your hoya blooms! Always a pleasure to see your blooms Steph!

  15. Your Amaranthus is putting on quite a show. The colorful leaves look similar poinsettia bracts, very pretty!

  16. interesting comment that photos on the internet often look different to our own plants. Some plants seem to hybridize freely - keep changing. Just to confuse us ...

  17. Amaranthus... I'm amazed at it! My basil plants have flowers too. They not only attract ants but also bees. :)



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