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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The fragrance of these huge flowers of Chalice Vine can be smelt throughout the entire garden in the evening. And they look really cheerful in the morning :-D

It didn't occur to me that my Plumeria has such strong smell till I took this shot. For me, the fragrance adds value to the plant's ordinary looking flowers ;-)

I have to thank my friend, Hannah for advising me to stop watering my bougainvillea for about 5 days, for flowers to flourish. It did! Thanks, Hannah!!

Also, I am pleased that the flowers stood up well to the heavy rains that happened last week. Only a handful of them dropped off from the bush. The rest are still intact... yay!

However, the pruning result is not as I had expected it to be as the ball-shaped top is not as round as I had hoped...

I plucked a Balsam seed pod from a nearby house about a month ago and planted the seeds. Only one seedling was able to take off well. Although the plant is short, it has started to flower!

I love its sweet pink colour against the bright green foliages :-)

Earlier, I pruned the entire Gloxinia plant when it re-grew as it wasn't growing so well earlier. I over-watered it but fortunately, the tuber was strong and didn't rot!

As for my Azalea... the flower buds unfortunately have not been forming properly for months as they will just dry up and fall off the stem. Probably attacked by some pests... sigh! Now the plant seems to have recovered though. But it's just flowering one or two at a time with the bloom slowly turning single-petaled.


Happy growing and have a great weekend!

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  1. Steph one of the goals for my future garden is to have a couple of scented plants placed around the seating area's of my garden.

    I have never heard of the Chalice vine I'll have to research it, I bet it smells awesome. What does :-D mean?

  2. The Chalice vine has the prettiest trumpet blooms. I think you have the prettiest gloxinia's. Love the doubles.

  3. That's pretty looking Chalice vine! You really have special collection of plants!

  4. Hi Steph....The Chalice Vine blooms looks really lovely and fragrant as well ? Now I am really tempted to go hunting for it !

  5. I am always in awe of the exotic plants you grow! Must be a heavenly scent in your garden!

  6. Stephanie,
    The Chalice plant is beautiful and with a strong scent that's double the pluses.
    I love yellow :)

  7. Hi, Your plants are all so beautiful, but today my favorites are the Plumeria, Bougainvillea and Gloxinia. Have a nice week! :)

  8. I never had a good hand with Azaleas, buds always on the table, then afterwards the leafs.. dead. Good your plants seems to be feeling better again.
    The Fragance of some flowers is surpriceing in the evening, enjoy the air. Lovely flowers you are showing as usual.
    Have a nice weekend:)

  9. Each time I read you post you always some new flowers that I never heard of. I like that Chalice vine, new to me. You must have at least 100 varieties of plants growing in your garden.

  10. My missus likes the plumeria very much...

  11. Steph, how tall is your chalice vine? In the picture it looks small but already flowering. I dont plant it in ours as i thought it is a vigorous, big plant which needs lots of space.

  12. Beautiful plants, Steph! I've seen a gigantic chalice vine growing in my former tuition teacher's house. Plumeria are such pretty plants, though their growth habit as a small tree isn't my cup of tea. Love your gloxinia. I just keep failing at gloxinia, impatiens and begonias so I think I'll give up.

  13. Hi Steph. The Chalice Cup flower is unique and riveting.

  14. Andrea, it's about 2' high.

    All, the Chalice Vine is still flowering. Eventhough with one or two flowers only, the smell is awesome and the flower very noticeable :-D



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