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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have finally managed to do some weeding in my garden over the weekend. And here are the recent blooms...

Trailling succulent, Ice Plant, the plant grows pretty fast. Right after this bunch of flowers have spent, I cut this long stem and used it to propagate more plants.

Moon Cactus, the plant is even prettier when a flower opened. But surprisingly, the flower is pale pink. I thought that it would be a bright one as the cactus is bright orange.

This month I am really happy that my Gerberas are re-blooming just like how I bought them many months ago...

I thought of discarding this Gerbera earlier. I am glad I didn't!

Lantana... the plant likes some pampering - a little pruning and a little feeding.

Canna Lily and Pentas, I love their bright colours...

Here is the brightest of them all... red Desert Rose ;-)

Dwarf Snapdragon's returning blooms, not prolific as you can see from here...

Rudbeckia returned with only one bloom and smaller in size...

Have a great day and happy planting!

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  1. you have so many plants that are similar to the ones i have. I love that trailing vine with the red puffball flowers.

  2. It's amazing how you were able to collect and care well for those plants in your a bit small space. I remember you showed them to us earlier. That first flower i am not familiar here yet, you you know its Sci name so i can find one too? Moreover, i didn't know even the grafted mooncactus will also flower! I thought they are being grafted so that in their natural color they already look beautiful. I haven't cared for cactus but i love looking at them too. Do you leave it in full sun?

  3. Oh wow that moon cactus is gorgeous!!
    I'm surprised snapdragons are growing for you in your climate but it looks like you can grow anything :)

  4. Oh I wish I have that succulent as well. Its flower are so pretty. Snapdragon in the tropics? Simply amazing how you can grow them there.

  5. Moon cactus flower is really pretty! I never seen them before!
    All your flowers look so refreshing!

  6. Amazing blooms, Steph.
    I've lost track of posting on my blog :-(

  7. They all are lovely, but I really like that Ice-plant I haven't seen one like that one.

  8. That ice plant color is lovely... is this type edible? The ones my neighbor grows is edible but does not flower...

  9. Andrea, that cactus is in the shade. And ice plant is Dorotheanthus bellidiformis 'Mezoo Trailing Red'.

    Lrong, I have spotted this plant before... placed together with edible plants. But I am still not sure. If your neighbour's plant flower later, do let me know yeah.

  10. Stephanie,
    They are all stunners, my favorite is your ice plant and moon cactus, I've never seen them before.
    Happy gardening :)

  11. Lovely garden Stephanie! It's the moon cactus that has taken my fancy though.

  12. I love those lovely blooms of Ice plant, never seen or heard of them before. I can imagine your garden is having so many different varieties of flowers and they are blooming most of the time!Im impressed!

  13. Lovely blooms, Stephanie! I especially like the Ice Plant. The flowers are very pretty!

  14. Pretty flowers, so many differrent types....

  15. It's been so long since I last blogged... Love your plants, they are all so beautiful.

  16. That ice plant in bloom looks stunning! Such a treat to see your many pretty bloomers!!

  17. I have never seen a moon plant bloom before. It is so beautiful. Such a soft pink in contrast to the orange. Awesome. I love ice plant blooms also. They tend to be so vibrant. Your photos and flowers are so beautiful!



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