Tough Greens

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Although most plants with green foliage are easy to grow, it is not necessarily so for some. Below is one of the oldest plants in my garden... a Homalomena species I believe. Anyone has grown this plant before?

For me, this is one of the hardest-to-grow green foliage that I have encountered. Although the plant is almost 7 years old, as you can see it has not grown much. I have only divided the plant once. So now I have two of them in my garden and I have forgotten which is the mother plant. Most of the time, its older leaves easily turn yellow and the leaves are much smaller in size.

If this Polka Dot plant is on the shelves at any gardening shop today, I think nobody would want to take it home. After pruning the top, I was hoping that the plant will grow lushier. Unfortunately it didn't! And I wonder why the plant is so skinny...

But my Satin Pothos is different. I have never encountered any serious problem with this plant. Its pretty leaves are quite forgiving even when it's over-watered. It never gave any serious yellowing leaves or has any 'leaves disappearing' problem and is very easy to grow.

In fact, earlier when the plant was not so bushy, the leaves were really big. The only problem is that the creeper sends out new foliage pretty fast. So I have to keep training the vines back to the pot ;-)

The Polycias Dwarf Variegata in my garden has been growing well in this little pot for months now. Its leaves dropped at the beginning, right after I transplanted it to this pot. But now it seems to be pretty happy. I hope its long roots wouldn't mind the tight space, hehe...

After the Moon Cactus flower has spent, I transferred some of my little cacti and succulents into a pot. On the same rack with my cacti are the English Ivy and Variegated Peperomia. All are very water sensitive!

Hope your green plants are doing well :-D

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  1. Steph that first one is beautiful, it is an indoor plant. I wonder why it grows so slowly. Our Polyscias here grow wildly as planted directly to the ground, and i often cut and throw them away. That 3rd photo i am not familiar but beautiful too. YOu should have a wide area for all your lovely plants, in my case i have wide area but i am not at home so cant garden well, LOL!

  2. Hi Steph. Girl I am loving those variegated plants of yours. With leaves like that you do not need blooms even to make them pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise when plants go slowly. Less pruning! I have some slow growing indoor plants and I get antsy for them to bloom or do something BIG!
    I have a sensitive plant that took months to take off but then one day there was a tiny fluffy little bloom and I was surprised!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    I think you're doing very well with green foliage plants.
    At the farm I saw another new plant 1st time, she said it was elephant ears?
    I have an award for you, please accept it :)

  5. Stephanie, thanks for your kind words. The Polka Dot plant is a pest in my garden. I think yours needs repotting. Your collection of foliage plants is very nice.

  6. Hi Steph. I haven't grown any of these plants. We really get to know our plants, don't we. Some are really hardy even if slow growing. Others just don't work, they reject our caring, ingrates! cheers, c

  7. Seven years and still looking good...

  8. Those are great looking foliage plants, Stephanie. Wonderful matches for your flowering ones.

    My cycad, palms and ferns have survived our most recent storm and are doing okay.

  9. I understand how you feel. Some plants just puzzle the heck out of you!

    I have several house plants that everyone says are EASY to grow like my jade for instance. I had it for four years now and it tries to kick the buckle every chance that it gets even though I try to follow the right care.. but I'm hanging on to it even though it frustrates me because I really do like it.

  10. You really have good collection of plants! They look so lush!
    May be you should repot your polka dot plant and add fertilizer?

  11. I enjoy looking at your new arrivals - especially the Satin Pothos. I actually saw one in a nursery and was very skeptical about their hardiness.

    Your garden is full of surprises.

  12. Andrea, lotusleaf, Malar, points noted. Thanks for your advice!

    All, thanks for sharing and all your great thoughts :-D



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