Holiday Blooms

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It was one long, busy period as people across Malaysia celebrated two major occasions (Merdeka Day and Hari Raya) last week.

I was out of town for a few days and attended a short conference upon coming back. Was quite tired but now I am really glad that I can go back to writing about my usual stuffs :-)

My Balsam and Lantana produced lots of flowers...

I am experiencing a happy problem with my Lantana this time round. I just couldn't find the right time to prune the plant to make it shorter. It kept fourishing flowers :-D

Notice the imperfect leave in above picture? It was probably chomped by a grasshopper. This insect is the current menace in my garden. It loves to eat flowers as well :-(

Fortunately my yellow Hibiscus flowers were spared...

My Rex Begonias were also flowering. Their yellow centres look like the yolk of a sunny side up egg... cute right?

Meanwhile I'm glad that I was able find time to check out some nurseries too. I found a cheerful Smooth Aster and a fascinating Green Shrimp plant...

Hope you have had a great holiday/week too. Happy blogging... and happy Merdeka Day and Selamat Hari Raya!

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  1. Hi Steph, Wow, your green shrimp plant looks fantastic in the last picture with the lantana and coleus!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your week and also was happy to return home to all this lovely flowers. Your Hibiscus's colour is almost like mine but I'm sure your shrub is much healthier :)

  3. Isn't it wonderful to come home to lovely blooms after a long holiday? All your flowers are indeed growing well! They are very pretty!

  4. I love coming home after a break away to find lovely blooms in the garden. You had some beautiful flowers to greet you.

  5. Steph.. where have you been?? Haven't heard from you in a while.. always happy to see your flowers blooming.

  6. We were both out the same dates, we had a long weekend and i added 2 more days to make it 6! You should see my posts (already had 2) from my holidays! YOur impatiens' color is the same as mine, which grow by itself alone so nothing to deter its branches. It has lots of branches and better than those we previously had.

  7. Stephanie,
    I know how you feel about the hustle and bustle of holidays.
    Your Lantana is beautiful. I hope the grasshopper problem resolves, I have wood chuck problems.
    The yellow hibiscus is lovely too, never saw that color before.
    Take care,

  8. So good to see flwoers in full bloom right!
    Your pink balsam look good!

  9.'s always a pleasure to see what's growing in your garden. I don't see many grasshoppers here but the mealy bugs are a threat!

    I like your lantana...mine's yellow. Even the hibiscus is gorgeous!

  10. Love that green shrimp plant. And Lantana flowers have always been some of my favorites!

  11. happy festivals. Looks like the grasshoppers have left you plenty of gorgeous flowers.

  12. Steph I didn't know that Rex begonia's had flowers. I have one and have had it for about 8 years or more and it has never flowered. "hummm...I wonder why. Any way yours is lovely.

  13. Your garden is lovely & so well-tended! The green shrimp plant looks very interesting. May I know what is your growing conditions for it?

  14. Your plants are doing just fine! My garden got attacked by grasshoppers before and it was horrible. It's the caterpillars turn now and they are eating up my newly revived roses. Anyway, I love your lantana and shrimp plant.

  15. Aren't blooms a lovely welcome after some time away?
    I used to have a shrimp plant but it died. Grasshoppers are just one of my many problems, too. They consumed all the leaves of my grape plant, my kaffir lime and now they've started in on my tillandsias. I don't kill them, just remove them manually and have the help throw them into an open lot a hundred meters away. Hopefully, they'll be happy there.

  16. Andrea, yes we have the same balsam :-D

    Cina, thanks!

    Vida.gaia, growing it in full sun.

    All, plants make us happy. But pests test our patience. Nevertheless, enjoy gardening!

  17. Beautiful blooms! Hope you had a fun and restful time away.

  18. Your flowers look amazing. I love and hate this time of year in my own garden. It's hot and humid, but the plants LOVE it! So many beautiful flowers!

  19. Sweet bloom colours there. I have been want to have a go planting balsam but keep on forgetting to buy some seeds. Even you are away for awhile. They still doing very well.



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