White Prosperity

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last week, the first Gladiolus flower spike that grew over 5 feet tall opened. The long flower spike of Gladiolus 'White Prosperity' began blossoming at the bottom before the remaining flowers took turn to open... one to three blooms at a time.

However, I have to stake the flower spike as it tipped over after five blooms have opened.

The other plant that has white showy flowers blooming at the same time is my Azalea. The flower looks like a corsage on the little dark green bush.

My Double Pearl Tuberosa flower stalk has unfortunately bent down due to the heavy rain. I cut and placed the stalk of flower into a little vase in my kitchen. The flowers release a wonderful scent. I think they smell like Gardenia. 

Meanwhile, my Oxalis gave me a litte surprise. The plant bears more flowers than leaves!

And my Hydrangea flourished 'stray' flowers from its stem. This is the first time I see this happening to this plant. Btw the tip of this same stem has flower buds opening as well.

Returning blooms are always a delight. My Spider Tresses flowers are back to add some exotic appeal to the garden :-D

While the leaves of this Geranium have a pungent smell, its flowers have no scent. I have 'killed' two Geraniums before this one. Keeping my fingers crossed this time round!

I am always pleased to report about my Coleuses. They are doing pretty well. Anyway they are actually really easy to grow here, so nothing to be proud of I guess, haha...

Just wanted to find ways to grow each one better :-)

And I have some Cockscomb and Eggplant seedlings growing for some time. The Cockscomb seedlings have been growing rather slowly though...

Eggplant seedlings show faster growth. Anyway, I hope to transplant them soon :-D

Have a great gardening day!

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  1. So many beautiful flowers, you do have green fingers, not only a good clima for the plant. Love your eggplants, such a funny idea, I think I might borrow it for some of my seeds :)

  2. Great shots of your flowers. I've had issues with my geraniums as well....I overwater sometimes and end up killing them. Love your first pic.

  3. Hi Steph, your 'eggplant pots' are so cute. Don't be surprise if I follow in your footsteps.

    Your Double Pearl Tuberosa is beautiful. At home we call it St. Joseph's Lily. Did you grow it from seed or plant? I may want to give a try as it was my Granny's favourite flower.

  4. Hi Steph, you've been out for a long time, haha! I wonder if you are just being naughty or just run out of containers, but those seedlings in eggshells are real cute. Transplanting would be real easy doing that, very creative and resourceful. I brought some hydrangea last year in the office for the gardener to care for, however, it hasn't flowered from then and the leaves are thin, what do you fertilize it with? Yours are real happy to produce even the stray flowers. Are yours in partial shade too?

  5. Hi Sepph!
    Nice flowers in your garden as usual.
    Plant in the egg was funny.
    Have a nice day

  6. Hi Steph. I adore your Gardenia blooms. I have tried seeding them without any results. Your Oxalis is just so pretty.I love the purple leaves and pink blooms. Your seedlings are looking good. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Oh I like that idea of using egg shells as little planters. I have heard you can also use a half lemon after you squeeze the juice out and get the rind out as well.
    Your glad is strikingly beautiful!

  8. Wah I did not know gladioulus can grow that tall. Ah pretty white bloom.

  9. Stephanie,
    I love the "white prosperity" and a beautiful name to go along with it.
    The seedlings in egg shells are so cute, what a wonderful idea ! :)

  10. Have not seen a white colored Gladiolus before... looks nice... the usage of egg shells to start seeds seems like a great idea...

  11. Using eggshells...that's new to me and I can't wait to do the same!! I did drop by to check out but hmmm, you must've been busy! Anyway it's always good to see your plants doing so well! Seeing your coleus plants, I think it's time I transplanted one that's growing next to my monstera. Congrats on your gladiolus blooms. Reminds me, I've never planted white. Would love to try.

  12. The eggshells are cute! Love all the blooms! I'm so envious of your gladiolus, they are just so pretty!

  13. Such a tall spike! I love Gladioulus!
    Egg shell as a pot? Very good idea!

  14. I was thinking how your white Azalea looked like a gardenia against the dark green leaves and then your next flower, the Double Pearl Tuberosa, you mentioned does smell like gardenia, so wonderful! I love the baby eggplants in egg shells. :)

  15. What a lovely bunch of blooms you have here Steph!

  16. Hi Stephanie,

    I am a beginner in flowers-planting, I have never planted before. Last week I have bought three pots of daisies, the first two days (cloudy and no sunlight at all) the flowers look very well, on third day it was raining heavily, on the fourth day (sunny day) the flowers start to droop. I wonder why. And also my sunflower (both flower and leaves) starts to droop on the same day.

    Really hope that you can share the tips of growing daisies with me. As I like daisies very much. Do I need to water them everyday (even on cloudy day)?

    As I am beginner, I think I should start with plants that are easy to be taken care of like cactus. Would you mind to share with me which plants are easy to be taken care of, ie even I forget to water them one day they still look good.

  17. Dear Steph, i love your white collection - oxalis is a terrible weed here but i suppose it is pretty. cheers, cm

  18. Corrine, not from seed. I bought the plant from a nursery.

    Andrea, my hydrangea has been growing in the shade with bright indirect sunlight. Partial shade is also fine for the plant. I apply well balanced fertiliser either liquid or slow release granule. Good luck!

    roundround, with the sunflower, let the flowers dry on the shrub before cutting. Harvest seeds if any for replanting. I hope when the sun is back the foliage will perk up again. Start by growing some foliage or flower perennial plants first. Annuals like sunflower grow from seed, bloom and die in a single growing season. Your daisy, discard the spent/drooped flowers. Happy gardening!

    Rosey, that's another good idea! Thanks :-D

    Aaron, I see gladiolus selling at the nurseries occasionally here.

    All, the eggshell idea is gathered from some sites I visited earlier. Eggplant requires extra calcium to grow well ;-D

  19. Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for your guide. Should I place the daisies in open place or under the shade? How about sunflowers? Do they tolerate heavy rains? And, we can't water the plants during afternoon?

  20. Dear roundround, place both plants out in the open and water in the morning. For the sunflower, it's better to attach the plant to a pole for support ;-)

  21. Dear Stephanie, I got your blog from Tuy Son Vien.
    1. Egg phant is one of the most international vegetables. Long ago, working for a farmer market in USA, I found that almost any ethnic group likes the purple stuff.
    2. Oxalis, as a weed mentioned by Catmint bears a shape different from yours; the weed is also called sour grass. The ornamental one is better known as shamrock with burgundy or green leaves. Preferable for hanging baskets. I'm not sour whether this leaf is the logo of the Girl Scout Organization.
    Oxalis is edible, used as a seasoning ingredient for sour soup.
    I love Malaysia. In 1981, my makeshift refugee boat hit Patani, Thailand, a couple of kilometers from your country.
    Stephanie, keep your green thumb greener to grow more for the sake of goodness and international brotherhood.

  22. So glad to hear from you! Thanks for kind words and sharing your valuable experience with egg plant and oxalis. And yes we have a common ground here - a tasty vege that we all love to eat and a wonderful three-leaved plant that has great significant to many :-D



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