Bittersweet Blooms

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

While it is all gloomy (cloudy and rainy... oh, what's happening!) for the past one week, my Hibiscus Red Shield flower buds begun to take turns to bloom. There were lots of buds on the branches, so the blossoming were prolific for a number of days. On those mornings, I was greeted by these sweeties but very little foliage ;-(

I noticed from pics found in some sites that Euphorbia hybrid 'Diamond Fizz' has plenty of nice white bracts. Mine however always stop right here...

Azalea is the plant I am loving most at the moment. Although the pink one has sheded some leaves, the little bush is still giving a few flowers at a time. The white one suffered less stress, it shows in blooming also - always more flowers than the pink one.

The Copper Leaf Plant takes time to mature and flower. When the plant is in bloom, that is when they shine :-D

It is amazingly to see this Sarracenia flower never fading and lasting so long. The flower showed up in May and it's still there!

My non-stop-flowering Tacca can look a litte scary and weird to some people, hehe...

The sky here has been really cloudy and often rains. Fortunately, there is no flooding in my vicinity. My heart goes out to those in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam whose houses are in water and who have lost their loved ones. I hope that the water will recede soon and there would be enough food and necessities to go around.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Your plants look healthy...which reminds me....I need to water mine:)

  2. Stephanie, i envy your hibiscus most of all. I haven't seen it here! Do you just buy your soil? By the way, my Crysothemis pulchelia is nicer that yours, hahaha! I wish i am near your area so we can exhange plants and tips.

  3. Your hibiscus is a real beauty with it's dark foliage. And your Tacca would scare me in halfdarkness for sure. To much rain can course damage, having my house flooded must be twenty+++ times worse then having to look forward to over a meter of snow. Take care :)

  4. Can I come and Visit your garden one of these days? You really have so many exotic collections. Beautiful shade colour of that hibiscus. So sad to hear about floods effected area. My parents house got flooded last month.

  5. Wow! What a beautiful Hibiscus Steph. I love the dark foliage on your Hibiscus Red Shield. Now I will be looking for somewhere to get some seeds to grow one. LOL!

  6. You've got some beautiful and unusual blooms today. The copper leaf flowers are so colorful against the dark leaves. I love the weird Tacca. Sorry to hear about the flooded areas.

  7. Stephanie,
    Those hibiscus and Copper Leaf flowers bring awe and joy even on a cloudy day.
    Your tacca is an interesting looking plant.

  8. I've just planted some Australian native hibiscus with similar pink flowers. They are lovely and so reliable aren't they?

  9. The Tacca flower is indeed something different...

  10. Such exotic blooms! That hibiscus is a real beauty. As for the tacca, it does look weird! the last of my copper leaf is blooming and it looks almost as good as your one!:)

    Happy gardening!

  11. The Hibuscus is really very pretty! You have nice collection of healthy plants!

  12. Stephanie, these are all so pretty! I love that hibiscus red shield. The foliage can't be beat, but the flower is really beautiful with it's dark highlights.

  13. Andrea, yes I buy my soil. Good job on your C.pulchelia.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, I have a garden that is for myself only hehe... just lots of potted plants haha... and sorry to learn about your parent's house. I hope no major damage.

    Mia, let's just wish that flood won't happen again.

    Lona, Wendy, I hope next spring/summer is going to be really warm and long. The plant loves a lot of sun.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  14. Your red hibiscus looks really amazing. I wish I had the space to grow it too :)



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