Short Clear Sky

Sunday, October 09, 2011

I see very little progress in my plants for the past few weeks. The sky has been rather cloudy with a very short window of clear sky.

I kept pruning my Chinese Hatplant due to its scraggly growth habit that's quite hard to control. Thank goodness the plant still flowers ;-)

My Lantana is still flowering profusely with a little surprise from the Rain Lily. The trumpet flower emerged from behind to add more pink into this patch of plants.

Gladiolus taking turns to blossom. Still, I am letting the spike of flowers to fade in the garden. No intention to cut the flower and bring into the house yet ;-)

The blooms of my Plumeria have never stopped blossoming from the same flower stalk since mid-July. Meanwhile, I see three branches growing out from the trunk.

And the plant that's in front of the Plumberia is Allamanda. I think this woody vine is going to grow much taller than the Plumberia :-D

No flowers can warm up the garden like what Hibiscus flowers are able to. Their big cheerful flowers are real smile-makers :-D

Hope sunshine is on your way!

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  1. It seems to be flowering great despite all the clouds. Georgious Gladiols, I just love them. I had an Allamanda on my windowsill a few years ago but it never got any flowers so I'm really looking forward to see yours. And Hibiscus, yes, a pure source of happyness :)

  2. Sunshine or no sunshine, your flowers seem to be doing well!

  3. Your flowers are doing so well! I like your Orange Hibiscus!

  4. Lots of fantastic flowers today. I love that patch of Lantana with the Rain Lily poking through. The stand out for me though, was that gorgeous white Gladiolus. I just love white in the garden.

  5. The pink lantana is very pretty! So you still have rain lilies blooming! Even the hibiscus is lovely.

    We have very sunny days and I'm longing for rain again.

    Happy gardening!

  6. I thought those hatplants are viny, yours seem to be just a bush!

  7. Gorgeous plants, Steph! Seeing your gladiolus reminds me of my old peach-coloured one.

  8. Steph I love the orange colored Hibiscus. I must remember to add a few to my future garden.

  9. I love those gladiolas and your hibiscus is a beautiful orange color, that is rare, isn't it ? I see them mostly pink and red.
    Happy Tuesday :)

  10. Lovely blooms Stephanie! They look perfectly happy even without so much sunshine.

  11. Pink lantanas... I should be photographing those in our garden too...

  12. Those Glads are such a brilliant white! Lovely in any weather.

  13. We still have sunshine for now so I am trying to get as much done as possible. Your photos are sooo lovely!

  14. Hi all, thanks! It's sunnier now. I am sure my plants are loving the change of weather. Hope your garden is getting some sun as well.



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