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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There wasn't much progress in my garden as of last week. The weather was as usual, cloudy most of the time with occasional clear skies.

My African Daisy-Gerbera is always placed infront as it is a low growing plant. Together with other plants with similar height like the Ground Orchid (in the pic below) they cover the sight of pots that have vines and taller shrubs growing in them.

The Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines meanwhile are quick to fill up gaps here and there. More than that, these two vines with red coloured leaves are making the garden a little more interesting with their unique colour and leaf shapes.

The heart-shaped leaves of the Sweet Potato Vine below will sometimes change to another form. Also I find that it grows slower than the rest of the ornamental Sweet Potato Vines with other colours. But red is nevertheless the most attractive of them all... maybe because it is the newest colour ;-)

My eggplant is progressing well inspite of the rainy weather... yay! :-D

And this week I will most probably need to prune the Coleuses that I have planted in the container below - getting overgrown! I will definitely miss the dashes of pink on the hybrid Coleus as when the weather gets hotter and sunnier, this colour will disappear.

Here is a new addition... Variegated Pink Serissa. It replaced my old Vinca Periwinkle that was white and pink also.

Hope there is plenty of sunshine in your garden!

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  1. Ornamental sweet potato vine, beautiful, never seen anything like it! But I guess I live in a much too cold clima for growing it. Lovely pics as always :)

  2. The Coleus and Ornamental sweet potato leaves really add colour to your garden!
    Everything look good despite rain! I hope for lesser rain now though.....

  3. It is always nice to have gardens full of sunshine, and i suppose you always change your soil too. In our area in the province, our trees have overgrown giving shades to most part of the garden, so plants become lanky and thin. Also we don't put other soil except the natural one, so we don't get nice plants. I appreciate that eggplant that is growing well.

  4. Those sweet potato vines are so beautiful. I had no idea! Thank you so much for the great compliment on the pumpkins. I have sold both of them so now I need to make more! Yea! We are expecting our first freeze this Friday so I am rushing to get everything in the garage and/or covered with frost cloth. EEEEE!

  5. Hi, I enjoyed the shapes and colors of your Gerbera daisies, coleus and ornamental sweet potato leaves. It's getting cold here, but it's still sunny. :)

  6. Your coleus has taken over the container!! Nice healthy leaves on the Ornamental sweet potato vine. I like the profusion of blooms in your last picture. It reminds me of the ruellias in bloom
    Thanks for stopping by my other blog today!:)))

  7. The heart-shaped leaves look very pretty...

  8. Beautiful color on your Sweet Potato Vine, Steph.

  9. Stephanie,
    I love all the colors, a perfect palette.
    I also never saw a sweet potato vine or knew they are so beautiful.

  10. Love all those pretty foliage colors Stephanie!

  11. I like those ornamental sweet potato vines. I have only seen the yellow variety here.

  12. Steph, you are very kind to acknowledge my miniscule contribution to your success at growing sarracenias. The truth is that you have done all the work. I merely offered a few disjointed pieces of advice, and you took it from there. It was a pleasure to read your article. I am so happy for you. Perhaps you will be encouraged to write more articles. Your knowledge of plants is so vast that you should be able to write many fine articles.

    Next year, I will be able to show you my sarracenias. They are about 3 inches tall at present. I grew them from seed. This is something you should try. And someday it will be the perfect subject for yet another article on sarracenias.

    Once again, congratulations on the article. I am very proud of you, Steph.

  13. Gorgeous plants, Steph! Love the hue and colouration of the sweet potato vine. And the gerberas are so cheery and sunny!

  14. That sweet potato vine is the most beautiful thing I've seen!

  15. Prospero, THANKS AGAIN!! ;-D

    All, thanks for your messages. I had a tiring week actually. But I was glad I was still able to check out your recent blog posts. I really like what I read and see at your place/garden. Your activities and plants amazes me. Continue to share and have a great day! :-D

  16. Good to know that you manage to do some gardening with our weather - almost raining everyday.
    I managed to prune & replant some plants but I'm no where near what I used to do.
    And like the coleus - I got a lot of other plants to reset.
    I guess we all go thru that sometimes.

  17. We have plenty of sunshine in between the rain. That has made the garden grow like mad and I have to spend time cutting back the growth so people can get in the front gate! I love the heart shaped leaves of the sweet potato vine.

  18. Hope your brinjal plant has start to produce now.



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