Pleasant Surprises!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I am happy to see that some of my plants are appreciating the cooler temperature due to the frequent rain and cloudy skies that we are experiencing nowadays.

Below is a pic of my Thai Caladium that I bought in March. It has blossomed an inflorescence last week... much sooner than I expected as I recall my other Caladiums took longer time to flower, yay :-D

With blooms like Gloxinia coupled with the cooler than usual mornings I really feel like I am on holiday in a temperate country.

I must give "credit" to these flowers... just when I thought my Yellow Crossandra, Mini Bamboo Orchid and Gerbera Daisy are not going to bloom anytime soon, voila... they sent out flower stalks!

Top Left: Mini Bamboo Orchid Bottom Left: Yellow Crossandra Right: African Daisy - Gerbera

Nonetheless, I hope my Euphorbia 'Breathless Blush' will show more of its pinkish bracts... soon!

There have been lots surprises in growing Coleus thus far and I am still learning how to grow it better. When the plant is supposed to trail it didn't do so until the stem grew much lusher or the plant grew much bigger till it kind of fell over.

Coleus hybrid

Although the Coleus (in the pic on the most right in collage above) looks similar to another Coleus that I have (as shown in the pic below), its pink colour would only appear with lower light.

The Coleus (in the pic below) has all its colours (the same colours) whether in full sun or partial shade ;-)

Coleus blumei

After more than six years of growing the Agave below (Agave Colorata, I think), it is finally sending out a little pup :-D

It however has yet to flower.

Of all the pink flowers that are blooming, I love the pink Azalea the most. This time, the flower is huge and long lasting. Although the Verbena had earlier stopped flowering, it is now again providing some colours to the garden with its dainty blooms.

Top Left: Azalea Top Right: Desert Rose Bottom Left: Little Bird Plant Bottom Right: Impatiens and Verbena

I hope there will be plenty of pleasant surprises in your garden as well!

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  1. Hi Steph!
    You got a lot of beautiful flowers in your garden. Now is the time for my garden to sleep for a while.
    Have a nice day.

  2. That Agave is a cool plant. Its leaves are amazing!
    Also love the Glox, too.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  3. A coulorfull assemble of flowers and plants. I had to look through your post twice, bringing so much pleasure :)

  4. I love to have that Caladium too, but Thai Caladiums are expensive here as well. I hope you remember that i have Sansevieria in my office window sill. Last week before i left for the long weekend, I planted 3 tops of Coleus, and even without water and people in the office they are still alive this morning when i arrived. They might not grow nicely here in its confinement with only morning sun from the glass, but it will give me nice feelings if they will grow. These are the plants that thrive on their own with just a little care.

  5. Our days have turned cooler too and I'm looking forward to buying some annuals. Your flowers are delightful! That gerbera...I love the colour! Also your desert rose and the other pink blooms seem to be doing really well!

    Happy November!

  6. Wow! I have never saw a Thai Caladium Steph. How gorgeous is that. The colors are amazing.

  7. Hi your photos and plants are wonderful! In regards to your Agave. I have read that this plant will usually not send up a flower stalk until it is about 15 years old. And after it does the mother plant dies. So I wouldn't be in to big a hurry. It is a beautiful succulent!

  8. Many pink colours in your garden at the moment. Glad that you have received them.

  9. My plants are definitely relaxing as well from the heat and glowing a nice color....beautiful. Your plants look great! As for the's a slow grower but makes a great structural plant for many years. It will produce babies around the base of the plant that you can transplant later on to replace the mother plant when it shoots the stalk up.

  10. that Gloinia is an amazing colour and you have captured it really well. I wouldn't have thought Azaleas would do well in your climate even if it is cooler than usual. I love it too/

  11. Stephanie,
    I love surprises especially these pretty ones.
    The Agave Colorata is absolutely new to me and I'm glad it's having a pup ! :)
    And that Gloxinia is really too gorgeous and velvety looking.
    Happy Saturday

  12. hey steph,
    you should check out Coffee in Love cafe located inside eastern nursery in HArtamas.Its a quaint cafe set up inside a nursery. Think you'd like it alot!

  13. That Gloxinia purple flower? It is beautiful...

  14. Candy, Rohrerbot, will keep fingers crossed till I see the flower hehe...

    CoffeeInLoveCafe, will do. Thanks for inviting :-D

    Lrong, yes gloxinia.

    Lona, I hope Thai caladium will be made available at your place soon. It comes in various colours.

    All, have a great day! :-D

  15. Your flowers look as beautiful as ever :) Especially love the Gloxinia and gerbera!

  16. I still admire your gloxinia.
    Hope one day I can get them in my garden.

  17. What lovely photography and an awesome garden!! Thank You so much for dropping by my blog

  18. i love plants like that little bird plant that look just like their nicknames.

  19. I was attempting to copy the name of your flower for a search on its climate and areas of growth when I was blocked by a "no copying" window.

    You have lost my visitation and my respect. If you are worried about individuals copying your material, there are far more effective and considerate methods (e.g., tailoring your material to your authorship or doing occasional word by word searches of your material and prosecuting the offending parties).

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. The content and pictures I have here are not just for my blog use only. I will be using some of them in other media like newspaper and magazine, hence, they really cannot be used elsewhere.



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