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Monday, December 05, 2011

Overall, I must say that my garden looks really bad nowadays. Most plants are not in the best of health and vigour. But for some I must say they are doing exceptionally well in spite of the bad weather we are experiencing.

My neighbour has been admiring my Oxalis more than I do. She loves the leaves and says that they look like butterflies. As for me, the plant is growing really slow this time round. Nevertheless, I love its dainty pink flowers that look really bright and cheerful during the day :)

Gloxinia flowers broke the record of lasting for weeks. I am so pleased! :-D

The Pilea Involucrata 'Norfolk' shrunk in size a while ago and is now returning to grow more and bigger leaves after I moved it further into the porch. Does your Pilea plant has the same reaction towards the sun or it is normal for the plant to shrink and regrow that way?

Succulents are easy if they are not over-watered. I almost killed the one with fine leaves below. Thank goodness there was one little stem cutting left at that time. Though it was rather limp already, it later regained its vigour and regrew. Otherwise my dear friend who gave me this plant will be disappointed ;-)

After my Sarracenia produced its first flower about six months ago, I am now seeing its second bloom...

I was so, so glad to see some seeds that Diana sent me sprouting. They were wetted by the rain in my mailbox which was not rain-proofed.

I can even smell Lemon Basil from its first two sets of true leaves! The rest of the seedlings in the collage below are Carnation Chabaud Mix and Cherrytime Capsicum. But the Pattypan Squash that I have sown at the same time has not germinated yet. Diana, thanks again for the seeds :-D

I am also happy to see my eggplant flourishing its first fruit! According to the seed packaging the fruit is going be round and black...

Well, December is a time to be busy... to prepare things for Christmas and relax and feast till the end of the year.

I hope you have a wonderful month.

Happy December!!

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  1. Hi Stephanie. The Oxalis are so pretty with their pink blooms against the purple leaves. I just adore that Gloxinia though. The double blooms are just gorgeous.

  2. The Gloxinia must like the cooler weather that the rain been giving recently in the Klang valley.I am glad that the seeds germinated for you although it got wet.Lemon basil was easier to differentiate with other basil since they have such strong lemony smell. Your eggplant look ornamental surrounded by other plants.

  3. Stephanie,
    You mean your garden is having sort of "a bad hair day" ?
    Well that can't last too long and from the photos I think it looks wonderful. My garden is all brown and you have bright, vibrant colors.
    With your green thumb, I'm sure your garden wwill reward you in no time at all :)

  4. Your Gloxinia is such a beauty! As for the Pilea, yes mine does die off and then grow back quite regularly, although it is a different variety. As long as it keeps coming back, I wouldn't worry too much. It's terrific to see those seedlings taking off. Hopefully the rest of your garden wil return to full health very soon.

  5. Hi Stephanie. Please, please dont call this a "bad" day! Your plants are looking amazing as always..and the Gloxinia is really beautiful.

  6. Very nice! I don't think I am good with succulents. They don't look as good as yours! Congratulations on the Sarracenia flower. I wonder when mine will reward me as well.

  7. Hi Stephanie, among all the photos here i love the Saracenia and the white flowers at the last. The flowers seem so big for its body, what is it? Is it scented too?

  8. The Oxalis blooms are really pretty!
    You plants look so good in monsoon!

  9. Your garden still blooms its flowers.
    Mine is totally in a mess and I really not sure where to begin.
    Guess we all having a bad rain days.

  10. Happy December to you too Steph! i don't think your garden looks any less beautiful at any time of the year!;) Spectacular blooms again...admiring them all.

    I've just planted some phlox and marigolds. Nasturtiums have re-seeded and I'm just letting them be...!

  11. Gode billeder.
    Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.

  12. Dear Stephanie, I think a real garden has to look bad, or at any rate, imperfect at times. The plants you show all look pretty good. I especially admire the look of that eggplant. I know succulents don't like overwatering. That's why I don't have them in the garden. Because our weather is so variable. Bit I have some in a pot and hardly ever water it. cheers, cm

  13. I love your Glox. So pretty!
    And your blog is looking fabulous.
    Happy Christmas!

  14. Hi Steph...just stopped by to tell you that my bird-watching trip, my first, was a delight! I was recently introduced to Mitali, a doctor by profession, and an avid photographer. We connected well and this trip happened. Now another one will happen soon and since winters tend to be foggy, we're thinking of an afternoon trip. I'll keep you updated.:)

    Have a great day!!

  15. Your gloxinia looks really amazing! And love what you did with the tin pots in your house :)

  16. Great blog post. And I love the look of your blog too. Your succulents and other plants look really great! I hope you have a terrific holiday season!

  17. Hope you are enjoying your December as well. I feel the same way about my own garden. I mean the plants are going going into hibernation mode right now....but it's always a change watching the garden take a nap for a couple months. As for succulents, I do like to kill them by overwatering. I try not to...but it happens all the time. Oh well:)

  18. Andrea, that's Azalea.

    All: Have a very merry Christmas and holidays!

  19. Gorgeous Gloxinia flowers! Happy festival and holidays :)

  20. Hello Stephanie,

    I bumped into your site while googling about kalanchoe plants. You have an amazing space..loved your plants and those flowers which I never seen my whole life!

    I don't have any flower plants except for foxtail palm trees along my side fencing.

    Bought 3 pots of kalanchoe plants from tesco. Kinda attracted to the flower colors. From what I read over the net, this plant need lesser sunlight and water.

    How many times in a week should I water them? Should I keep them away from sunlight? Pls advise. Thank you and wishing you a Prosperous New Year.

  21. Hello love2cook Malaysia! With kalanchoe, water only when the top surface of soil feels dry or when pot feels light. Water the plant thoroughly once every one to two weeks if placed in the shade or indoor. But if you place it in the sun, water daily. Basically, the more sunlight the more frequent you should water the plant. Good luck and you have a happy New Year as well :-D



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